The Chu’unthor Incident – Part 1

The Chu’unthor Incident

by AJ Marks

Disclaimers: This story involves two women who look like Xena and Gabrielle who I don’t own. This story takes place in the Star Wars universe and I have borrowed Yoda from George Lucas.

Subtext: Yes these two women love each other and are soul mates, no graphic sex scenes.

The Chu’unthor: It is a Jedi training ship for those who are not familiar with the Star Wars universe. I was not able to find a date for when it was built as I found conflicting dates. So I’m using it anyway.

This takes place shortly after Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara, and Master Lighter you might want to read that first.

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Part 1

A mysterious figure made its way down to the communications room. It was quite as most of the Jedi were away or still sleeping. There were a few around, but they would not bother him. He opened the door to the room and slipped inside when he saw that no one was inside. He sat down at one of the consoles and typed several commands and waited.

“Report?” A cold voice said over the communications speaker and there was no holo to go with it.

“The senator from Sissis has requested that the Jedi become involved in his planet’s problems, they are close to civil war.” The man replied back. “What are my orders?”

“Sabotage the mission is you can, if you cannot do not worry about it. Above all do not reveal us, or you will die.” The man said signing off leaving the man to figure out how he could foil a mission that he was not a part of.

He exited the screen and wiped the memory of what had happened. He exited the room and walked back like nothing had happened, even though his mind was running with questions.


Bri Lighter made her way down the corridor on her way to the Jedi Council. It had been a day since she had been made a Jedi Master, and she figured that the day off was so that she could recuperate from the party that they had thrown her. Who said that Jedi did not know how to party? People forgot that Jedi are just like normal people in that they like to have a good time as well. Xara had left early with energy to spare after last nights and this mornings lovemaking. Bri was just worn out and Xara told her that she was going to the training area. So Bri had to answer the communicator that summoned her to the council.

She walked in seeing the familiar faces of Aqat, Janson and her mentor Yoda. It had come as no surprise that her teacher was on the Jedi Council. Bri walked calmly into the center of the room ad bowed her head in respect of the council members.

“Good morning Master Bri, I trust you had a nice day yesterday.” Janson said seeing Bri nod her head and a slight flush dusting her cheeks and he guessed correctly what she had been doing. “I have been asked by the Prime Minister of the Republic and the representative of Sissis for help in resolving their dispute. I am sending Master Yoda and his padawan Markus there, but we also would like for you to go as well. I realize that Xara does not have much skill in handling diplomatic negotiations, but her insight might help Yoda and you in your mission.”

Bri looked over to where Yoda sat. “Need you I might. Sissis is close to civil war. All the help I can get I will accept.” Yoda told her.

Sissis, the name rung a familiar chord in her. Where had she heard it before, then it struck her? They produced some of the finest food in the universe, if civil war broke out it might disrupt food supplies all over the universe.

“We’ll go Master Yoda. It will be an honor to be by your side again.” Bri said truthfully.

“Honor will be mine.” Yoda replied feeling a bit better about the mission now that Bri was on board.

“The Chu’unthor will be going that way, shall I tell them to prepare for two additional passengers?” Aqat asked Bri.

The Chu’umber? Bri thought to herself. She had not been on board the Jedi training ship in almost ten years. She glanced over at Yoda and knew that he was taking the ship over there. It would be wise to go with him, that way they could talk about the mission. “Yes, thank you Master Aqat.” Bri told him.

“Very good, I’ll let them know. The captain told me that he wishes to leave in four hours.” Aqat told Bri who nodded her head and then walked out of the room to find her soulmate.

Bri walked down the hallway of the Jedi Temple looking for her soulmate. She knew that the tall dark-haired, blue-eyed woman was around the training area.

She spotted her working with a Jedi Trainer working on fencing skills with their lightsabers. Xara’s red lightsaber had come as a shock to many trainers and she had been questioned as to how she received it. Xara had told them that it had been a gift from a former boss for her excellent work. They seemed to buy that answer and Xara expressed an interest in learning how to use it properly, and the trainers had taught her to use one without the force.

Bri watched a bit as Xara went through the exercises that he put her through. When she was done Bri was impressed by the amount of improvement that Xara was showing. Bri had watched Xara work admiring Xara’s body as she went through the exercise. Bri had to mentally slap herself as she in case anyone else was watching.

Xara finished and mentioned her thanks to the instructor. The instructor mentioned that she was getting the hand of the basics quicker than he had imagined. Then left the room after giving Bri a quick bow.

That was something that Bri had to get used to. She had just been promoted to the rank of Jedi Master, something that she had never thought would happen to her because she had refused to take on a padawan. The council had made an exception for her for her work on a recent mission that had threatened to crumble the Republic.

“Hey Bri, what ya doing?” Xara asked as she toweled off from her exercise.

Bri looked at the blue eyes of Xara and felt like she could get lost in them until she realized that if she did not stop it she would not get around to telling Xara why she was there.

“The council has asked if we accompany Master Yoda and his padawan Markus aboard the Chu’unthor to Sissis.” Bri said mentioning the Jedi starship that was for training and movement of large numbers of Jedi.

“The Chu’umber?” Xara repeated having just heard about the ship in passing. It was supposed to be one of the oldest ships in the universe with a lot of wisdom on board. It had may items from the old planet of Ossus that was said to be where the origins of the Jedi came from, along with many other traditions that the Sith used as well.

“Yes the Chu’umber.” Bri replied. “The council felt that we might be able to help out on Sissis. There are rumors of a civil war brewing on the planet. The council wanted its two best negotiators there. It also doesn’t hurt that we are Jedi Masters and they also felt that your skill would be very useful in case the negotiating fails.”

“So the council is taking my skills seriously.” Xara said with interest. She wondered how long it would take before they started to use her skills. When it came to the Force, Bri was a master at it, and Xara was learning how to control it better. However they both agreed when it came to finding someone, of something Xara had an unnatural skill for it.

“Yes, I think that they would have been foolish not to.” Bri replied.

“Hmm, Sissis, isn’t that the planet that supplies a large percentage of Cusit?” Xara said mentioning one of the most delicious meats in the universe.

“Yes, they do, and a large percentage of other foods. If they are allowed to go into civil way it could disrupt the food supplies all over the universe causing massive price raises.” Bri said.

“Well then, what time do we leave?” Xara asked putting an arm around the smaller Jedi.

“After you take a shower.” Bri replied pushing Xara away.

“All right, I get the picture.” Xara said with a chuckle as she put her arm around Bri again just to watch her nose scrunch up again. She laughed and walked away to their quarters with a bit of swagger in her steps.

‘Well, at least she’s in a good mood about all of this, we might end up with separate quarters.’ Bri thought, then remember who was getting her a place to stay on the Chu’unthor. Aqat would try his best to give them one room.

Bri walked off after her soulmate wondering if she could catch her in the shower. The thought almost made her run off, but she managed to remain calm and walked the rest of the way to her quarters.


The man listened in to all of the conversations going on around him trying to find out who was going on the mission to Sissis, and how they were traveling. He was about to give up when some chatty young Jedi sat down behind him.

“Did you hear, Master Bri is going on the Sissis mission?” One said as the others began talking about Bri. The conversation shifted to how Bri was one of the youngest, if not the youngest Jedi Master ever. Some people were looking it up in the archives to find out.

‘Bri’s a Jedi Master, when did that happen?” The man thought and almost missed the next comment.

“She and Xara are going to Sissis on the Chu’unthor.” Another one said. There were several excited comments about the ship, something everyone wanted to be aboard at least for a short while. Some of the best trainers were on the ship.

The man realized that he now had a way to sabotage the mission, and perhaps get back at someone. He chuckled to himself and left the room to put his plan in action.


Xara was finishing putting her things in her bag. She had put in everything that she thought that she might need. Playing the role of a bounty hunter she was allowed more things than others were. Several weapons, and other investigation tools were already packed.

She watched as Bri exited the bathroom wrapped only in a towel as she strode over to her clothes. Xara had been happily surprised when Bri had joined her in the shower, and it had ended up taking longer than she had thought. Now as she watched Bri pack only clad in the towel.

“I hope that you plan on changing.” Xara said from where she was admiring the view.

“Oh, I don’t know, what do you think?” Bri said with a twirl in which the towel suddenly fell off.

“Well, I think that it would defiantly get their attention, just the wrong type, and then I would have to defend your honor. I think killing anyone on this mission would defeat the purpose.” Xara said walking up to the now naked woman.

“It might cause a distraction?” She said with a slight wiggle.

“Oh yeah.” Xara said staring at Bri’s body. “But for the wrong person that’s for sure.” Xara replied forcing herself to back off. Grabbing Bri’s clothes she tossed at Bri who caught them.

“What do you think, no underwear?” She said with a grin as she put on her pants.

“You’re trying to kill me.” Xara said turning around and throwing her hands up and going back to her packing.

Bri just smiled as she continued to dress. She loved the way Xara responded to her teases, and it usually led to some wonder lovemaking she had found out. The more she teased the more creative Xara could get in her ‘revenge’ against her.


An hour later Bri and Xara waited as the shuttle docked with the orbiting Chu’unthor. Xara could see that the ship was huge, over two kilometers long (about one and a quarter mile) and a kilometer wide. The ship was just huge and she had heard that it could hold almost ten thousand people. It usually never held that many, most were coming and going so much that it was amazing that they knew who was still aboard the ship at all.

Xara took a step off the shuttle onto the deck of the Chu’unthor and was amazed at the size of the ship. The landing bay was bigger than any other ship that she had been aboard. Her travels had allowed her to travel quite a bit. The size gave an impression that one was not on board a starship, but on the surface of a planet.

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Bri said grabbing Xara’s hand and dragging the woman towards the exit of the hanger. “That is if I can remember my way around.” She said under her breath.

“What about out luggage.” Xara said with a glance back at the shuttle.

“Don’t worry, they’ll take it to our quarters, that’s what the tag was for.” Bri said anxious to show Bri around the ship.

“Alright, lead on O tour guide.” Xara said allowing herself to dragged away by the younger woman. The corridors were very large for a ship. She doubted that she could reach the ceiling. It was also wider than most ships giving an illusion of space even though they were on a ship with limited space.

Bri led Xara down a couple of corridors, the size did not vary and she eventually stopped and looked around a bit. “Its around here somewhere?” She mumbled to herself and Xara had to chuckle. Bri was lost already.

“I’m not lost!” Bri said with a quick glare at the taller dark hair beauty.

“I did say anything.” Xara said with a grin holding her hand up and trying to put on an innocent face. Bri just glared at her for a second before spotting another Jedi walking around the corner.

“Excuse me?” Bri said politely gaining the person’s attention. “Isn’t the Ossus Museum around here somewhere?”

“No, other side of she ship Master Bri.” The Jedi replied not wondering about the laughing taller woman and the glare that Bri gave her, which only caused the woman to laugh harder.

“Laugh it up fuzz ball.” Bri said turning to face Xara. “See who’ll be getting it later.” She muttered under her breath just loud enough so that Xara could hear her. Xara calmed down a bit but still had a smirk on her face as Bri got instructions from the other Jedi. She figured that he was Calamari and was probably a Jedi Knight. He seemed to be enthralled with Bri like she was a celebrity, and she probably was. One of the youngest Jedi Masters ever had to earn you a bit of status. It could go to some people’s head, but she did not think that would happen to Bri, she was too focused on her mission and her heart did not allow her to take advantage of her status.

A few minutes later they found themselves outside a large museum. Bri led her inside where there were artifacts of various sorts form the early days of the Jedi Order. There were even artifacts of early Sith designs and Force sensitive artifacts. Greeting people there was a large statue of the Jedi Master Hoth who had lead his Army of Light against the Army of Darkness, one of the last major engagements between the Jedi and the Sith. The Sith had focused their energy and destroyed the Army of Light along with themselves.

Xara could remember reading about the feat from her Sith Masters. It was considered both a failure and a triumph. They failed because they had to use that tactic, and it was a success in that it taught a lesson to get the job done no matter the cost.

“Lord Hoth is considered one of the greatest Jedi ever.” Bri said standing next to Xara.

“He was a great Jedi, and a great leader.” Xara said recalling form her readings about the man.

“I guess you’ve had the history from the other side.” Bri whispered so that no else could hear.

“Yes, but they are just fooling themselves. There will always be someone like him waiting to stop the Sith.” Xara said. “The only way for the Sith to win is to exterminate all of the Jedi at once and I think that the strongest survive allowing them to retaliate.”

“Perhaps you can tell me about some of the artifacts.” Bri said leading her further into the room. Xara noticed a few Sith inscriptions and drawings of several Sith architecture that was supposed to increase their power. Xara had to laugh a bit. What increased their power was the meditation they did, not the structure. The structure only gave a person a boost.

They passed one artifact that was known to have Sith powers. As Xara passed she felt the stone reach out to her trying to draw her into its seductive power. She faltered a bit as the stoned reached out to her with its dark power.

Xara did not know how long she stood there until she felt the Dark Side vanish as if it had been brushed aside like it was nothing as Bri put her hand around her waist. The Dark Side stood no chance with her soulmate standing so close to her.

“I can’t believe that you have that here?” Xara said. “Its full of the Dark Side.” Xara hesitated as she looked at Bri. “You don’t feel it do you?” She asked seeing Bri shake her head no. “Interesting.” She studied it a bit closer and noticed a small Sith inscription. “Of course, it only affects those who have been influenced by the Dark Side before. Seeing how most Jedi avoid the Dark Side it would have no effect on them.”

Bri watched as Xara’s head hung down a bit at the thought. She did not believe that Xara was still controlled by the Dark Side. She was about to tell her that when another thought came to her.

“Hey come on, there’s an artifact over here that I want you to see.” She said leading her away from the Sith exhibit. She ended up next to a small ball that had no markings on it, and looked quite normal until Bri told her to hold out her hand.

Xara hesitated for a second before reaching her hand out to the sphere. It began to ebb with power that she could feel. There was goodness in it that she had never felt before and she pulled back.

“So, this one is the opposite of the stone we just saw?” Xara asked looking at her hand.

“No, what did you feel?” Bri questioned lightly, even though she was a bit nervous about Xara’s answer.

“It felt like goodness to me.” Xara said looking over to Bri who had a silly grin on her face.

“Its a Force mirror, it will only reflect what’s inside you.” Bri told her giving a stunned Xara a delighted hug as she reached out to the mirror to feel what she had. She was a bit stunned by the power that was reflected back at her. The last time she had done it she had been almost fifteen, which was some time ago.

“It seems that you’re quite a powerful Jedi if that reflection is correct.” Xara said feeling what Bri was feeling through their connection.

“You can feel that?” Bri replied her voice tainted with wonder.

“This close to you, I feel it all, and I know that you can as well.” Xara said watching as Bri nodded her head in agreement. She was still getting used to the idea of reading someone’s emotions without trying. Unlike the Force it was not something she could just turn off at a whim.

Her stomach growled letting them know its displeasure of not being fed and Xara chuckled “Come on my Jedi, let’s get you something to eat.” Xara said as they left the museum.


“How long will the trip to Sissis take?” Xara asked not sure about how fast the ship was when it traveled in hyperspace.

“It will take us about two days.” Bri replied having asked Yoda that same question earlier in the day. “We have a couple of stops to make on the way there. “I think that we are picking up additional Jedi Knights just in case war does come.” Bri said not mentioning that there were only a few Jedi Masters on board the ship, and they would be the generals of the Jedi army if it came down to that.

“That would make you one of the head generals of this army.” Xara stated, “Seeing how you are already actively involved already.”

“Yes, but I hope that it doesn’t come to that.” Bri replied. She had ever really wanted to lead anyone into battle.

“With both you and Yoda, I think that there is a good chance that war will not come.” Xara said putting belief into Bri seeing her confidence go up with the compliment. “Come on, let’s go find out quarters, and see if we can keep from getting lost again?” Xara said with a smirk as they had gotten lost trying to find the cafeteria as well.


Xara made her way down the corridor of the ship still a bit amazed at the size of the ship. It did not feel like a person was on a ship, but in some building on a planet. The only difference being that you could not exit this building very easily. Bri had not gotten lost on their way to their quarters even though Bri had glared at Xara the entire way. When they arrived at their quarters Bri had just stuck out her tongue and walked inside.

Xara walked past a couple of training rooms. Taking a peek inside she noticed that the ceilings were domed and clear so that a person could look outside. It gave an illusion that the room was even bigger than normal and broke up a normal ship’s design. She had gone out walking to see if she could find her own way around the ship and had found a map of the ship that was given to first timers on board the ship.

She had made her way back to the museum and the cafeteria and was not looking for the closest training room and meditation rooms. Walking by another room she noted that it was a meditation room. She opened the door quietly so as not to disturb anyone who was in the room. She poked her head into the room and noticed that Master Yoda was in the room.

“Xara, so good to see you.” Yoda exclaimed when he saw her in the doorway. “Come in.” He invited her.

“I’m not disturbing you?” She asked as she came into the room.

“No, not at all.” Yoda replied as he watched Xara walk over to an empty cushion and sit down on it. “What brings you here?” He asked briefly wondering if something was wrong.

“Ah, Bri kicked me out.” Xara said with a grin taking any worries that Yoda would have had about the comment away.

“What happened?” Yoda asked as he looked at her.

“Teased her once to much about knowing her way around the ship.” Xara said and watched as Yoda smiled as well.

“Still gets lost does she?” Yoda said seeing Xara nod her head. “Never able to figure out the ship she was.”

“She still can’t, that’s why I’m trying to find my own way around.” Xara said holding up the map of the ship.

“Yes, keep it with you.” Yoda said knowing how confusing the ship was. He had finally gotten to know his way around only after spending some time on board the ship.

“Where’s Markus?” Xara asked looking around.

“Practicing his lightsaber skills.” Yoda replied. “Seems someone impressed him.” He continued looking right at Xara.

“I see.” Xara said not saying anything else about her skills. “He really should learn from Bri, she is very good.”

“Yes, one of the best I’ve ever seen.” Yoda replied having seen her skills as well and knowing that she had natural abilities. “What about you?” Yoda asked.

“Against Bri, I don’t know. I think that our connection doesn’t allow us to really fight each other.” Xara said watching Yoda’s reaction. He did not say too much, instead sat there listening intently. “In Otto Julies’ house I did attack her, and I found that I had not attacked with any strength even before I knew who she was.” Xara sat back thinking about that morning. “As I think about it now I remember feeling something before I entered the house. Funny, it was something that I never thought about until now, but now that I think about it, it was Bri I felt as I entered the house. I just did not know what it was at the time.”

“And Bri can also feel you?” Yoda asked getting more information about soulmates then he ever had before.

“Yes, if we are standing close to each other we can even feel what the other person is thinking about.” Xara said. “It is something that we are having to get used to. Neither one of use is used to having someone else read us so well.”

“Interesting. Adjusting you are?” Yoda asked never having felt anything like that.

“Yes, it’s a slow adjustment for us, but we’re getting there.” Xara replied glancing around the room. It had several chairs and a couple of games in the corner, which she felt, was a bit odd.

“Play chess much do you?” Yoda asked as she eyed the game.

“Here and there. I’ve learned to play but never really had the opportunity to just play without any at stake.” Xara said remembering most of her games had been used to study her opponent and how they would react.

“Care for a game do you?” Yoda asked and pulled the game forward when Xara nodded her head. It had been a while since Yoda had played, and most of his padawans did not like to play against him.

They both began the game a bit cautiously testing out the other’s skill in the game. It did not take Xara long to realize that she was dealing with someone who was very good, and she realized that he was probably thinking several moves ahead of her. She altered her strategy a bit making her moves more random, and not taking obvious striking moves when she could have.

Yoda was impressed with her skill as they played. He usually could beat someone in a couple of moves, but Xara was hanging on and putting up a fight. Yoda also altered his strategy a bit in order to compensate for Xara’s style of play.

They had been at it for about an hour when Xara looked up as she felt the presence of her soulmate. “I believe we are about to receive a visitor.” Xara said to Yoda speaking for the first time since they started the game.

A few minutes later a strawberry blonde head poked into the room.

“There you are.” Bri said as she walked into the room. I figured that you would be in the training rooms, but where I didn’t find you there I figured you must have met Master Yoda in the one of the meditation rooms.” She said finishing in a rush then seeing what they were playing she just shook her head.

“Have a seat.” Xara said indicating the stool next to her. She would rather of said her own lap, but someone could have walked in, and that would have been hard to explain even with Yoda there in the room as well. “Am I still in the doghouse?” She whispered to Bri as the woman sat down.

“No, I decided to forgive you.” Bri said using her hand to brush back the bangs of Xara’s hair.

“Time for a trim.” Xara said as she allowed Bri to mess with her hair.

“Just a bit, I like the length of your hair.” Bri said running her hand through Xara long black hair.

Yoda cleared his throat to make his presence know before they starting doing anything else that they would not want him to see.

“Who’s winning?” Bri asked as she blushed a bit at having been caught in a tender moment with Xara, like a teenager caught by her father.

“He is.” Xara said as she moved a piece.

Yoda moved and Bri suggested a move to Xara.

“No fair helping.” Yoda said with a smile that made Xara wonder about the comment.

“Is she good?” Xara asked already thinking she knew the truth.

“At the game, not really.” Yoda replied as they looked at Bri.

“So what have you two been talking about?” Bri asked as she tried to change the subject.

“Your lightsaber skills and chess.” Yoda replied not saying anything about how they had been acting. He felt glad that she would feel comfortable in letting her guard down around him.

“My skills?” She replied in a bit of amazement.

“You, my Jedi, are one of the best. And anyone who can catch Force lightning with their bare hands is very skilled.” Xara said watching as Yoda glanced at Bri.

“Force lightning?” Yoda asked in a bit of shock. Very few could block or stop that type of power with their own hands. It had taken him a while to learn how to do it, as his former padawan was very skilled.

“Yes, we encountered a Force user and he was able to produce the lightning. Bri was able to block it, shocked the man I think his heart almost stopped.” Xara said with a smile as Bri just looked down.

“Few Jedi Masters can do that. We were right in making you a Jedi Master, your skills are quite impressive and yet your heart has remained the same. It is your real strength.” Yoda told her.

“I know, that’s where it came from.” Bri replied looking at Xara.

“Well, I’m going to finish my tour of the ship.” Xara said holding up the map she had in her hands. “Perhaps we can finish at another time?” She asked Yoda who just nodded his head in agreement.

“Tired of getting lost are we?” Bri asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry, I still love you.” Xara said then gave the smaller woman a kiss then walked out leaving the stunned woman still sitting on the cushion.

Yoda just closed his eyes and began to meditate like he had seen nothing, but could feel the emotions pouring out of Bri. She sat there for a few more minutes before she got up and walked out of the room leaving Yoda by himself.


Xara walked around a bit following the map that she had been given by one of the crew. He had told her that it was easy to get lost on the ship; the only good thing was no matter how big a ship was it was still a confined area. Xara had to agree with the crewmember on that comment. So far she had found her way around quite easily with the help of the map.

She made her way past a couple of other training rooms and peaked inside to see what was going on. In one she saw Markus training diligently with the trainer to improve his skills. Xara figured from what Yoda had told her she made him realize that there are others that are stronger than you. When that happened you had to fall back on you intelligence and training to win.

Xara knew that her abilities with a lightsaber were almost all-natural skill. Ever since she had first picked up the weapon it had felt right in her hands. With the proper training she might even rival Bri with her skills, and she realized now that a person always continued to refine and hone the skills. She would have to do some more training in case someone from her past caught up with her.

Xara realized that she probably had several enemies still out there, and that sooner or later one would meet up with her. She also was not positive that the Sith had given up on her. It would be just like them to try to gain her back. She decided not to dwell on that thought, and if they came for her then she would deal with it.

After walking around a bit she felt like she knew her way around the large ship well enough to know if Bri was going the wrong way or not. She would not tell Bri that she had gotten mixed up and ended up in the engine room once. A crewmember had to give her instructions on how to get back out. She had thanked the man and walked back the way he had told her. What she did not see was a pair of eyes that had noticed her coming out of the engine room and the smile that matched the cold eyes.

Xara looked down and realized that it was close to dinnertime and that she should meet up with Bri. She would probably be hungry and she did not want to worry the Jedi about where she had been.

She was walking down the corridor when suddenly she was thrown to the deck by a violent explosion. She quickly checked herself and found that she just had a small cut on her forehead when she had hit the doorframe. It was not bleeding badly but she instantly became worried about Bri. There were alarms going off all over the place and both Jedi and crewmembers were rushing around. Several passed Xara but did not recognize any of them.

She stopped one of them to ask what had happened. The Jedi replied that he did not know, but the rumor was that the engines had been damaged in an explosion. Just then another explosion occurred rocking the ship as the two were thrown to the deck. Both got up and were glad to see that they were unharmed. Xara quickly asked if he knew anything about Bri. He replied that he did not and continued on his way.

Xara headed towards the medical lab to see if there was anything that she could do to help. Arriving at the lab she arrived before any of the wounded could arrive and she asked what had happened. She received the same story that it appeared that the engines had been damaged and they had dropped out of hyperspace.

She turned around and noticed that the first of the wounded began to trickle into the lab. Xara made herself available to the doctor who told her to help bring in the wounded and make them comfortable. She went and took the first man and led him over to a waiting area and gave a quick scan of his injuries. She noticed that he was the same one who had directed him out of the engine room earlier. He looked like he had been near the explosion, yet shielded a bit. Her mind already going over what could have happened to him.

She was about to ask him when she heard a voice behind her.

“That’s her, she’s the one who sabotaged the engines. I saw her walk out of the engine room just before it exploded.” Xara heard the voice and realized who it was, Cal.

“Arrest her.” He practically screamed as a couple of guards came up. Xara realized that for Bri’s sake she would go quietly with the guards to not cause a scene.

End Part 1

Continued in part 2

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