The Uneasy Alliance – Part 3

The Uneasy Alliance

by AJ Marks

Part 3

Morpheus walked out of the Oracle’s kitchen still a bit overwhelmed by everything he heard and what they were proposing. It was the proposal he felt unsure about considering he felt certain the Council would veto the idea right away, working with the machines.

Stopping outside the doorway he noticed Niobe looking outside the window at the city and sky the Matrix produced. They both knew what they say was not real, but it didn’t make it any less beautiful in his eyes.

“Hey,” Morpheus said stepping up behind her.

“You know, I know in my mind this isn’t real, but I can’t help but marvel at its beauty,” Niobe said looking out the window at the distant mountains which were covered in snow. Morpheus looked at it knowing the only place he would see such views was here, and probably wouldn’t be seen outside the Matrix for decades to come.

“It’s a strange universe,” the Oracle said behind them. “We’ve developed a need upon humans to survive, and you need us to survive on this world.”

Morpheus watched as Niobe thought about that comment and knew she wanted to protest. Without machines they wouldn’t be able to survive, even at Zion, they had many machines working to provide everything from power to helping grow food, though nowhere as complex as the machines in the Matrix.

“So, did you find out what’s going on and what happened, cause I know something is going on,” Niobe said indicating she saw the same thing he had, the reset of the Matrix before pointing at Seraph. “And he won’t tell me anything.”

“I did, and the answer to one leads to the answer of the other, but first I need to speak with the council,” Morpheus replied picking up his phone and calling Link. He knew going to the council would be an admission of guilt of breaking the treaty, at least in the council’s eyes, he only hoped what he discovered changed their minds enough.

Niobe said nothing as Link answered.

“Link, we’re ready to leave, nearest exit,” Morpheus said.


Deux Ex Machina looked on with a glimmer of hope that the human called Morpheus had entered the Martix and left with the knowledge the Oracle had given him. The Oracle indicated she was unsure if the humans would help or not, Morpheus would do anything he could to help out and Deux Ex hoped he would.

For now it gave thoughts to how to better protect their buildings and he Matrix from the new attackers. It knew the machines had not disappeared, and probably were regrouping right now.  Even as it looked on a new warning came from the defense system.

It looked up at the sky waiting and watching as the largest force yet had come down through the clouds heading towards the human fields. Even as it watched, alarms sounded and sentinels rushed forth to engage the attackers.  As it watched it thought of a new idea for the defenses as it analyzed the pattern of attack and sent out the signal for new construction to begin.

The attackers were dealt with efficiently as usual, but the attackers were deadly in their aim and where to concentrate the attack. The machines were unlike anything they had encountered from humans, or what the machines had ever build.

Even as it watched the power grid dipped slightly, if the attackers kept this up defeat was certain. In order to win the battle must be taken to the attackers, playing defense was a way for certain defeat for sure.  There was too much at stake to be defeated this time, and it had the feeling if they fell so would the humans.


Morpheus exited the Matrix, opening his eyes to a familiar sight of the interior of the Hammer. Looking over he watched as Niobe and Link looked on waiting for what he had to say, Link looking at him then back to the screen and back to him.  Morpheus knew Link saw something on his screen when the Matrix reset.

“Morpheus, what’s going on in there?” Link finally said looking back at the screen. “It’s like the Matrix decided to go crazy or something.”

Morpheus stood making his way over to see the screen as well, as they watched it went black.

“See, its doing it again,” Link said.

Even as they watched a single letter made its way down the screen, followed by a second and third, and then a few more. After a few seconds the screen seemed to be back to normal as if nothing had happened at all.

“That’s the second time the Matrix’s done that, what is it, I’ve never seen that before,” Link said looking oat Morpheus.

“A complete reset of the Matrix due to the human fields which are under attack, as are the machines. They have to reset due to the fact several thousand humans are killed in each attack so it has to reset everything including memories of those effected,” Morpheus stated turning to Niobe.  “That’s what the Matrix did while we were in there, reset because of an attack.”

He watched the news sink in that each reset indicated thousands had lost their lives. Of course such statements had other questions which he could see in their eyes even before Link spoke up again.

“They are under attack, some sort of civil war going on between two factions?” he asked Morpheus trying to gain some information.

“According to the Oracle, no, the attackers are coming from above the clouds, which causing another problem for them, they can’t rise above the clouds to find out,” Morpheus stated.

“Is that what you’re going to ask the council?” Link asked.

“Yeah, I have to. This war is already affecting us, and millions of humans even if the machines lose, it’s a losing war for us as well,” Morpheus said realizing a sudden thought as he spoke.  “Let’s go somewhere first.”

Link and Niobe watched on in a bit of shock as he made his way towards the bridge of the Hammer. He made his way into the chair and started powering up the ship while setting in a course out of Zion.


Ben made his way along one of the outer edges of the ships which had been used during the last war against the machines, the current ship he circled was the Hammer. Ben remained part of the defense force even after the machines invaded Zion a year ago, one of the few who actually survived and he owed his life to this ship and her crew.

He still could see what happened as if it was yesterday, lying on the ground about to be sliced open by a Sentinel when the Hammer crashed its way into the ground. The Sentinel had raised it ‘arms’ ready for the killing blow when the Hammer set off the EMP pulse killing the machine on top of him.

Since then the Hammer had been repaired back to its previous state, the only thing missing now was a crew. With that thought Ben was taken by surprise when the ship suddenly started up, he could only watch as the ship rose before taking off before anyone nearby could even figure out what happened it sped out of Zion.

“Who the hell is flying that ship?” Ben heard a yell come from behind him. He turned around to see the general of the defense force, General Turner, coming towards him with a very angry look on his face.

“I-I don’t know sir,” Ben managed to fumble out hoping the general wouldn’t blame him. He was also present during the last battle with the machines and privately been grateful when the Hammer smashed its way into Zion releasing its EMP pulse.

“Well, there is definitely going to be hell to pay for this one, that’s for sure,” Turner said. “The council is going to have a fit when they hear about this.”

Ben felt relieved at the moment he wasn’t in trouble, but with the council involved anything could happen lately. It seemed like to many since peace had been achieved the council had been acting strangely.

“Ben, let me know the moment it returns, if it does at all,” Turner ordered.

“Yes sir,” Ben replied, watching as Turner walked off.


Morpheus piloted the Hammer out of Zion knowing he had broken another rule of the treaty but he had to be positive about what was going on if he was to go to the council. The only way he knew to find out what was going on was going up to the surface to see for himself.  He would take all the blame for taking Link and Niobe, never giving them a chance to get off before he took off, hoping the council would be easy on them.

He steered the Hammer around debris before taking another tunnel which he hoped was still open back up to the surface, a place anyone had rarely been. It was a few minutes after they left Zion before either Link or Niobe spoke up.

“Ah, dear, where are you taking us?” Niobe finally asked, her voice full of curiosity.

“I need to see for myself,” Morpheus said, taking a look over at Link and Niobe. “If what the Oracle said is true, there should be evidence on the surface.”

Niobe sat down in the seat next to him as Lin remained standing, looking out the front window at where they were going.

“I didn’t mean to take you two along, it was something I suddenly thought of, couldn’t risk you two being caught exiting the ship,” Morpheus stated.

They remained silent, each absorbed in their own thoughts as the surface closed in. Morpheus had no idea what type of reception they would receive upon reaching the surface, but hoped the machines would not attack him on sight.  Usually any visiting would be done covertly, not so blatantly.  The last time he visited the surface it was full of harvesters and power surged everywhere.

“The Oracle never lied to us before, why would she begin now?” Niobe asked, finally breaking the silence. Sure the Oracle was a program in the Matrix but she had always been truthful with them despite the role she played in ‘resetting’ the Matrix so many times.  She had helped them out quite a bit as well.

Morpheus had no answer, only he had to see it to believe. He had seen a lot in his life time already, but this was something which went beyond what he ever expected.  A year ago this would be welcomed news, someone else attacking the machines, now, it threatened the peace the two side had only so recently achieved.

They finally reached the surface after some time of flying and the Hamer rose up through the hole and onto the surface of the planet as they looked around. They saw the large towers where the people in the Matrix were kept, electricity sourced all around as caretakers hovered around taking care of everyone.

Morpheus scanned the horizon when something caught his attention. “There,” he said pointing to a spot in the sky not too far away.  It appeared as if a battle was going on.  “Link, record this,” he said not looking away and hoping Link could carry out the order.

Saucer shaped ships flew around shooing blue bolts of something, or lasers, at the machines even as Sentinels went about ripping them apart. Even as Morpheus watched he understood why the machines were asking for help, the attackers seemed to be headed right for the towers and anything else which might house humans.

“Not sure I like this Morpheus,” Link finally said. “Who are they?”

“No idea,” Morpheus replied watching as an attacking ship crashed right in front of them, they could make out what seemed to be a cockpit in front of them.

Even as they watched in shock the ship was broken apart from the inside as a strange looking humanoid robot emerged. It was all black with a strange red eye which went back and forth, and reminded Morpheus of some armored gladiator from the Roman times.  The only disturbing part was it was headed towards them.

“Link, weapons,” Morpheus said, standing up as they both grabbed a weapon and headed outside to confront the machine coming towards them.

As soon as the robot caught sight of them it reached for a weapon holstered by its side and opened fire. Link and Morpheus ducked as impacts of the weapon sent a shower of sparks around them.  Neither of them had ever seen such firepower before as the weapon fire impacted the hull of the Hammer.

“Fire,” Morpheus replied, come out of his cover and opened fire, a steady stream of bullets left his weapon as Link joined in, putting what should be deadly force upon the robot. It staggered back upon the onslaught of impacts.

“This isn’t good,” Link yelled over as they continued to fire on the robot which seemed to take the damage in stride and not stop its assault.

Morpheus silently agreed, they were up against an unknown which had some strong armor, something they had never encountered before. Finally the robot’s armor could absorb no more and in a shower of sparks went down and stopped moving.

Both men kept their weapons trained on the robot for several heartbeats as they calmed down a bit. Morpheus cautiously made his way over to where it lay, noticing the single red eye was gone, and hoped it was safe to examine the robot.

“Link, let’s get it on board, perhaps showing the council this will help, and hopefully learn something about its armor and weapons,” Morpheus said picking up the robots weapons and examining it. He wondered what type of ammo it used.

Ten minutes later, and a lot of grunt work they managed to get the robot into the Hammer. Morpheus looked up seeing the battle was long over, and robots were racing round repairing damage to structures and he wondered how many lives had been lost this time.

Within minutes the Hammer was headed back to Zion and all Morpheus could do was hope the Council would listen.

End part 3

Continued in part 4

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