Black Alpha One – Part 5

Black Alpha One

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Jack made his way into the command room, summoned by the captain on duty which mentioned receiving the code Black Alpha Ten. His mind was already racing about what he would have to do next, including speak with the president over this, and with such contact he knew things would be different, as people would be informed of what really happened ten years ago.

He looked around seeing a lot of unexpected activity. People were racing around and he heard orders of ships being moved along with people talking that leaves were canceled and frowned.  He looked over finding the captain wondering what happened.

“Admiral, thank goodness you’re here,” the captain said. “We received the following from Admiral Anders and the Seydlitz, code Black Alpha One

Everything made sense now, the leaves, ship movement, and the activity. Code Black Alpha One meant they were under attack by the Cylons.  Protocols were automatically set up in case of such an emergency including an additional two battlegroups to head into the zone.

“What ships are prepping?” Jack asked trying to get up to speed.

“The Bismarck and Ark Royal battle groups, currently taking on supplies and their captains are being informed of what information we have,” the captain replied.

“Very good, and the President?” Jack asked, knowing that the code would involve her as well, as with many other areas of the government. The public would be informed as well and she would need to know, and probably be in charge of releasing that information.

“Scheduled in meetings,” the captain replied after looking at her schedule.

Jack looked over the maps to see where the location of the Seydlitz and Kiev were at the moment. They were still a good distance from Earth, something to be thankful for.  They had some time to prepare for war.

“Begin Operation Nevada, and put us at Defcon 2,” he said looking up at the captain. Nevada would bring several bases within the Black Zone on-line and the defcon system was a holdover from the old US military.  All stations would be manned and everyone would be ready to defend themselves against a Cylon attack.  “Call a meeting for all battlestar captains here at HQ for twenty-one hundred.”

“Yes sir,” he heard someone reply to the order.

“And someone put on a fresh pot of coffee, it’s going to be a long night,” Jack said trying to fit in a meeting with the President.


“Report Centurion,” the base commander stated looking for an update on how the battle was going. Hopefully the defenses of the Colonials had been broken.

“Our raiders have encountered an unusually large number of modified vipers,” the centurion replied back to him, something the commander had not expected to hear.

“Modified?” it asked wanting an explanation.

“Our raider pilots are stating they have slight improvements,’ the centurion answered.

“How many?” the commander asked wanting to know. This wasn’t in its calculations and it wondered how it could have miscalculated so badly, even with the Pegasus they shouldn’t be outnumbered so much.

“At least two battlestars,” the reply came back. The numbers shocked him, the Galactica was carrying more than normal, and now this group.  How did they have so many vipers?  It was illogical.

“Our raiders are being overwhelmed, if they are not reinforced they will be destroyed,” the centurion replied back to him.

“The next wave, are they ready?” the commander asked.

“Still refueling, but they took heavy losses in the battle,” the centurion replied back.

The commander paused wondering when the advantage in the battle had shifted again them. The numbers of vipers should be impossible but realized the situation.  If the Vipers got through to the basestasrs they could cause major damage, perhaps even destroying them.

“There is another report, the raider pilots mention an incoming Colonial war fleet on their scanners,” the centurion said.

“What?” the commander asked. This development was the worst he could imagine, and the bigger question became where would such a fleet have come from?  “How many ships?”

“They say up to twelve warships,” the centurion said.

“Make preparations to retreat at once,” the basestar commander said watching as the centurion turned to carry out its order.

The idea of a Colonial battle fleet did not make any sense. Where would such a fleet come from considering the Colonial fleet had been destroyed?


Adama looked down at the scanners frowning when the next wave of raiders railed to appear. Had they damaged their opponent so badly they could only use two waves?  He also wondered how many basestars he was dealing against.

“Anything on the long range scans?” he asked, worried he might have missed something, like an attack from behind them.

“Nothing on the scanners commander, wait, basestar appearing on the edge of our detection range,” Athena replied before pausing again and waiting a second. “No, now reading three basestars.”

Adama paused and looked down at where the raiders were engaged with the raiders and knew that two waves did not make up the compliment of the three basestars. He was outnumbered and yet he knew he had to give confidence to the others they might survive this battle.  Morale was strange thing.

“Commander, three on one?” Tigh whispered what he had been thinking. They both understood what happened last time a battlestar took on three basestars, the Pegasus had yet to return and presumed destroyed.

“I know Tigh,” Adama finally said, interrupting any further thoughts.

“I don’t get it,” Athena finally said interrupting their conversation.

“What?” Adama asked, wondering what his daughter had thought of.

“They have three basestars, and they were alternating their waves, yet the next wave has yet to be launched,” Athena said, something Adama himself had been thinking.

Adama knew they might not have much time before the Cylons launched the next wave. They had kept their vipers out there using up fuel and ammo.  They either had something lese planed or they abandoned the tactic.

“Pull red squadron back for refueling, have silver spar cover,” Adama stated, watching as the crew went to work giving the orders. This change in tactics disturbed him though.  He wanted to know what else was going on, not that he had many options.

“Sir, we have something strange on the long range scanners,” Omega said, his voice hesitating making Adama look over at the scanner as well to see for himself. He looked down, then up and back down wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

“By the lords of Kobal, what is going on out there?” he said more to himself than anyone else. On the scanner he could see another battle going on.

“Combat computer is identifying the ships as raiders and vipers,” Omega said.

Adama paused upon hearing that as he furiously tried to think about another Colonial fleet out there. If there was, it would be one of the greatest days in a long time.  He glanced over at Tigh who appeared as baffled about the situation as he was.

“The Pegasus?” he asked, bringing up the only thing which made any sense.

“I don’t know,” Adama finally replied, but if anyone could bring help at the right time, it was Cain.


“Admiral, Cylon ships appear to be in retreat,” Otto said to Ryan looking for orders.

“Can we overtake them?” Ryan asked watching as Otto looked down for a second.

“If we go to full speed,” he finally replied.

“Do it, I don’t want them escaping,” Ryan said. He wanted to protect Earth as well, and destroying the basestars this far out would help.  The bridge crew went to work carrying out the orders as everyone got ready for battle.

“Captain, new contact, battlestar, Colombia class,” the crewmember said almost in shock at what he saw.

Ryan had expected to hear this from the moment he heard about the vipers. After all vipers were not long range craft like the battlestar, and it only thing which made sense.

“Lieutenant Conner to the bridge,” he said over the intercom despite a few people were now confused. He knew that they would be needing her unique talents unlike anyone else on the bride.  He looked at the scanners to see the fleet closing the distance on the Cylons and the Colonial battlestar off to the other side.  Were there more warships or just the one?

“We’ll be in firing range in one minute,” Otto said even as the door to the bridge opened allowing the small blonde to enter into the confusion. She looked right at Ryan.

“Very well, tell all ships to open fire the moment they’re in range,” Ryan said to Otto before looking over at Gabrielle.

“You called admiral,’ she asked, almost sounding excited unlike anyone else on the bridge. He figured she had been ready from the moment the Seydlitz went to red alert.

“A Colonial battlestar has been discovered on the scanners,” he said to her, watching as her eyes sparkled at the knowledge she would be challenged in a way no one else here would understand. She also knew of the history of the event.

“Yes sir,” she said as she went to the empty console and powered up a system no one had seen, nor could they read the words on the screen. Some watched in fascination before returning to their duty.

“Close blast shields,” Otto said.

The massive armored shields closed, covering the window on the bridge, along with everywhere else on the ship. The armor in place the ship was ready for battle.

“Commence firing,” Otto said.

Ryan looked on and down at the scanner, the only way to actually tell the ship was in combat and firing. He could hear nothing from any of the weapons from his position on the ship.  An eerie feeling, and one he had no idea.

“Firing,” the weapons officer said, going to work.

Ryan looked over at Gabrielle who was looking back at him. “Ready admiral,” she said to him.

“Make contact.”


Adama watched the raiders disengage the battle fleeing back to the basestars. Even as he watched his own warriors continued on destroying as many as possible, trying to inflict as much damage as possible to the fleeing enemy.  The other battle was still going on, but his first thought was to protect the fleet of civilian ships.

“Um, commander, we have something else going on,” Athena said.

Adama once more looked down at the scanners wondering what surprise they would have for him this time. He was not surprised to see another group of ships heading straight towards the Cylon basestars, but what shocked him was the fact two of the ships were identified as battlestars.

“Tigh, what in the name of Kobol is going on?” Adama finally asked. He had to dismiss the theory of the Pegasus, especially when he spotted two battlestars instead of one.  Tigh seemed to be as confused as Adama felt at what they saw in the screen.

“Sir, incoming communications, an older alpha code, but valid,” Omega said shocking Adama. “Actually, its about fifty yahrens old.”

That intrigued Adama causing him to wonder if somehow the Cylons were laying out some large trap for him. He briefly toyed with the idea of not answering the hail, but he had to have answers to his questions.

Activating the screen he watched as it came to life and he found himself looking at a young, blonde-haired woman. He had the impression she was happy, and seemed to be slightly bouncy.

“Ah, um, hello, this is the battlestar Seydlitz to unknown battlestar, come in,” she said, her voice having an accent he could not place.

Adama froze in shock at what he saw and heard. If this was a Cylon hoax, it was very well done.  He glanced over at Tigh knowing that neither of them had heard of the name Seydlitz for a battlestar.  He glanced back down speaking to someone off screen in a language he didn’t understand before she turned back to him.

“Do you need help?” she asked.

Adama took a micron to know what his answer would be. “Yes, we could,” he replied, watching as she spoke again to someone off screen in a rapid conversation before turning back to him.

“We have engaged the three basestars, any help to prevent them from escaping is welcome, Ic an five you vectors to coordinate our attack,” she said to him.

“Very well,” Adama said, watching as a micron later the information came over. He relayed it to the helm and took the Galactica into battle.  They would have answers to their questions later.

End part 5

Continued on part 6

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