The Sith Empress – Part 7

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 7

“My name is Darth Rizon,” Jessica said to the group watching their reactions, a few appeared shocked at the name especially when she mentioned ‘darth’. They all probably had heard legends considering how close they were to Sith tombs.  “Welcome to the new Sith.”

“Sith, don’t you mean Empire?” one asked having heard the name.

“No, I am not going to replace that old empire and its Sith leaders, the Emperor and Darth Vader,” Jessica said to them. “The current Empire is weak and clueless, its time for the Sith of old to rise up once more.”

The group murmured a bit at the news and she noticed more than a few were skeptical of her plan. However, it appeared several were willing if it got them off the planet.  She listened to a few of them waiting patiently in the middle of the conversations as they seemed to come to a consensus.  They would join her.

Jessica smiled at the result of the gang members. She had been right about them as most were considered the trash of the city and looked down upon.  Now they could be part of something bigger, they would be the beginning of her rebuilding of the Sith.  They would work where others would not.

“Now then, we’ll need a good ship, after all we’ll need a new place for our HQ, someplace good,” Jessica said to them, waiting for a few seconds. This would prove to be a starting point, she had people, now she needed resources.

“My lord,” a female said causing Jessica to turn and look at her, taking a few steps towards her as the others parted a bit. “I might know someone, a merchant.  He’s rich, has a fast freighter and might be willing to help us.”

Jessica smiled at that bit of news. Exactly what they might need, and the merchant could have money she might be able to sue as well, a start up to her Empire until she found what she needed.

“Take me to this merchant,” Jessica sad to her.

“Of course,” the girl said with a slight bow.

“Tyi,” Jessica said turning back to the man who had been helpful to her so far.

“Yes my lord,” he replied respectfully.

“You’ll be my contact with the rest of the group,” she said to him and turned to the rest. “e ready, I’ll send him back to inform you when we’re ready to move out.”

With that she turned and headed out of the ally with the girl who led Jessica to a different part of the city. Walking up to the door she knocked and waited as a Twi-lek answered the door making her wonder why everyone used them for security these days.

“Sorry, Mr. Handan isn’t seeing anyone today,” the Twi-lek said to her.

“Tell Mr. Handan I have a business proposition for him,” she said waving her hand and using the Force on him.

The Twi-lek stood there for a second before responding. “A business proposition, of course,” he said motioning for them to come in.

Jessica looked at the girl and gave her a smile before walking in. The girl seemed amazed at what happened as they followed the Twi-lek into the house.  He opened the door to reveal a study which was quite large, off to one side and everything appeared very organized.  Behind the desk was a Skulst, which seemed odd as they usually didn’t leave their own world.  Perhaps she could use this to her advantage.

“Petrat, I said no visitors,” Handan said as they entered.

“I have a business proposition for you,” Jessica said smoothly moving to a chair and sitting down.


The small ship made its way down though the atmosphere and towards a small landing area which was rarely used by anyone. Today the landing pad had several speeders packed around it and several people stood waiting for the ship to touchdown.

The ship landed easily on the platform as nearby workers went to locking down the ship while a tall man with brown hair, white shirt, and blue pants waited for the passengers to disembark from the ship. Two figured emerged from the ship, both with blonde hair.

“Luke, hey,” the man waiting said greeting one of the two, as he moved towards Jedi Master Jule.

“Han,” Luke replied with a smile on his face for his brother-in-law and old friend.

Gaia watched the reunion between the two. She heard a lot about him as well, current husband to the President of the Republic.  His adventures made him seem even larger than life after everything he had been though, from smuggler to legendary general of the rebellion.  Joining the Jedi Order really did mean meeting people she normally wouldn’t have.

“And who do you have here,” Han said with a rakish grin towards Gaia.

“She’s one of my students from the academy,” Luke replied. “Gaia, this is Han, Han, Gaia.”

“Pleasure,” Han said greeting Gaia.

“Careful Han, if Leia sees this,” Luke said getting Han’s attention.

“She’d whack me over the head with her lightsaber, while its on,” Han said with a laugh. “She’s sorry for not being here to greet you but a council meeting was called for this morning.”

“its okay, it’ll allow me to get Gaia settled in and show her the library,” Luke said as they gathered up their bags and headed to the waiting speeder.

“So, what are you researching here at the library which you couldn’t do back at the academy?” Han asked looking at Gaia as they climbed into the speeder.

“I’m not really sure at the moment,” Gaia replied honestly. “I’m sure the Force will help guide me.”

“Well, good luck there,” Han said but Gaia had a feeling he didn’t really believe in the Force too much. She recalled he was married to Luke’s sister and had three kids.  She was musing this when Han turned to Luke.  “So, what’s so important you had to come all the way to Coruscant?  I mean we just defeated Desann and that Imperial admiral, Feyrer.”

“Its more of a feeling than anything else, but I have a feeling that Desann woke something up, something that’s made a disturbance in the Force,” Luke replied back to him. “Whatever is going to happen we need to be on our guard.”

“Sounds like the empire is involved again,” Han stated.

“I thought about the Empire as well, but there is more here, and it feels almost as if its ancient in nature,” Luke replied. This bit of news was new to Gaia, something she really hadn’t heard before and wondered if somehow she was involved, or at least her recent visions were involved.

“How ancient are we talking about here Luke?” Han asked. “I mean we’ve already dealt with the Emperor twice now, and a few ancient Sith.”

“I’m not sure how old, but one that is strong enough to warrant a visit from Master Yoda,” Luke replied shocking Gaia a bit. She had only heard of the great Jedi Master.

“Oh boy, did he give you any clues to what is going on,” Han asked.

“Not too much, only that a new Sith Lord was rising and that we might need more than the Force to defeat it,” Luke replied causing Gaia to frown and wonder how powerful this new Sith was.

“That’s not much, any names or identities which could help us?” Han asked.

Gaia looked around a bit lost in thought of what she heard as the speeder began moving along.

“No, but it’s the more than the Force part which concerns me,” Luke replied.

Both men went quiet as Gaia pondered what else they might need to defeat someone. Probably some sort of military force, or more.  But if this group was so powerful why did they not make a move earlier?  Why did they wait?  Of course the answer came easily to her, Master Luke mentioned it had been recently awakened so it probably needed time to gather its power and strength.  She looked up to see them both looking at her.

“Sorry I was thinking,” Gaia said wondering if she missed something.

“Its all right, I was just wondering if you had a direction other than the Force,” Han asked her.

“Well, I do have an idea of a couple of Jedi Knights, probably a couple hundred years old, I’m thinking about six hundred or so,” Gaia finally replied. “I’m not even sure if that’s the right direction or not.”

“Then probably nothing to do with this threat,” Han said.

Luke started to say something then stopped before continuing on. “Don’t think so either, but one can never be too sure.”

They rode in silence for a bit longer with each person lost in their thoughts when the speeder slowed down and stopped.

“Ah, here we are,” Han said.

Gaia looked around and was impressed with the house, on the top of a building on Coruscant, something a lot of people would love to have considering how many were below and never saw the sun. She figured it as good to be the President.


Gaia walked out of her room the next morning after an friendly night. The Solos were friendly people and though she had yet to meet the legendary Princess Leia she caught glimpses of the children running around and playing.  She had been told that Leia was stuck in meetings late.

She noticed that the twins already had an affinity for the Force, as did the youngest despite his young age. She had a feeling they would all be strong Jedi for the next generation and wondered when they might head to the academy for training.

Making her way down the hallway she heard voices coming from the room in front of her. Exiting out she noticed that Master Skywalker was there along with two other people.  She recognized one as Han and the other was a shorter woman with dark hair.

“So, you really have nothing to go on except for a feeling in the Force,” she said to Luke who was leaning against the counter with his arms crossed, Han was merely watching the two of them.

“Sorry Leia, but that’s all I have for now,” Luke replied and seemed about to say more when he notice Gaia who entered the room. “Morning Gaia.”

“I’m not intruding on anything, am I?” Gaia asked feeling slightly uncomfortable with the situation.

“No, not at all,” the woman she assumed and thought was Leia said to her. “I’m Leia, we didn’t get to meet last night.”

“I understand, you were busy,” Gaia said.

“Have you figured out where you need to go?” Luke asked Gaia, something she had thought about as well.

Gaia knew he was asking to see where she might be going, and pushing her to get an answer but it seemed the answered were always out of her reach. She tried to meditate on the answer last night but had discovered no answer to her question.

She looked back at the other two who seemed to have been in some sort of deep conversation before she interrupted. But now all three seemed to be looking at her for an answer.

“Well, I think I can start with the Republic library and work from there,” she said hoping to find something. She really had little clue what she was looking for and hoped she recognized it when she saw it.

“That might work, I was headed back to the council this morning anyways, more meetings with senators and other politicians,” Leia said.

“Hey, better you than me,” Han said.

“I know, you’d just shoot them,” Leia said.

“Sometimes a blaster just works,” Han said with a grin at them as they both seemed to share a look as if they understood what he said, and that it wasn’t always the best solution.

“You’re welcome to come along,” Leia said to her.

“I’d like that,” Gaia said, as her stomach took that moment to growl.

“First, something to eat,” Leia said, leading them off to the kitchen. Gaia followed wondering what type of food they might have.

End part 7

Continued in part 8

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