The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 1

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Dave leaned up against some boxes while waiting for his contact to show up. He received word from his boss about a new player in the struggle for control of the government, something he cared little about except for his hatred of the Emperor himself.  Sure there was the rebellion but even he knew that group was only a puppet of the Emperor so this new information his boss was anxious to learn.  It meant he was here, at night trying not to look out of place.

“I see you’re here,” a child-like voice said causing Dave to jump and turn quickly in the direction but saw no one. He started walking forward but stopped at the voice.  “Don’t come any further, unless you want to threaten everything you dolt!”

Dave stopped, raising an eyebrow at the voice but didn’t go any further. “All right, but who are you?” he asked.

“That’s not important right now, but the information is, especially considering what is about to happen,” the voice said.

“And what’s that?” Dave asked.

“There is much you and your boss don’t know, but that’s why you’re here,” the voice replied back to him. “I have information that can be very useful for you.  I know of your dislike of Emperor Henry.”

Dave’s heart skipped a beat before resuming at double speed. If this person knew that bit of information what else did she know?

“Yes, I know what the Alphas’ are planning. Many don’t like the current emperor, but what they don’t know is he’s not the real emperor,” the voice said to him.

“What? What do you mean?” Dave asked unsure he could trust himself to say anything else without shouting.  Whoever this person as, she seemed to know more than anyone else he had ever come in contact with and silent cursed his boss for this meeting.  He shouldn’t have been the one to be here.

“Simple, Henry never should have been the emperor. Don’t you ever wonder how Boris died?”

The statement caused Dave to stop and ponder the question. He had only been ten when the prince was killed and went over everything he knew about the situation and nothing came to mind.  “They said he died in a terrorist attack.”

Laughter greeted his words causing him to look around, glad no one else was around. “The report released by the Empress herself that day,” the voice replied back to him.  “And you never questioned it, or that these terrorist attacks have gone on for years yet no one knows anything about their organization.”

Dave frowned wondered what she was getting at. “The Alliance has been after us for decades.”

Again the voice laughed. “Talking points, which means you have no idea what’s really going on do you, no, you don’t.  Few really do understand, and those who do either accept, or they die.  I wonder, which will you be?”

Dave shivered at the words but waited a few more seconds for the voice to say anything else. After a few seconds he finally got impatient and ready to leave.  “Look, my boss sent me here for information, do you have it or not?”

Several seconds of silence stretched out and he wondered if whoever he had been talking to left, which would leave him with the uncomfortable position of returning back with no information.

“Yes,” the voice finally said.

Dave waited a bit longer thinking that whoever this was enjoyed leaving him in the dark and waiting and almost spoke up again when whoever was there spoke again.

“Tell him there is another faction, one which is slowly leaking out. Henry tried to stop and eliminate this rumor, but it real.  That’s where you have the advantage.  Your boss will know what I’m talking about.  Tell him she will return, that’s when we shall strike.”

Dave waited for something else but got nothing else. “That’s it?” he asked stepping forward and calling out into the darkness.  Getting no answer he moved forward and receive no other warning and saw nothing, looking around quickly.  “Great, I’ve been talking to shadows.”

He decided to quickly leave before any enforcers showed up to question why he was there, especially considering he had no permit to be there. He made his way back to his boss wondering about what the voice said, and if it was true.  He shook his head hoping his boss understood it better than he did.  He had grown up an Alpha class citizen, but even he had been kept in the dark with many things.

Reaching the door of his boss he knocked, waiting only a few seconds until the servant opened it.

“Ah, Master Dave, I’ll inform Master Greg that you’re here. Please wait in the study for him,” the servant said allowing Dave inside.

Walking over to the study he sat down in one of the chairs waiting for Greg to show up and hoping he would understand the message better than he did. Who would return, and why was ‘she’ important?


Greg heard the knock on his door and bade his servant to enter the room. Liam was tall and thin and had been his servant for many years now as Greg looked up waiting for him.

“Master Dave is here to see you sir,” Liam said.

“Thank you Liam,” Greg replied watching Liam leave the room and head back to the kitchen.

Greg stood, stretching his back which protested at him sitting down for so long.  A brief thought of him being too old crossed his mind before he recalled he probably still had another forty years left in him and headed towards the study to see Dave pacing around in the room.

He watched the younger man for a second wondering if somehow the meeting didn’t go well, or is something else had happened. Dave turned startled slightly before they both took a seat.

“I hope what I was told makes a bit of sense to you, because it doesn’t to me,” Dave said the confusion in his voice apparent to Greg.

“I’m sure it will, what did she tell you?” Greg asked now curious as to what the information was. Dave also appeared confused that he knew the gender of the person.  “Its not the first time she’s contacted me.  Now, what strange cryptic code did she use this time?”

He watched Dave take a breath before speaking. “She said the rumors are true, and that she’ll return.  When that happens it will be time to strike,” Dave said to him.  “I hope that makes more sense to you than me, because it means nothing to me.  She also mentioned something about the Alliance terrorist attacks that they are, strange, and that it connects to Prince Boris’ death.”

“I see,” Greg answered rubbing his chin in thought as he recalled that day when he learned of Boris’ death. Greg had been one who never believed the reports, especially considering he knew Boris from childhood and knew things no one else ever did.

“This makes sense to you?” Dave asked.

“It might,” Greg replied. “I’ll have to think about it for a bit, thanks.  You may go.”

Greg noticed that Dave looked a bit hesitant before he finally left. Youth, they thought they knew everything yet in reality they knew very little at all.  Greg leaned back in his chair giving it some thought, and wondered if something more was there, he finally thought back to when he served on board the old battle-cruiser Illustrious with Boris and they had an odd conversation.

Greg stepped out of his fighter and headed over to where Boris was waiting, grinning. Greg had to admit, he had never seen anyone as good as Boris was.

“Showed them today, didn’t we,” Boris said still smiling.

“Yeah, those noobs were easy,” Greg replied back to his friend knowing they had swept the sky against their opponent.

“Well, I think Betas always think they are better than they think they are,” Boris replied.

Greg snorted in agreement, then again his friend was an Alpha Supreme citizen and ruled over everyone.

“Hey, I hear you’re moving up a rank in the pilot class,” Boris said clapping his friend on the shoulder.

“Yeah, finally getting the green patch,” Greg said, pointing to the shoulder indicating the current red patch he wore. Boris was blue, as normal, indicating his elite skills as a pilot.

“I always said you were that good,” Boris said. “Come on, let’s get up to the briefing room.”

They got on the elevator and Greg noticed a slight change in his friends face, the normal jovial expression replaced with one which meant it was thinking. And Greg had a feeling what his friend was thinking about wasn’t good.

“So, what’s wrong?” Greg finally asked.

“I think I’m in love,” Boris said, a sad smile appearing on his face.

“That’s great, but why the look?”

“Its complicated,” Boris replied. “There’s a lot more to it and I don’t think my family would approve.”

The conversation ended as the doors opened allowing another man to enter elevator and Boris would say no more with someone else. Greg watched as the tall man stepped onto the elevator, someone Greg had seen several times.

“Boris, didn’t expect to see you here today, great flying by the way,” the man said to him.

“Thanks Jezic,” Boris replied back.

“Don’t mention it, surprised they haven’t created a class above blue just for you,” Jezic replied back to him.

“Nah, there’s only about three of us in the fleet anyways,” Boris stated.

They watched as the doors opened again and Jezic left. Greg turned back to his friend waiting to continue the conversation.

“She’s a Epsilon, that’s why.”

Greg could still recall the shock upon hearing that statement. His best friend, an Alpha Supreme, was saying he had fallen in love with someone from the lowest class of citizens.  He understood what that might mean, and such a thing could undermine the entire class system, at least that’s what he thought back then.  Now, he understood things better.

He had some work to do now that much he understood. He would have to look through the records for something which he might be able to use.  Then there was also the rumors he heard lately of a young woman who was the true ruler.  If that was true then it meant she was the daughter of Boris.  If the rumor was true, Greg had to find out.


Meia looked out over the group in front of her, many of which were former Cimalian citizens, mostly lower class who had managed to survive and were now living in the Alliance. Six of them had come with her during her last escape from Cimalius II and she now knew their names, Brad, Reggie, Nick, Cy, Kim and Kerry.  The six of them had provided good intelligence on the current situation back on Cimalius II and what the political situation was.  It was information they hoped to be able to put to good use.

“So, what happens next?” Brad asked her.

Meia sighed, unsure how this would go. “I’m not sure, maybe some sort of council can be set up to absorb the Cimalian Empire into the Alliance,” she finally said to them

“No, Reggie said suddenly.

Meia looked over at him at his sudden outburst considering he had been quiet most of the time.

“Why not? We’re not that bad,” Randy replied back to him.

Meia looked on watching as they all had a similar look on their faces. They also all had a different relationship to the Empire than she did.  Her allegiance had been bought through drugs and altering her memories concerning her mother, father and uncle.

“It’s our home, and it might be flawed but too many believe that the Alliance are terrorists willing to kill and bomb children,” Brad said to her. “It might not be true, but that knowledge will require time to alter.”

Meia realized Randy had been thoughtful in his reply.

“What about something different,” Meia finally replied as everyone looked at her. She looked down at the table knowing this might be the only real way.  “I take over the Empire.”

End part 1

Continued in part 2

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