The Sith Empress – Part 6

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Gaia walked out of the room pondering what happened. She knew something strange had happened and something else she had not mentioned.  Once more the two strange women had appeared to her at the end of everything.  They were both dressed as Jedi would have several hundred years ago.  They seemed to look right at her, then at each other.  With deliberate actions Gaia watched as the taller one pulled the smaller one into a protective embrace.

It made no sense to her. As questions swirled in her mind which she knew neither Master Luke nor Fir-Tel would have any information about.  One area she considered might have the information was the Jedi Library on Coruscant, or what had survived of it.

She made her way towards the hangar area hoping to catch a ride to the capital. She noticed several ships in the area and then Master Skywalker who was near a ship making arrangements and a small ship nearby.  She headed towards him knowing it was worth a try.

“Master Skywalker,” she said approaching him and feeling a bit nervous when he turned her way. He was the greatest living Jedi after all.

“Yes Gaia,” he replied.

“Are you headed to Coruscant?” she asked hoping he was and she could get a ride.


“Um, I’d like to go along, I think I can find out some information about what is going on there, use the archives of what survived from the Purge,” Gaia stated to him. “I think it might hold a clue to some things I’m trying to figure out.  Please?”

She watched as he looked at her then over at the ship he was going to be using. The ship wasn’t too big, but could hold a couple of people comfortably.  He seemed to look at her then back at the ship as if thinking about something for a few moments.

“All right, but go tell Master Fie-Tel you’re going with me and then get back here ready to go,” he told her.

“Yes Master Skywalker,” Gaia said rushing off back to the training rooms hoping that was where Master Fie-Tel went. She paused looking around seeing a few other students working against droids with instructors nearby.  Close by she spotted her master and made her way on over.

“Ah, Gaia, you look better,” he said to her.

“Master, I’m headed to Coruscant with Master Skywalker,” Gaia said to him.

“Oh, he approved this?” Fie-Tel replied.


“Then behave yourself, and I take it this has to do with everything?” he asked looked at her.

“I, well, I hope so master,” Gaia replied unsure if she would find the answers, but she had a clue on what to look up. “I think I might find some answers in the old Jedi Archive, or what remained after the Purge.”

“Then may the Force be with you.”

“Thank you,” she said leaving and heading back to her quarters, putting together a small bag of clothes and other such things. She took a look at the small box her mother had given her and placed it once more on the dresser before heading out of the room and back towards the hangar.

She approached the ship noticing that Luke had already put the R2 droid onto the ship and was waiting for her to return while talking to another person nearby.

“I do think going in person will help Kyle,” Luke said to the bearded man.

“I hope your right Luke,” Kyle replied as they turned to look at Gaia. “I see you’re passenger has arrived.”

“Yep, you’ll hold down the fort,” Luke said to him.

“Try my best,” Kyle said to him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep him in line,” a female said walking up to them.

“Hey, I’m not that bad,” Kyle said before turning back to Gaia. “Hope you find whatever you’re looking for.”

“Thanks, I do too,” Gaia replied as Luke ushered her on board the craft. Settling in they lifted off and began the journey towards Coruscant.  She really hoped to find something in her search, and all she had to go on was two Jedi women.  Would it be enough?


Tyi waited nervously at the entrance of the valley jumping slightly at each unusual sound coming from down there and realized how much he hated this area of the planet. The only reason he even came was the fact the strange woman seemed to know what she was doing, and was powerful.  She had plans, and he hoped he could use those plans.

“You’re a jumpy one,” a person said, causing Tyi to jump and look. Two men were walking out of the valley.

“Ah, waiting for someone,” Tyi replied.

“The woman, she won’t return you know,” the older man said. “Went into a tomb she shouldn’t have.”

“Yeah, well here’s hoping,” Tyi said watching as the two men continued on to a transport nearby and left. It left only the one they arrived in still there.

He already knew how long he would give her, till sundown and then he would leave and head back. He sat down on a rock pulling out a bit to eat and drink while waiting, glad he had thought to bring something alone.  He scanned the featureless surface of the planet and wondered if Tatooine was really as bad as everyone said compared to this planet.

Looking back at the valley he noticed a figure making its way towards where he was. He shivered slightly as he felt the person’s power as they approached.  He watched, ready to run away, but felt the figure looked a bit familiar to him and noticed her black hair.  A small dust devil appeared but she walked right though it never breaking stride as she continued her way to where he sat.

He noticed her strike had changed, everything about her appeared as if she was more confident as she continued on her way.


Jessica made her way to the entrance, already spotting Tyi sitting on a rock still waiting for her. She could feel the power of the Dark Side coursing through her.  Darth Zanius had been unrelenting in his attacks and almost had beaten her, but she managed to find the inner strength to beat him.  She found an inner strength she didn’t know she processed but with it had easily defeated the Sith Lord, taking his title once and for all.

Now she had a mission, one which Zanius had given her and she would complete. She already had a first step and now she had a feeling she would succeed where the others had failed.  Now she needed followers and the local gang would be a good place to start.

“Come on Tyi, we have a meeting to attend,” Jessica said to him as she passed by and heading towards the transport to head back to the city.

She made her way to the transport knowing that Tyi seemed to be hesitant as they walked. He probably feared her as he had been about to run away when the entered the valley.

“You have a question?” she asked him as they entered the transport.

“Ah, yes,” he stammered trying to come up with a proper reply. She merely waited patiently for his question.  “What’s your name?” he finally asked, and it wasn’t quite what she expected but then again she never gave him her name.

“You may call me Darth Rizon,” she replied with a smile on her face, a name given to her and one which would soon be known throughout the galaxy.

She watched as he stopped in his tracks at the entrance to the transport before walking in behind her.

“Are you a Sith Lord then?’ he asked as they sat down behind the controls and lifted off and headed back to the city.

“Yes,” she replied coolly to his question turning to look at him. She could see the fear in his eyes over the reply.

“What is your next move my lord,” he said. “Are you going to try and resurrect the Empire?”

“The Imperial Empire, no, I’m going to do even better than that. I’m going to resurrect the Sith Empire and once again the universe will tremble at the might of the reborn Sith,” Jessica said to him with a smile.

“The Sith?’ Tyi repeated in disbelief. “The Jedi destroyed them eons ago.”

“You know your history, but only partly,” Jessica replied to him. “After the Jedi defeated them they went into hiding.  Have you ever heard of two Sith Lords, Darth Malick or Raven?”

She watched Tyi think about it for several seconds before he finally shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve heard the name Raven, but not the other one my lord,” he said finally.

“They were once great Jedi who were largely responsible for the defeat of the Mandalorians almost a thousand years ago. They found an artifact called the Star Forge and built a huge fleet with it.  The Republic with eh help of the Jedi eventually defeated this fleet, but I know not all of it was destroyed.  I know where the rest are waiting for me,” she told him.  It was the beginning of her great plan.

“How many ships my lord?” Tyi asked.

“Well over a hundred,” Jessica replied back to him. The ships would form the backbone of her new fleet and while not modern would still be powerful.  The ships could even be refitted with more powerful engines and equipment.

The transport landed and they walked out and headed towards the meeting spot in silence. Jessica understood what she wanted to do and this meeting would be the beginning of her plans.  Making their way to the alleyway there were several gang members already there eyeing them with curious stares.  But one man stepped forward and faced Jessica.

“This the bitch who took out Blondie?” he asked facing off with Jessica as she merely crossed her arms and waited. The group grew slightly restless as she waited for their next move and then she would know how to deal with this group.

“Jonn, you can attack her, but I feel like living today,” one person said backing away from the man.

Jessica had mixed emotions of the man backing away, but he at least realized the danger they were in. Jonn seemed to look around to see who still supported him and who didn’t.  She noticed they were all backing away slightly which disappointed her a bit, she wanted to test out her powers.  With a snort of disgust he turned and walked away from the group giving them a lewd hand gesture as he walked away.

The rest of the group seemed to stay and wait to see what she would do next. She watched the man walk away and had a feeling he wouldn’t bother her plans.   He was a local thug and would never be anything more despite some desire.  He would forever be trapped here.

“I have a proposal for you all,” she finally said to the group who appeared to be listening. “Its one which has dangers, and many trials, but the rewards are great if you’re willing.  If any of you feel like leaving do so now, I don’t want wimps.”

She waited a bit as the group seemed to look on. A few walked away, but a good size remained.

“Good,” she said with a smile at the remaining group.

This group were ones who wanted to leave, who had a desire for greatness or knew to hang on to those who were destined for greatness. A good mix to start out with as any one of them might have skills she needed, and she needed more than just warriors for her plan.  She knew everyone had a place and a way within the Force.  Those who hung around always seemed to know people or how to see certain people and had their own advantages.

Too many overlooked those people and never realized the potential right beside them, tossing them away like rages. She would make use of those and with their help become powerful, and that power attracts powerful warriors.

End part 6

Continued in part 7

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