The Uneasy Alliance – Part 5

The Uneasy Alliance

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Deux Ex Machina felt pleased with the progress of the new defenses so far, and construction was ahead of schedule. It knew that was due to the fact they hadn’t been attacked in a while now.

Alarms sounded indicating the attackers were spotted again causing it to look up spotting a new group descending through the clouds. The enemy fired even as they descended as the defenders rose up to defend the city.  Explosions were heard and seen all over and it hoped nothing major was struck.

Even as it watched the new defense mechanisms went into action, the most important part was shielding over the power relays, losing one of those was more devastating than the loss of a million humans. It noticed the shielding was slightly effective, but some attacks still managed to get through, but better than without it.

Deux ex watched several attacking craft fall to Earth, one in the middle of the city and two black, humanoid looking robots stepped out opening fire causing damage before the Sentinels were able to take them down.

It moved over to hover above the two destroyed robots. They were primitive in nature, but robots nonetheless and it sent out a command for drones to pick up any bodies they could find.  Perhaps they could learn more about who they were, gather intelligence about them by inspecting the bodies and perhaps the memories of the machines were still intact.


Morpheus was led into the Council room where he saw a few new faces from the last time he was in there. Most were looking at him with a lot of concern, and a few looked almost hostile.  He figured it had to do with the fact Morpheus had broken the treaty in their minds but had not seen what he saw.

“Well Morpheus, what do you have to say for yourself, you’ve violated the treaty with the machines and for what?” one council member asked as Morpheus presented himself in front of the group. He was someone who Morpheus clashed with before.  He had hoped to get through this easily but now knew it would be impossible.

“Yes, I admit I went back to the Matrix,” Morpheus stated honestly watching the shocked faces on the Council before him knowing he admitted to an act of treason against the treaty.

“What do you mean,” one of the newer members asked, his face slightly red in anger. “You knowingly violated the treat and jeopardized the peace with have with the machines, for what, to satisfy some curiosity?”

“I have to agree, there is no reason for such a blatant disregard for the treaty,” another woman said shaking her head in disappoint with Morpheus.

“There is more going on here than any of you realize,” Morpheus said wondering if he would even get a chance to explain what happened. He spotted Turner talking quietly with an aide who merely nodded and left the room.

“Morpheus, we listened to you during the war because you are passionate, and a good commander. However, we are now at peace not war, and sometimes some cannot adjust to the fact there is peace, I suggest you accept that for everyone’s sake,” another councilman, named Zack, said.

“None of you are going to listen to me?” Morpheus asked looking around the council hoping one would have the courage to stand up to the others to listen. He knew he had made enemies on the council and in a strange way he felt more comfortable facing an agent of the Matrix them this group.

“That, Morpheus, is because you have put us all in danger,” the woman said. “You acted without any concern for the future of humanity.”

“We’re in greater danger now than ever before,” Morpheus said hoping to get at least one of the council to listen to him.

“Yes, we are in danger now, but its because of your actions,” the woman said dismissing Morpheus’ concerns. “I’m going…” her voice dying as Link and Ben dragged in the large robot into the council room causing everyone to look on.

“You killed a machine?” Zack asked in disbelief as they all looked at the robot.

“No, not one of the machines on the surface,” Link said approaching the council with a data disc in his hands. “This is what we saw on the surface.”

“And what is this supposed to prove?” Zack replied, unconvinced.

“What I’ve been trying to tell to you but you don’t want to hear,” Morpheus said walking over to join Link. “This should make a lot of things clearer,” he said, hoping they would look at it.

“Very well, we’ll watch this ‘data’ that you have, don’t expect it to persuade us easily to what you’ve done. You were able to manipulate us during the war, but we will no longer accept things on your word,” the woman said as the council gathered to watch the video.


Commander Adama stood in the middle of the bridge unsure he wanted to know what might happen next to the fleet. He knew that Cylons had been spotted and it was only a matter of time before they found them again.  He spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out what course of action would be best for the fleet.

He understood they had to find fuel sometime in the future, the reserves were still there but if nothing was discovered again they would be dead in space once ore. He looked at how far they managed to travel and always felt amazed, but had a feeling they still had a long way to go.

Footsteps caused him to look up watching as Apollo and Starbuck entered the bridge making a beeline for him. The look on his son’s face usually indicated some sort of trouble and he cringed inwardly at what it might be this time.

“I know that look, what’s got you so upset this time and what plan do you have?” Adama asked, stopping Apollo short before he said anything, looking a bit shocked at what Adama said before recovering.

“Been thinking about that basestar we encountered quite a bit,” Apollo finally replied before walking over to the starchart along with Adama and Starbuck. They both were wondering what Apollo was up and knew they would have to wait to find out

“You got some idea about what happened to it, I’d like to hear it,” Adama said as they arrived at the starchart. His son could come up with some unusual ideas and he learned to listen before dismissing anything.  The original idea might be crazy, but with some work a better plan could come out of it.

“Actually, as I thought about it something bugged me that I couldn’t shake. The Cylon basestar never seemed slow down, or even send out patrols in the system to see what was there.  There could have been a planet full of humans and they would have never known,” Apollo said staring at the starchart.  “It’s strange, unless they are laying a trap for us further on.”

“That’s a distance possibility. The last time they tried this they used an elaborate lure,” Adama said wondering what type of lure they might use this time.  “There might even be more than one basestar in the area which to attack us then.”

“That’s very possible, and I want to do something different this time to surprise them. If they are setting up a trap, then they must be using the course we’re on now, not expecting us to turn,” Apollo said and Adama understood what his son was saying.  It was a gamble he knew, the course was given to them by the Beings of Light to hopefully find Earth.

“That could work,” Adama finally said, thinking about how they could go about it.

“Ah, someone want to fill me in, what could work?” Starbuck said, not having understood, or not been paying attention.

“We change course of the fleet,” Adama said to him. “Tigh,” he said, getting the colonel’s attention.  “Prepare the fleet to make a course adjustment,” Adama said to him before turning the starchart as well, studying it like Apollo had been.

“How about here,” Apollo said, pointing to a lone system off by itself and would be away from any potential traps.”

“Good location,” Adama said, though he would have to be concerned with fuel, it was feasible for the fleet before turning towards Tigh. “Tell the helm to plot a course to this system, and spread the word, we’ll switch course in,” he looked at the clock, “two hours.”

He watch Tigh head to the communications to let the rest of the fleet know of the change in course. It would cause a lot of rumors in the fleet, everything from Cylons to Earth.  He would probably have to inform the council, but it really wasn’t too important at the moment.

Looking at the starchart a small tingle of excitement coursed through him, the feeling of hunting and being the hunted. He would have to wait to see what happened next.


The council members sat watching the recording that Morpheus brought with him showing that some sort of attacker was coming through the clouds from above to attack the machines. The craft were saucer in shape and very fast, and even as they watched Sentinels raced up to challenge the attackers.  The saucer ships had firepower they had never seen before even as the Sentinels ripped it apart.  The video stopped shortly after that.

“Nice work Morpheus,” the woman said, looking right at Morpheus. “I’m sure you had Link here help you out in fabricating this façade of an attack.  It hasn’t changed my mind at all.”

“Nor mine,” Zack said standing up to address the group. “Even if that attack was real, it shows that the machines are in a civil war against each other.  This is something we can use to our advantage later on after this war ends.”

“Exactly, now is the time to wait and watch, see who wins,” another man said. “The winner will be weak and vulnerable to a counter attack.”

“We have decided then, we wait for this war to end and attack the winner,” the woman said as the others seemed to agree with her.

Morpheus could barely understand what he was hearing from the group. The council no only seemed to ignore the severity of the situation but were dumb enough to believe they could attack the victor and win.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard,” Morpheus stated looking around at the Council members. “What if these attackers are not from Earth?  What if these robots,” he paused to point to the black robot on the ground, “are from a similar situation where we failed to have peace.  What if their goal is to destroy all other life?”

“That is impossible, we all know there is no such things as aliens,” Zack said.

“Are you sure?” Morpheus asked challenging him in his beliefs.

“Of course, if there were such a thing as aliens, why did they not help us in our war against the machines?” Zack replied smugly as if that answered the question. “I’ll tell you why, they do not exist, that’s why.”

“You didn’t believe in ‘the one’, yet he did exist in Neo,” Morpheus said. “You failed to think peace could be achieved between us and the machines, yet we’ve had peace for almost a year now.”

“Those were different,” Zach said.

“Of course it was, we know the machines are biding their time so they can destroy us for good this time,” the woman said getting into the conversation.

“What about our working with the machines to fix the atmosphere,” Morpheus asked, wondering how they would spin that.

“So they can use it for energy, once that happens they will no longer need us anymore,” the woman said.

Morpheus glanced around the room and realized they all seemed to think the same way. It was a sad realization.

“And what if the attackers win?” Morpheus asked.

“It is highly unlikely they even know anything about us, or our existence. If they win the war they will probably move on and leave, this planet has little to offer such machines,” Zach said to him with confidence.

“Then you are dooming us all,” Morpheus said to the council.

“No, we are saving our race, and we will not allow you to interfere with the plans this time,” the woman said turning to General Turner. “Arrest Morpheus and hold him until further notice.”

Morpheus felt betrayed by what he heard, unable to realize the same people he helped free were now plotting against him. He could have resisted, but for now he would bid his time hoping someone would see things in a more rational way.

“Sorry old friend,” Turner said moving forward to lock Morpheus up.

“There will be no further talk about this,” he heard Zach say to the others as he was led away. The Council was doing everything possible to hide the truth, he only hoped things did not become worse.

End part 5

Continued in part 6

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