The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 2

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 2

Meia looked on at the group as everyone fell into a silence over her statement to take over the Empire. She looked at their faces to see who might accept the idea and who did not.  Randy had a look of disappointment in his eyes and she waited to see what he would say about her statement.

“Are you sure about that, it’s a lot of work,” Randy said to her finally.

She thought about it for a few seconds wondering if she was ready for such a huge responsibility. Taking over the Empire also meant it would require her to confront her uncle.  The thought caused a slight shiver to go through her.

“You all right?’ Randy asked.

“Yeah, just the thought of it is overwhelming for a second,” Meia finally replied and the only thing they could hear for several seconds was the rumble of the Akagi’s engines.

“What about that rebellion?’ Randy asked. “Surely they could help out, help with changes and overthrowing your uncle?”

“I doubt it,” Meia replied.

“They sold us out,” Brad said speaking up as Meia looked at everyone in the group who seemed to agree with what he said.

“There are a couple of people who didn’t,” Meia stated thinking of Carl and his wife. “But I told them to be careful of the rebellion, even leave.”

“So, why is the rebellion out? What control does the government have over them?” Randy asked and Meia realized he wasn’t there to know this information.

“Not the government, the Emperor has total control. There is no council, only a few advisors who are only there due to his will,” Meia replied back to him.  “I met with the leaders of the rebellion, and I figure most are reporting to and following the Emperor’s orders.”

“You’re that sure about it, we can’t trust them?” Randy asked.

“It would be suicide to trust them in any way. There was one who I think isn’t reporting to the Emperor, the Beta in the group,” Meia said.

“Tecca, he’s the most watched by the others,” Cy said speaking up. “I’ve been told many times to follow him and make sure he’s not reporting to anyone in the government.  Wasn’t hard for me to do considering we worked in the same building.”

Meia paused to consider what Cy said before coming up with another question. “Were there any other leaders you were told to follow closely?”

“No, only Tecca,” Cy replied as the others nodded their head no.

“Then we know who in the leadership we can trust,” Meia said to them looking over at Randy.

“I guess we have an idea of who we can trust, but now the question is how do we go about all of this?” Randy said to them.

“Why not a forward attack, forget all this subtle stuff,” Kim said speaking up.

“I’m not sure that’s a great idea,” Meia replied knowing what a frontal attack would do. It would only solidify the support behind the Emperor and any support for the rebellion would disappear.

“Actually, it might be,” Reggie said slowly as he was thinking about something. “Well, not if you go by the Alliance, but what if you stated you were part of a new Cimalian group?”

Meia looked up at the others seeing they all had looks of hope in their eyes.

“That might work, I’ll have to talk to HQ over it and see what they have to say, but I think I agree with them,” Randy said looking over at Kim. “Set a course for Pacifica at once, and inform the rest of the fleet we’ll be right back after checking in with HQ.”

“Aye-aye skipper,” Kim said with a smile as she stood and left the room.

Meia knew she should feel relieved at the decision but instead only felt nervous about the upcoming plan.


Meia walked down the hallway after the meeting knowing she had been thrown into an area of leadership she never wanted to go. Somehow she wondered if the universe conspired against her in such things.

“Hey,” she heard Randy say as he caught up to her and at her with some concern. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, just this whole leadership thing, I never wanted it,” Meia replied back to him before stepping onto the elevator to head back to her quarters.

“I think that’s what makes you so qualified for the position, you don’t want it,” Randy answered her. “I never wanted to be an admiral.  Before all of this I was thinking of dropping out of the military with John and opening a business.”

Meia considered what he said while pushing the floor she wanted while Randy pushed the bridge level.

“I’ve seen you grow. You have some natural leadership abilities,” Randy told her.

“Yeah, probably get that from my family and look at the wonderful job they’ve done, not,” Meia replied back to him not sure she wanted those natural abilities.

“Ae you sure your father was like that? I mean you don’t’ know what you inherited from him, maybe your uncle killed him because he was going against the established system.  Give it some thought,” Randy said as the doors opened.  “Your floor.”

Meia felt herself pushed out before she could even reply. She stood there thinking about that for a few seconds knowing she had no memory of her father, and barely knew any history of who he was.  The only thing she knew was her mother loved him, and that Prince Boris had been killed before she had been born.

“Hey, Meia, you look a bit lost,” another voice said from behind her to see john walking towards her. He was the flight leader of the squadron she was a part of, and knew he was an old friend of Randy’s.

“Oh, nothing much, just doing some thinking,” Meia replied hoping to sound casual.

“Well, I know you can think through anything with your mind,” John replied. “What’s up this time?  Another problem come up while you were captured?”

Meia gave that some thought and realized it was true, she had a lot of unexplained encounters with many of the crewmembers which she had no memory of.

“No, not about that, but something else,” Meia replied. “I’m not sure I really want to talk about it yet.”

“No problem, just know that me or Randy are here for ya if you want to talk,” John said to her.

“Randy already knows, but its something I have to work out for myself,” Meia replied back to him. “I have to convince myself I can do what everyone else thinks I can do.”

Meia stopped in front of her door allowing it to open before looking back at John.

“I’m sure you’ll work through it,” John said pausing before continuing. “I put you in for command of the two-o-one.”

“You did?” Meia replied a it shocked at the news. “Are you sure they will want me in a command position considering my past?”

“I don’t’ care about that, I need experienced pilots who show command material, and you do,” John said. “That squadrons need a leader.”

“Well, I’m not sure, I guess,” Meia replied a bit hesitantly.

“All right, get some rest, you deserve it,” John said walking off down the hallway.

Meia walked into her quarters and closed the door hearing the jump engines power up knowing that the Akagi was now on her way to Pacifica to meet with the leaders of the Alliance military. She knew Randy’s dad would be there, but aside from him, most of the other admiral she didn’t know and she had no idea what her clone had done.  Would they even trust her after what happened?

Glancing at the mirror she wondered if she was even ready for what was to come?


Jack White looked up when his assistant, Chad, walked into the office and from the look on his face it meant something was up. He paused for a second wondering if something happened to the expedition group.

“Admiral, thought you’d like to know the Akagi just arrived in orbit,” Chad said to him.

“Thanks, have Admiral White and Hayes report to the briefing room in thirty minutes,” Jack replied back to him.

“Yes sir,” Chad said, giving a small salute then walking out of the room leaving Jack shaking his head at the sudden reappearance of military discipline in the military. For years such things had slowly waned to the point few used it anymore, even romances among fighter pilots had occurred, all against the regulations.

His communicator rang as he was about to stand up and looked on slightly surprised at who appeared on the screen, President Able Sauer.

“President Sauer, what can I do for you sir?” Jack asked watching the President run a hand through his hair.

“Admiral, the council and press have been riding my ass for doing so little against the Cimalians,” Able said, not something Jack wanted to hear. “I’m hoping you might be able to give me something to help out cool everything down a bit.”

“Well sir, I’m about to head to a meeting to discuss that very thing,” Jack replied. “We know where they are, but are working on a plan.”

“I have a suggestion, Senator Barnes is on the way there, would you mind the senator sitting in on the meeting?” Able asked.

“How soon will he be here?” Jack asked. He really had no problem with the senator, especially considering he supported the military not long ago.

“In an hour,” Able replied back.

“I guess I can postpone the meeting for thirty minutes, It’ll allow us to get a bit more info before the meeting,” Jack finally answered wondering how everyone would take a senator sitting in on the meeting.

“What type of info?”

“I have a scout ship doing recon of the Cimalus Empire, checking things out,” Jack replied.

“Perhaps that’s something I can give the press, we’re acting with intelligence gathering,” Able mused.

“Be careful how you present such info, it could endanger out missions,” Jack stated hoping for a bit of caution when talking to the press.

“Hmm, hadn’t thought of that, they might be willing to go with the fact we’re keeping an eye on them for now,” Able said thinking about it.

“Might work,” Jack supplied hoping it would and avoid any further information.

“Keep me informed,” Able stated.

“I will,” Jack said ending the conversation and pressing the call button for Chad who quickly answered.

“Admiral?” Chad asked.

“Postpone the meeting for another thirty minutes and prepare for Senator Barnes’ arrival, he’ll be attending the meeting as well,” Jack said to him.

“Yes sir,” Chad replied.

Jack ended the communications and wondered if Mary wanted to out for dinner tonight.


Meia walked along with Randy towards the meeting room feeling nervous about the upcoming meeting. She had a feeling this time any result would have the Alliance reacting in anything but a recon mission, but going to war.  She thought about it, but realized since the invasion there had been no peace between the two groups, and if you talked to her uncle, the Cimalian Empire was at war with the Alliance.  It was how to go about this war that made her nervous.

She walked into the room sitting down next to Randy and looked around. She noticed Randy’s father was already in the room, sitting there with another three people and could recall Admiral Hayes from a previous meeting but did not recognize the others.

Brushing back a lock of hair to hide her nervousness she waited until a young man appeared in the room looking even more nervous than Meia felt. He cleared his throat gaining Admiral White’s attention who looked up.

“Ah, Chad, the senator is here, good,” Jack said looking up at Chad. “Send him in.”

“Ah, well,” Chad replied fidgeting a bit.

“Thank you admiral,” a female voice said as everyone fell silent as a tall woman walked into the room. With all eyes on her she made her way over to an empty chair and sat down before looking at them all.  “Something wrong?” she asked waiting patiently.

“Ah, no, we were expecting your father Amy,” Jack finally said breaking the silence.

“Senator Barnes, yes, an easy mistake to make when both of us are in office,” Amy replied flashing them all a smile. “Well, you get to deal with me instead.”

Meia looked over at Randy who appeared to know the woman and for some reason that thought sent a surge of jealousy through her.

“Yes, at least we don’t have to deal with Limac,” Randy replied finally. “You and your father know how to listen.”

“Yes, but I also like to talk,” Amy replied to them. “Don’t worry, I never say anything I feel is true.”

“I know Miss Barnes,” Jack replied then turning to the group. “I guess we should get started then.  You mentioned you had a plan Randy?”

“Yes,” Randy replied, standing up and giving Meia a look before starting his proposition.

End part 2

Continued in part 3

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