The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 27

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 27

Jack watched the indicators of all planets closely for any problems. So far nothing new had happened as Chad brought up the news conference which Amy Barnes was holding.  He noticed she stood straight and patient despite the reports all around her.  Jack noticed Sally off to the side watching the Senator as she fielded several questions.

“Senator, are you saying the accusations being made against the military are untrue?” one reporter asked.

“Not only are they untrue, but the accusations by Senators Hanes and Amaio are dangerous to the safety of the Alliance,” Amy said, any further words were interrupted by another reporter who tried to barge in.

Jack watched Amy’s reaction to the interruption with annoyance. She placed a hand on the podium, glaring at the man for several seconds before he went quiet.

“As I was saying, by revealing such information about where the Alliance ships are, especially our battle-cruisers, it allows the Cimlains to have an advantage on where our fleet is and where to strike,” Amy said.

A sudden alarm caught Jack’s attention, a single red light which confirmed his worst fear joined quickly by a second one. Jack watched his command crew go to work as Chad opened a communications with the planet’s defenses.

“HQ, this is Commander Smith here, our scanners are tracking an inbound Cimalian fleet about sixteen warships eighteen minutes out,”

Jack nodded then look at the other screen where a lieutenant stood waiting.

“Lieutenant Holland sir, we have a fleet which we believe to have two battle-cruisers and twenty-three minutes away,” she said to him.

“All right, prepare for battle, inform all civilian sectors of the fleets and reinforcements are on the way,” Jack said to them before turning to Admiral Hayes who was waiting for his orders. “Mark.”

“I’m thinking this isn’t a social call,” Mark joked but waited for his orders.

“Nope, we have two Cimalian fleets headed inbound, take the 2nd Fleet and head to Serria and engage,” Jack said to him.

“Serria, poor planet,” Mark replied. “All right, we’re moving out.”

The screen went blank before he brought up Admiral Kimberly who was currently the admiral fo the 1st fleet.

“Admiral?” Victoria Kimberly said, looking like she had been waiting for something to happen.

“Victoria, take the 1st Fleet and head to Bachalia, we have a Cimalian fleet on the way there, engage and protect the planet,” Jack told her.

“Yes sir,” Victoria replied.

Jack watched the screen go black as the groups began their moves to help protect the Alliance from another invasion. He looked back at the news screen seeing Amy still being grilled over the deception before opening a communications line to Sally.  He watched her look down before quietly slipping off screen.

“Lieutenant Sally sir,” she said to him.

“Sally, I know things are busy there but there’s something you need to know. Serria and Bachalia are about to be attacked by Cimalian fleets in the next couple of minutes,” Jack said to her.

“I’ll let her know,” Sally said to him before signing off.

Jack turned back to the screen not wanting to miss this as Sally approached Amy, softly touching her on the arm. Amy excused herself as Sally whispered something in Amy’s ear.  Jack thought he noticed a smile appear on her face making her appear even more dangerous.  He wondered if the reporters were even aware of what was about to happen.

“I think my point is about to be made quite clear now,” Amy said to the group and he wished he could see the reporters’ faces. “We can thank two senators for the current situation, Bachalia and Serria are now under attack.”

Jack waited for the outrage to occur as reporters all began talking at once, many denying such an event. It seemed some reporters were on their communicators trying to figure out if what Amy had said was accurate or not as Amy placed a hand on Sally’s shoulder and they shared a smile.  He wondered about their relationship, but decided not to think about it as long as it didn’t interfere with their ability to do their jobs.

“Ah, yes I am getting a breaking story now from my station,” one reporter said shifting his questioning. “Do you know if the military is doing anything about this?”

“I hve been told that het military are already sending reinforcements to the planets to help the defenses as we speak,” Amy said before continuing. “Of course this might have been avoided if Hanes and Amaio had actually thought about the defense of the Alliance before the spoke out.”

Jack silently applauded Amy for her sticking up for the military and her political attack on the two senators. He finally looked away from the screen to motion for Chad.

“Head to the media room and give an update on what’s going on. If you need me call,” Jack sad to him knowing they also had to hold a press conference on what was going on.

“Yes sir,” Chad said heading out of the room.

Two planets to defend and the news that the strike fleet had headed towards Cimalius. He wondered what might happen in the next couple of hours.  Would there be full scale war or peace?


Henry glanced though the message once last time which came from Jezic on board the Cimal. He felt sure that the attack would occur tonight after going over all the details.  He looked up as footsteps echoed though the office.  The captain of the palace guard entered and bowed before speaking.

“Sire, everything is as you’ve requested,” he said to Henry.

“Excellent, remember I want Meia captured alive and brought before me. She had crimes against the empire to answer for,” Henry said to him.

“Of course sire, we are ready for when she arrives,” the captain answered.

“Then go and wait for the assault to begin,” Henry said to him.

The captain left the office for the upcoming battle which Henry felt good about. He knew he would win this battle but it did leave some problems, like the resistance groups.  He was unsure if he should allow them to continue after tonight.  They had served their purpose for now.  Perhaps he would blame them for the assault on Cimalius and the palace.  It would discredit them to the general population.

A smile came to his lips at that thought. Yes, he would do that and solidify his position as the most powerful emperor in history.


Greg looked around at the group gathered with him and felt his heart drop a bit. They had a few dozen people, about all they were able to round up in such a short amount of time.  He had a feeling they were doomed to fail but anything could happen.

“Still want to do this?” Terry asked him as they looked on.

Greg took a few seconds to consider the question before answering. “Yes I do, but we need to get going fi we’re to clear the path,” Greg stated.

“Everyone’s hidden, are at least as much as possible and we were able to clear some of the path,” Dave said making his way on over. “We had some problems with Enforcers, but they were taken care of quickly.”

Greg nodded and noticed the PRG Dave held, the same type that Enforcers usually had. He felt nervous about this but knew the group hat to be fought at some time for the rebellion to succeed.  Of course this probably meant that the Enforceres would know something was up as well, not that they could hide it for long, especially when Meia and her forces began to land.

Greg glanced at his watch which indicated another twenty minutes before the fleet arrived. His attack would begin then and hopefully with some distraction his group would be able to take advantage of the distraction.  They might not expect a ground assault before any troops landed.

Looking at the others they waited as the time counted down and the attack would begin. He only hoped they had support or this would be one of the shortest rebellions in Cimalian history.


Brandy glanced at the room seeing her father was already there which caused her to frown. The fact he was there didn’t matter much as she moved quietly out of the room to an area where several guards were waiting for her.  She noticed there were fewer guards than she expected.

“Where are the others?” she asked, glancing at her captain.

“They’ve been called to duty, we’re the only ones who managed to get clear, and that’s only because we’re all part of the same group,” her captain replied.

“I doesn’t matter, we move now and I become Empress as I should be,” Brandy said to them.

“We are with you Empress,” her captain said. “Should we pass the word among the others that we’re moving out?”

“Do it,” she said to them. The more support she had the better late r on.  “In the confusion of the battle they will be able to slip away and join me in the throne room.”

“Yes sire,” the man said bowing slightly at her.

Brandy smiled slightly knowing her time had come and her uncle’s time was over. “And everyone understands their orders regarding Meia?”

“She’s to be killed on sight.”

“Excellent,” Brandy said thinking she’d be Empress by morning. “Head out.”


“All fighters launch,” Aaron’s voice said. Meia braced for her fighter to swing down and moved to the launch bay.  Seconds later her fighter slipped under the hangar floor which closed shut behind her and the doors to space opened up and she looked out into space.  The clamps on her fighter released as her engines came to life and her fighter shot out into space.

Behind her the rest of her squadron launched forming up behind her in an attack formation before hearing Tim’s voice.

“Blue seven though twelve, take the incoming fighters in sector six, blue two though six escort blue one and the shuttle to the atmosphere. The rest form up on me, we’ve got fighters to take care of,” Tim said giving the orders for the squadron.

Meia turned her fighter towards the planet even as the others did as well, including sive fighters and four shuttles full of ground troops. She spotted several fighters heading in their direction even as she looked at the position of the Cimalian fleet.  It seemed defensively sound but weaker than Captain Russell had stated in his last report.

“We have incoming, follow me,” Meia said turning her fighter towards the incoming fighters knowing that they were the only ones who could engage them. “Shuttle group, continued on your path and get to the surface.  I’ll join you as quickly as possible.”

“Understood Blue one,” the lead shuttle pilot replied.

Meia banked her fighter lining up the first fighter and firing at extreme range catching it by surprise. She destroyed second just as fast before everyone engaged.  The incoming fighters returned fire as well and Meia used her training to stay alive in the dogfight.

“All fighter, break and engage,” Meia said as the groups passed each other. She noticed they had lost one fighter, but they had managed to destroy six of the enemy fighters, she had killed three herself even as she lined up a forth enemy fighter.

She watched as one of the enemy fighters destroyed blue five before lining up another one. She figured this person had to be at least a green skill level and quickly fired a few shots she knew had no change to kill him, but he disengaged and turned towards her.

She quickly engaged the pilot as the two exchanged shots and she realized this pilot was better than Olin, and was probably boarder-line blue in skill. Focusing on the fighter and hoping the rest of the group could handle themselves she engaged, avoiding a blast from the enemy.  She returned fire with her own blast which the enemy managed to avoid.  However in that moment the enemy veered too far allowing a kill shot.

Meia took the shot destroying the enemy fighter before turning towards the battle once more.

“See you took all the fun out of this battle,” John’s voice said.

“Couldn’t wait for you to show up,” Meia said.

She noticed that another squadron of Cimlain fighters had joined but so had the Rugrats. Two of her original group remained and the shuttle had reached the upper atmosphere.

“Blue two and six, join the Rugrats for now,” Meia said to her two remaining squadron members. “John, headed to the surface.”

“We’ve got your back, good luck,” John replied.

End part 27

Continued in part 28

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