The Return – Part 2

The Return

by AJ Marks

Part 2

Apollo made his way onto the bridge of the Galactica having been called there by Boomer.

“We’re about to arrive,” Boomer said to him as he made his way to the center of the bridge.

“Good,” Apollo said, knowing stopping here was only a first step in their journey back home.

“We’re about to drop out of hyperspace,” one of the bridge crew said to him.

“Any hive ships?”

“No, scanners are clear,” the reply came back to him.

Apollo felt a bit relieved about that despite the last incident with the Wraith the activity had dwindled a bit but were still a threat. And despite the fact that Atlantis was now back at Earth, and on the far side of the moon, there were several bases in the Pegasus galaxy to maintain alliances and information about the Wraith.

Having read about the enemy Apollo wasn’t sure who was worse, the Cylons or Wraith. Both were highly dangerous, and add in the Ori and it was amazing how the people on Earth had survived, especially not knowing about the situation.

“Dropping out of hyperspace,” the helm officer said.

Communications quickly was established with the base as a man appeared on the screen.

“This is Commander Apollo of the starship Galactica,” Apollo said waiting a second.

“Ah, yes commander, I’ll get Woolsey,” the reply came back.

It took only a few seconds before another person appeared, this one was bald on top with dark hair.

“This is Woolsey, you must be the Galactica,” the man replied.

“Yes, reporting in,” Apollo said.

“I take it everything is all right?”

“Everything went fine,” Apollo said.

“Good, if you’ll beam down I’ll give you a tour and information about what’s been going on here,” Woolsey said.

“Sounds good,” Apollo said, turning to Boomer. “If you need me I’ll be down on the surface, go over everything and make sure nothing is wrong.”

“No problem,” Boomer replied back.

“Oh, and keep an eye out for any Wraith,” Apollo said.

“Yeah, don’t want to get into a fight with them either,” Boomer replied, having read the same reports as Apollo headed to the rings.


Apollo found himself on the surface in an underground base facing Woolsey.

“Welcome to Pegasus base commander,” Woolsey said.

“Thanks,” Apollo said looking around.

“This is one of my best men, John Sheppard,” Woolsey said introducing the man.

“Welcome to home sweet home,” John said. “So is It true, you’re from another galaxy as well?”

“Yeah, the Galactica’s mission is to head back there and set up an observation post to keep track of the Cylons,” Apollo said.

“Similar to our bases here,” Woolsey said.

“Yeah, since that battle at Earth, things here have quieted down a lot,” John said.

“And no one is eager to make waves, “Woolsey said.

“At least the Wraith don’t want to eliminate us,” John said. “That allows us a bit of wiggle room.”

“Closest would be the replicators,” Woolsey said. “Tried to eliminate all humanity in the galaxy.”

Apollo had to think about that group, and while dangerous they were venerable to certain weapons.

“Shudder to think what might happen if those two got together,” Apollo said.

“That good eh?” John asked.

“More like a nightmare,” Apollo replied as they walked to the gateroom. He watched as the gate dialed and unlike the one on Earth, or New Caperica, this gate didn’t spin, but lit up as each address was activated.

“Pegasus base calling,” Woolsey said over the intercom, waiting a moment before the screen came to life.

“This is halfway point, good to hear your call Pegasus base,” a voice aid, as the screen suddenly showed a young man. Apollo recalled that midway station was set up with a series of stargates to dial Earth without having to use a ZPM.

“Reporting that the Galactica arrived on time and with no problems,” Woolsey said.

“Copy Pegasus base, will relay the information back to Stargate command, I know some will be glad to hear that. Orders for the Galactica have not changed.”

“Then we’ll head out once all systems check out,” Apollo said speaking up.

“Understood, midway station out.”

The gate connection ended and Apollo got the rest of the tour of the base.


Tigh made his way to where he had been called by security. Standing front of him was a man dressed in Colonial clothing and flanked by Bojay and Greenbean.  Tigh didn’t recognize the man at all and he had seen everyone who came from the Colonies.  The man should at least recognize him but he seemed to not know who Tigh was.

“What’s the situation?” Tigh asked looking at the three men and wondering what was going on.

“Caught this guy snooping around in a place he shouldn’t have been,” Bojay said to him. “He was looking around the gateroom.”

Tigh’s eyebrows rose at that as he looked at the man. “And what’s your name?”

“Mike, I’m a Tau’ri like I was trying to tell these two,” the man replied back. He was almost a bit agitated by everything.

“What’s your social security number?” Tigh asked having learned that much about the group from Earth. Tigh counted the numbers the man gave which ended up being the correct number.  However, something seemed off to Tigh about the man named Mike.

“Lock him up for now,” Tigh said going with his hunch, if he was wrong he would apologize as he made his way away and towards their stargate command.

“Commander, something wrong?” another voice said. Tigh turned to see Uri making his way towards him.  Tigh sighed but had learned honest went a long way to dealing with the councilman.

“Nothing for the council to worry themselves over, but had a security breech,” Tigh said.

“A person from Earth?” Uri said.

“Maybe, but what’s troubling is the fact he was wearing Colonial clothing instead of Earth clothing,” Tigh said expressing his doubt.

“Perhaps he finds them comfortable,” Uri said as they made they way into the gateroom building.

“I thought of that, but I have yet to see anyone from Earth wearing such clothing, and he was snooping around our gateroom. There are other human groups which are not allies of our cause so we must be careful,” Tigh said.  “Something we are not used to doing.”

“And if he is from Earth?” Uri asked. “You could jeopardize our relationship with them.”

“And if its one of those other groups our security could be compromised,” Tigh replied as he entered the control room. “Dial Earth.”

“Yes sir,” a man said, he was from Earth and dressed in a normal Stargate uniform.

“Did you see the man snooping around?” Tigh asked the people in the control room.

“I called security,” one man said, also from Earth.

“He claims to be from earth,” Tigh said.

“I don’t recognize him,” the man replied as the other man also agreed.

“And he’s not anyone from our group,” Tigh said getting the feeling they had a spy in their group. The question became how did he get there.

The gate rotated as the chevrons activated finally establishing the connection and a woman’s face appeared on the screen.

“Caprica city calling Stargate Command,” Tigh said using the official name for the settlement.

“Go ahead Caperica, this is General Carter,” she replied back.

“We captured someone snooping around our stargate, claims to be from Earth, but no one recognizes him from Earth, and I do not believe him to be from the Colonies,” Tigh said. The people from the Colonies had grown into a tight knit group.

“That’s disturbing,” Sam replied back. “We have reports that the Lucian Alliance has been trying to gain access to your city, even trying to figure out who you are, technology and such.”

Tigh gave that some though even as Jolly came walking into the room.

“Sorry commander, was instructed to give you this,” Jolly said handing Tigh type of devise which he held. He didn’t recognize it.

“Can you hold that a bit higher?” Sam asked.

Tigh looked a bit skeptical but did so, turning it when she asked for several seconds.

“Yeah, its what I feared, Lucian Alliance tech,” Sam said to him. “Can you transport him to Earth? We might be able to gain some information from him about what’s going on.”

“Yeah,” Tigh said.

“I’ll inform the council, I think we can tell the others as well. Such things will not go over well with the population,” Uri said.  “Someone trying to spy on us.”

Tigh watched as Uri stormed off angry at what happened.

“Um, will everything be all right?” Sam asked.

“I think so, we don’t take such things kindly. The last time someone did this it almost killed us all.  You’re people will probably be looked at suspiciously here for a while, at least anyone new,” Tigh said looking down at the two nearby who were looking back at him.

“All right, colonel?” Sam said addressing the man sitting close to where Tigh was standing.

“Yes general?”

“Tell everyone to cooperate with the Colonial council, and go through and make sure those who are there should be, go over everyone. I don’t want another leak like this.  If they have one there they might have another one.”

“Yes ma’am,” the colonel said.

Tigh watched as he stood and headed out to carry out the order.

“Commander, could you send that device though as well when you send the prisoner? I’d like to study it,” Sam said.

“Sure,” Tigh said, glad to be rid of it.

With that the gate shut down and Tigh wondered what might happen next.


Sam looked up as Teal’c walked into her office an jumped up giving her old friend a hug. Since becoming the commanding officer of the SG proram she didn’t have as much time to talk with him as she once did.

“General Carter,” Teal’c said.

“Teal’c,” Sam said raising an eyebrow at him as they sat down. “We’ve known each other too long to be calling me that.”

“Sam, you wanted news about the Lucian Alliance,” Teal’c said.

“Yes, we found one of their spies in Caperica City,” Sam replied back to him watching as he nodded upon hearing the news.

“Then this goes with my intelligence,” Teal’c said. “Our spies indicate they are looking to infiltrate Caperica city and find out more about who they are.  It seems that a sudden appearance of a highly advanced culture and civilization didn’t go without being noticed.”

“Seems we weren’t as subtle as we hoped,” Sam said thinking about that.

“Indeed, they were looking for a new ally against the Tau’ri,” Teal’c said to her.

“They won’t like the fact the Colonials are allied with us,” Sam said.

“There is more, they discovered information about where they came from and what galaxy they came from,” Teal’c said.

Sam had a sinking feeling. “Let me guess, they think they might be able to ally themselves with the Cylons?”

“That appears to be the current talk,” Teal’c said.

“And the Galactica left the Pegasus galaxy a few days ago,” Sam said. The possibilities for what else might happen were vast, especially if the Lucian Alliance managed to give a hyperdrive to the Cylons.

She picked up her phone and quickly dialed listening for the President’s voice.

“President Hayes,” the man’s voice said.

“Sir, General Samantha Carter,” Sam said introducing herself waiting a moment before he realized who was calling.

“General, what can I do for you?” Hayes asked.

“Sir, we have a situation on our hands, and I need the go ahead for a diplomatic approach, but it will be dangerous,” Sam said still in disbelief she was about to suggest this.

“What’s happened?”

“It appears the Lucian Alliance has discovered the existence of the Cylons and my fear is they are making plans to head out to try and meet with them. If the Cylons discover hyperdrive technology a lot of galaxies could be in danger,” Sam said to him.

She waited a few seconds as the President gave it some thought.

“These are the Cylons from the Colonials?”

“Yes sir,” Sam said.

“Will this Lucian Alliance even talk to us?”

“I don’t know, but we have to chance it before an even larger war starts,” Sam said honestly.

“Very well, you have my support,” Hayes said.

“Thank you sir,” Sam said hanging up and looking at Teal’c. “I’d like you there as well, along with Daniel.”

“I will be ready,” Teal’c said.

All Sam had to do was get the team ready.

End part 2

Continued in part 3


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