Welcome to AJ’s Sci Fi Stories

Welcome to my personal collection of stories.

I write both original stories, usually sci-fi but there are some fantasy stories coming, and fanfiction.  Fanfiction stories are a mix, but mostly Battlestar Galactica, the original one with the tin cans, and Xena which includes both Xena and what is consider uber-Xena.

I do write some crossovers as well, and some contain girl-girl romance, especially the Xena and Xena-uber stories.

Currently uploading for now is the new Buck Rogers story.

Coming up in the future:

The Ring of Salvation (BSG/Stargate SG-1 Crossover)

Return to Tython (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

All of these stories are complete and awaiting uploading.  Working on a Battlestar Galactica/Matrix crossover, an original fantasy world, another Star Wars: The Old Republic story which follows Zaxx in her quest to become a sith lord, separate from the Sith Warrior and Sith Inq. in the game, the last part of the Cimalian Princess and an original version of Battlestar Argo.

Take a look around, updates occur every Wednesday and Saturday. Also check out my cat site, www.kittylaughs.com for a chuckle, updated every day.


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