The Uneasy Alliance – Part 23

The Uneasy Alliance

by AJ Marks

Part 23

Adama walked into the bridge with purpose knowing he had a lot to do including meeting with the Council right away. His meeting with the Bings of Light still fresh in his mind he felt uneasy about what needed to be done, and who was involved.  The one thing he knew at the moment was they found a planet called Earth.  If it was the thirteenth tribe or not Adama was not sure.  It seemed that the humans on the planet had a war with machines as well and as a result their history had been destroyed so any record of Kobal were erased or not known.

Of course the other problem was count Ilbis who was part of the human’s council on Earth. If he was controlling Zion then a lot of things could happen.  The last time they had confronted each other they fought for control of the fleet.  This time Adama had a feeling it would be over the human race.  He could not afford to lose this war.

“I will be assembling the Council quickly, I need to talk to them over what happened. Also, have a group of people ready to head over to one of the fuel ships to start a crew for a new battlestar,” Adama said to Tigh, watching as Tigh appeared shocked at the words.

“New battlestar,” Tigh finally managed to say in confusion at what Adama ordered.

“Yes, I don’t have time to explain everything just yet. Have those from the Pegasus ready to go along with those who are duplicates on the Galactica that we can afford to send over, and have them head to the fastest tanker along with Starbuck and Apollo.  They will know what to do next,” Adama said sending the request for the council to meet.  He looked at Tigh who looked bewildered.  “I’ll explain everything, for now trust me.”

“Yes sir,” Tigh said and headed off to carry out the order.

“Omega, you have the bridge,” Adama said, hearing Omega’s reply before heading for the council chambers. He knew Tigh would be confused about the fact crew was needed for a second battlestar, but he did not feel like explaining the machines and DE on the bridge at the moment.  He wanted to tell Tigh that in private.

Adama walked into the council chamber and waited for the rest of the council members to arrive. He spent the time trying to figure out how they might react to the news.  The members started to file in, a few asked what was going on but most waited until everyone showed up.  He saw Uviris enter along with Uri and a few others until finally the last one walked in.

“Well commander, what seems to be the important reason for calling us all together so quickly,’ Uviris asked once everyone was seated around the table.

“First off, thank you all for coming on such short notice,” Adama said to them, despite the fact most lived on board the Galactica so they had a short way to travel to the meeting room. “Second, we have discovered a planet that calls itself Earth.”

Several members gasped upon hearing what Adam said. If it turned out to be true, then a lot of things needed to be done and quickly as it also meant the end of the journey for them.

“There’s more,” Adama said hoping the rest of what he had to say went as smoothly. “It also appears the Cylons are here as well, but that’s actually not the most important thing.”

“Sorry commander, but what could be more important than the Cylons finding us again?” Uri asked.

“It seems that in their past they built computers and AI, from what I gather there was a war between the two,” Adama said to them watching them look on.

“Then, they will probably not be able to help us,” Uviris said. “The machines on Earth would likely side with the Cylons if war came.”

“So it would seem, but the Cylons attacked the machines on Earth. Right now the machines and humans on Earth are living in a peace,” Adama said, recalling what he had been told.  “They are willing to help us out, in exchange for help as well.”

“Help?” Uviris asked with some disbelief in his voice.

“Right now the planet is covered in an intense electrical cloud which the humans started to ry to deny the machines their source of energy. At the moment our vehicles can go through it without damage.  However as we can, so can the Cylons and they attacked the machine city, more specifically the humans on the planet,” Adama said not sure how much to tell the council at the moment.  Earth was inhabited by many humans, and were in a way enslaved by the machines and the last thing he wanted was mistrust by the council.

“Commander, we’re currently fighting a race of machines, they destroyed our homes, killed billions, and you are telling us the planet we’re looking for is run by machines?” Uviris asked.

“I never said the machines ran Earth, more like both sides have come to a peaceful solution at the moment,” Adama stated. “And the machines are more willing to help us than the humans to the point they are already building a battlestar which will be completed shortly.”

“Working with machines, impossible,” Uviris stated showing that the thought working with machines would never work. Adama had to agree, and would have agreed if he had not seen for himself what the situation was even as Uviris continued.  “I won’t all allow it!”

“We need them as much as they need us. Hey are not like the Cylons and seem much more human than the Cylon will ever be,” Adama replied back to them.  “I’ve talked with them, and I suggest that you do as well.  However there are other problems that are bigger than this.”

“Bigger than machines running a planet that we were looking for? For your sake I hope its good news,” Uviris replied back and seemed unwilling to back down from his position.

Adama consider his words then went ahead. “I’ve encountered Count Iblis again,” Adama stated to them.

“Count Iblis?” Uviris reply back to him. Adama knew they were all thinking about the last time they encountered the man.  He had been assumed a survivor, but it turned out he was a destroyer who lied to get what he wanted.  He tried to take complete control of the fleet and Adama had no doubt it Iblis had managed to succeed they would not be here now.

“Yes, and he’s on the council of the Earthers, in a way seems to be one of the rulers and holds a lot of power,” Adama said.

He watched as many on the council seemed to understand that situation. The group they wanted to trust was run by a man who they understood to be an enemy.  In a way it almost forced them to work with the machines, as if the universe had some strange plan in place.

“Very well commander, I shall approve on one condition,” Uviris stated. “You must remain cautious when dealing with these, machines.  I do not trust them yet, even if you say you do.”

“Fair enough,” Adama replied back knowing Uviris’ support would allow him to continue on his path.

“I take it you have a plan?” Uri asked.

“The machines are building a battlestar, but they need humans to man the ship. I’m sending duplicate personal from the Galactica to help man the ship.  They will also help with some humans as well.  With the speed they can build ships we can rebuild the fleet quickly,” Adama said.  “Right now our task is to defeat the Cylons.”

“And you think this can work?” Uviris asked.

“Right now, it’s the only hope we have, the Cylons are here. Without their help I’m not sure how long one battlestar can defend against them with limited supplies,” Adama said seriously.

“Very well, but I advise caution when working with these machines,” Uri said.

“Already am,” Adama said.


“Report centurion,” Hades said as the centurion walked into the room. He wanted the information about the Colonial shuttles which had left the planet.  They sent a patrol out to follow and it would only be a matter of time now before he knew where the Galactica and the fleet was located.

“By your command, the patrol lost contact with the Colonial ships,” the centurion reported.

Again?” Hades asked. This information was anything but good news.  It meant the Colonials had managed to improve some sort of cloaking devise.  “Was there anything unusual in the area?”

“Nothing that our scanners could detect,” the centurion replied. “The only possibility is a cloaked ship which they landed on.”

“Yes, but the latest reports we had about Colonial technology reported they were further behind on such innovations than we were,” Hades said thinking about the intelligence for a few seconds. “Though there is no other explanation for what has happened.”

Hades took a moment to consider what else he could do before making a decision.

“Tell the basestar on the planet’s surface to begin their attack on the humans there. They are to be wiped out at all costs,” Hades said.

“A raider will have to be sent, communications are jammed due to the clouds,” the centurion said.

“Then make it so,” Hades said.

“By your command,” the centurion said, turning and walking out of the room.


Doctor Wilker looked on in amazement at the speed which the ship was approaching completion. He could actually see the ship come together as he stood and watched.  The only real problem came with the fuel for the ship.  The machines could not replicate the formula.  They could provide the materials for the ship and even some people, but the fuel was the largest block.

“It will be ready to go soon,” DE said as it hovered nearby.

Wilker and it had come to a working relationship and each seemed as fascinated by the other. He wasn’t as intimidated by machines as others were and he found himself watching what they were doing, studying them as much as they were probably studying him.

“Completely remarkable,” Wilker said still watching the machines build the ship.

“Yes, it’s amazing how simple in design the ship is,” DE said to him.

“When you’re fighting machines you had to be,” Wilker said. “Pardon the expression.”

“No harm taken, but it’s completely logical,” DE replied back to him.

Fighting machines, which were complex if you made something simple it was easier to avoid problems and actually harder for the machines to infiltrate the ship and its computers.

“Talking with you is much different than if I was talking to a Cylon,” Wilker said honestly. “From what we’ve learned over the yehrens the basic soldier has a limited speech ability, mostly to communicate battle instructions.  There is a belief that the Cylons have also developed a civilization as well.”

“A logical next step, once the conquest is over they will want to become a civilization. Something more than just a destructive machine,” DE replied back to him.  “Its what happened to us here once the war had ended, we had a desire to create a civilization for ourselves.  Its different from the human civilization, but yet at the same time, very similar as we came from a similar background.”

Wilker gave that some thought.

“Not a lot of people will like the idea of having machines as an ally,” Wilker said. “Especially after the last truce between us they never intended to honor.  The war was long and bitter.”

“I’ll keep that in memory when dealing with your group,” DE replied back to him.

Wilker hoped he did, and that they would find a truce between them. He liked DE, an intelligent machine which seemed more human than many others he came across in his travels.  Time would tell how they got along.

End part 23

Continued in part 24

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