Battlestar Argo – Part 61

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 61: Battlestar Galactica

Two vipers prepared for launch. The pilots sat waiting for the permission to launch.

“Core command to viper patrol, launch when ready,” the female voice said.

Within seconds both vipers streaked out of the launch tubes forming up then headed out away from the fleet. They had to make sure that the Cylons didn’t know where they were, or if there were any more out there.

On board the battlestar, the commander waited patiently for any reports to come in about the latest information. His brow wrinkled in worry and heavy in responsibility. People were counting on him and the military. He wouldn’t fail them.


Troy and Bri flew along in patrol. The fleet had joined back together, and now more information gathering would be needed. The two of them were flying towards the Cylon fleet, to confirm the latest reports of their current direction. Commander Ares, for a second, thought the Cylons had spotted the fleet.

However the Cylons did not appear to be headed in the direction of the fleet. Troy thought the commander had an idea of what the Cylons planned. Now he had to be sure of everything. Which was the reason he and Bri were out flying a patrol.

Troy glanced over at Bri who made a quick hand signal down. Looking at the scanner he noticed what she’d seen. Unknown contacts heading towards them. Troy quickly calculated everything before making a quick decision. Gaining Bri’s attention once more they both turned towards the contacts.


“So, what do you think,” Starbuck said to his friend.

“I don’t know,” Apollo replied.

“Come on, this plan can’t fail,” Starbuck told him. He had finally ironed out everything. He couldn’t think of anything that might possible go wrong with the latest scheme.

“I’ll let you risk your pay this time,” Apollo said.

“Fine,” Starbuck replied. “I will say this, it feels good to be back in a viper once again.”

Flying the Cylon raider had been a challenge and quite an experience, but one he never wanted to experience again. The viper fit him better anyways.

Suddenly, two fast flying craft flew past them. “What the?” Starbuck exclaimed, not sure what he had just seen.

“I don’t know, they don’t show up on my scanner,” Apollo replied.

“You don’t suppose it’s John?” Starbuck asked.

“No, these ships were dark, now white,” Apollo replied.

“Iblis?” Starbuck asked. Iblis really was the last person he wanted to ever see again.

“Let’s not jump to any conclusions,” Apollo said.

Starbuck turned his viper lightly hoping to gain an identity of the ships. His scanner came to life, stating something was out there, but had a hard time locking on then disappeared.

“I say let’s head back,” Starbuck said. “They didn’t look Cylon, but I don’t want to take any chances.”

“Scanners aren’t picking anything up, maybe the Galactica’s long range scanner will,” Apollo said. The two turned around heading back to the Galactica with the information.


Adama waited as patiently as he could for Apollo and Starbuck to appear in his office. The two hadn’t been gone long when they returned in a hurry. Now the last thing he needed would be more bad news.

The two men walked into the office. Adama motioned for them to take a seat and waited for the report.

“Has the Galactica’s scanners reported anything unusual lately. Maybe a ghost scan or something,” Apollo asked.

“No, nothing,” Adama replied. He thought about all the contacts lately, everything had been planet’s or asteroids, natural occurring in space.

“We encountered something, looked dark, almost black, and, did they look familiar to you,” Apollo said. Adama watched as Starbuck thought about that for a few seconds.

“Well, now that you mention it, a bit familiar,” Starbuck replied.

“How,” Adama asked.

“Almost viper-like looking,” Apollo said.

“The Pegasus,” Starbuck asked.

“The Pegasus wouldn’t required supplies to build such a viper. What of your scanners,” Adama asked. He waited to see what they would say.

“Didn’t see them until after they passed us,” Starbuck said. “Though mine did indicate something, but couldn’t lock on or form an ID.”

“I’ll alert the bridge,” Adama said. The last thing he needed would be a unknown race like the Eastern Alliance appear.

“Commander Adama to the bridge at once,” Tigh’s voice said. The three quickly got up and left the room.


Adama walked onto the bridge wondering what had happened. He didn’t think the Cylons would’ve found them so quickly. He had just recently dropped Baltar off on a planet.

“What’s wrong,” Adama asked Tigh.

“Cylon raider on the very edge of our scanners. It was there only briefly though,” Tigh said.

“Tell the fleet to change course,” Adama said. “We’ll head,” he looked over the map of local space. He didn’t really know where to go but they still had to get further away from the Cylons. “Try this direction.”

“Yes sir,” Tigh said quickly relaying the order to the rest of the fleet.

“You know we just fought the Cylons, we don’t have the firepower to continue fighting like this,” Starbuck said.

“Nor do we have much of a choice Starbuck,” Adama replied. The Galactica still had repairs to undertake. The last thing he needed now was another battle. “Bring the fleet to alert status. Communication is only for emergencies only.”

His pilots were rested though. Supplies however would be used up quickly if they continued to fight. He knew that during the war supplies were always running out. Constant resupply from the Colonies were always needed to keep the battlestar in top fighting form.


Apollo glanced at the others in the pilot room. Their numbers had taken a hit after the last fight. Almost every pilot there had experience fighting Cylons. His and Starbuck’s encounter swept though the pilots quickly. A few asked for descriptions but he could only be vague about it.

“So I hear that you encountered something on your last patrol,” Sheba asked him.

“Yeah,” Apollo said not turning towards her. “It s been on my mind now for a while. We never saw it on the scanner.”

“Well, it this makes you feel any better Bojay and I caught up to you with the same results,” she replied.

“Yeah, but afterwards you appeared on our scanner,” Apollo said. These things were in front of us, and barely appeared on the scanner.”

“I guess that’s strange,” she replied.

The red alert sounded bringing everyone to their feet. “I guess we didn’t lose the Cylons after all.”

“Looks like it,” she replied.

The two of them quickly went to the hanger where their vipers were waiting for launch. He climbed into his viper waiting to hear what the situation was.

“Core Command to viper squadron, large Cylon raider formation approaching. Engage and destroy,” Rigel’s voice said.

Apollo glanced down noticing the direction the raiders were approaching from and number. By the number he estimated three or more basestars had converged on them. With only one battlestar the odds were not in their favor.

“Everyone, you heard her, let’s go,” Apollo said. He pressed the turbo button launching the viper out of the launch tube.


“Commander, we have a problem,” Tigh said.

Adama glanced down at the information coming in. Things didn’t look that good. The raiders were coming in from the direction the fleet had turned towards. “A trap, and I fell for it.”

“You couldn’t have known Adama,” Tigh said.

“I should’ve. People are depending on me Tigh,” Adama stated. Now a sinking feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. The fleet didn’t have much in fighting ships besides the Galactica. A few other ships held vipers as well, but that didn’t amount to much more. He had nothing left to play. Everything now came down to experience, his pilots and the crew of the Galactica against the superior numbers of the Cylons.

“Should we engage,” Tigh asked.

“No, what if that’s a diversion Tigh, if the basestars come from a different direction we’d be leaving the fleet unprotected. No, we’ll let our pilots deal with that for the moment,” Adama said.

“But our weapons might help,” Tigh said.

“And if the basestars appear behind us, then what Tigh,” Adama replied. “Our first priority is to the fleet.”

Adama said the words but he too felt the Galactica should be helping out. He’d been surprised once before, he didn’t want to be surprised again.

“Any word from the fighters of a basestar?” Adama asked. If he could find the basestar then he’d be able to make a plan.

“Nothing yet, they’ve made contact with the Cylons,” Tigh replied.

Adama understood that this would be a waiting game.


Apollo lined up another Cylon raider quickly destroying it. The laser fire seemed to becoming from everywhere at once. The Cylons seemed to be almost reckless in their attack. Perhaps they had a feeling that they had every advantage in numbers.

“I almost can’t shoot and not hit a Cylon,” Starbuck said.

“Just don’t shoot and hit one of our own,” Apollo replied.

“Don’t worry, I’m behind him at least,” Boomer’s voice said.

“Lucky me,” Starbuck’s voice replied.

Apollo glanced down looking at the scanner. So far he didn’t see any basestar nearby, or anything else that could be used to fuel the raiders.

“Starbuck, anything seem odd about this attack to you,” Apollo asked.

“Just that they appear to be fighting hard,” Starbuck replied.

“There’s no basestar nearby, or anything else for that matter,” Apollo said.

“Huh, a tanker?” Boomer asked.

“No, nothing, doesn’t make sense,” Apollo said. He lined up another Cylon quickly destroying that one as well. He watched as another viper exploded to Cylon fire. Every loss made it harder for them to maintain an effective defense.

“If you have any ideas let us know,” Starbuck said.

“Other than staying alive, not much,” Apollo replied.


“Report Lucifer,” Baltar said on board his basestar once more.

“The battle goes as planned Blatar,” Lucifer replied.

“Excellent,” Baltar said. He’d been rescued quickly by the Cylons, allowing him to plan this attack. The Cylons already had a plan in shape, he had restructured it a bit.

“Shall I tell the basestars to begin the attack,” Lucifer said.

“No, not yet,” Baltar said. “The reason for the destruction of the two basestars at Gamorey had been a couple of vipers. If they’re allowed to attack the basestars we’ll lose. We must make sure the vipers are low on fuel.”

“There is a report of strange communications. We have yet to decipher them,” Lucifer said.

“Continue with the plan,” Baltar replied, not concerned with strange communications. He figured it was an alien race, and after the battle he could worry about it.

The raiders had been launched then told to drift in space, not using fuel until the basestars were out of range. That would allow the raiders to enlarge their combat radius and maneuver the basestars somewhere else.

The only problem had been the Galactica hadn’t come out of the fleet yet. Perhaps a small faint would work.

“Send us towards the fleet. The moment the Galactica moves out retreat,” Baltar said.

“By your command Baltar,” Lucifer said.


“Commander, we’re intercepting a strange signal coming from different directions,” Omega said.

“Cylon,” Adama asked.

“Not sure, it’s something we’ve never encountered before,” Omega replied.

“Where,” Adama asked. Tigh’s voice interrupted his train of though.

“Contact, Cylon basestar just entering long range scan,” Tigh said. “Behind us.”

“Turn us towards the threat,” Adama said.

The battlestar turned leaving the fleet heading towards the basestar. With no report of a basestar where the fighters were he had to assume the basestars were in other positions. If the ships were scattered it would help the Galactica fight the Cylons. One on one gave a slight advantage to the Galactica.

“Basestar is retreating,” Tigh said.

Adama questioned this tactic. Maybe they wanted to have the Galactica burn its fuel. If they’d recovered Baltar then they would know the fleet’s supplies were carefully used.

“Any other basestars,” Adama asked.

“Yes, we’re now getting three basestars approaching the fleet from here,” Tigh said pointing on the map.

“Three,” Adama said. “Can any pilots break away?”

“Negative,” Omega replied. “They’re all engaged against the Cylon raiders.”

His pilots were heavily outnumbered, and now the Galactica also out number by at least four to one.

“Take us into attack vector towards the three basestars,” Adama said.

“Yes sir,” Tigh replied.


“The Galactica has moved away from the fleet Baltar, your plan is working,” Lucifer said.

“Of course it is,” Baltar said.

“What is your next order?” Lucifer asked.

“Launch our fighters. Tell them to attack the fleet, destroy them all,” Baltar said.

“By your command Baltar,” Lucifer said. “What about the Galactica. Won’t she come back to protect the fleet?”

“No, by the time Adama realizes there are more fighters he’ll have seen the Tartarus basestar. He can’t turn away from that battle. He’ll have to try and destroy it to give his fleet a chance,” Baltar replied.

“This is a risk for one of our few Tartarus class basestars. If its destroyed it might be trouble,” Lucifer said.

“It doesn’t matter, the Galactica is one battlestar. This time there is no Pegasus or Commander Cain to help them,” Baltar replied. “This time, they won’t survive.”


“All ships are ready.”

“Launch all vipers,” Ares said. It had taken longer than he anticipated getting into position. He had left the supply ships behind, along with the scout ships for some protection. The other thing he had to do was send a message back to Earth telling them what had happened.

On the scanners he watched viper after viper launch from the Argo. The mighty battlestar turned slightly adjusting course heading towards several basestars.

“Galactica turning away from fleet,” Aaron said.

Ares nodded his head. He expected that to happen when the basestars appeared. What Adama didn’t know was the Cylons had several basestars, including the massive Tartarus basestar. It seemed that the Cylons intended to use that ship to destroy the Galactica, then systematically destroy the fleet.

“Get me Troy,” Ares said.

“Commander, what’s up,” Troy asked.

“I want green squad to concentrate on the Tartarus class basestar,” Ares ordered. He wanted to make sure the large ship didn’t gain any advantage over his fleet. He wished he had a Bismarck class battelstar. They were built for battle and probably could stand toe to toe with the basestar. The one advantage he did have was the S-metal. He hoped to get close enough to destroy the enemy.

“Understood,” Troy replied. “Anything else.”

“Red squad is to head over and help the Galactica’s fighters. The Enterprise’s fighters are to engage the incoming fighters heading towards the fleet,” Ares said.

“Not a problem,” Troy said.

Ares took a breath calming himself. “Bring weapon systems on-line, positive shield now.”

The large blast cover closed over the window of the bridge as the Argo went moved closer to battle. Breaking away from the fleet the destroyers Moscow and Houston began heading towards the fleet to provide anti-fighter support.

“We’ll be in firing range in five minutes,” Rebecca called out.

Ares nodded his head waiting for the right time. He didn’t want to open fire at extreme range. His first shot he hoped to be devastating. The Galactica’s warriors were doing just fine, and soon his warriors would join in.

Behind the Argo the Enterprise also closed in on the unsuspecting basestars as over two hundred vipers streaked in to battle.

“Three minutes.”


“Adama, incoming fighters headed towards the fleet,” Tigh said.

“From where,” Adama asked.

“Behind us commander, from the position of the other basestar,” Omega replied for them.

“Prepare to turn about,” Adama said.

“New basestar, Tartarus class,” Omega said.

Adama stopped upon hearing that. A killer basestar of capital ships. Fighters were its greatest weakness but its main weapons were capable of destroying a larger ship easily.

“Orders,” Tigh asked.

“Remain on course,” Adama said. “We must destroy that ship.”

Adama watched conflicting emotions play across Tigh’s face. The same emotions already went though him. Now he had to carry out the order.

“What’s the position of the basestars,” Adama asked. He mentally planned the attack hoping to exploit the one weakness of the Tartarus basestar. The firing arc didn’t extend to the top or bottom of the ship. If the Galactica could attack from either of these points they stood a chance of destroying the ship.

“Thirty microns until firing range,” Athena’s voice said.

Adama waited calmly as the range came down. When the Galactica’s weapons were within range he ordered the weapons to open fire. The Galactica opened fire with return fire from the basestar almost right away.

The Galactica rocked a bit by the attack. Adama understood that the damage would also increase. He hoped the old warship would hold together enough to do the job. A quick glance confirmed that the raiders were indeed heading towards the fleet. The few remaining vipers in the fleet would be overwhelmed.


Ares watched as the fleet continued to close the distance. The Galactica and the Cylon basestars engaged each other at extreme ranges. That didn’t surprise him. He would’ve done the same thing being so outnumbered. Only he knew of a pair of aces still to be played.

“Vipers about to engage,” Rebecca said.

“Have the cruisers target the Tartarus ship, its weak from the top or bottom.”

Ares watched Aaron relay that information to the ships. The two cruisers quickly adjusted their attack pattern. Ares noticed that one went high while the other went low. The range had now closed enough for the weapons systems to do the maximum damage.

“All ships, move and engage,” Ares ordered. “Open fire.

The weapon systems of the Argo and the Enterprise targeted the Cylon basestars. The Leopard and Hornet had maneuvered to attack the Tartarus basestar. Their weapons opened fire a few seconds later followed by the destroyer Calgary.


Jax lined up her squadron preparing to engage the Cylons. She could already see the flash of explosions by both ships.

“Missiles,” Jax called out. She waited as the targeting computer growled at her indicating a good lock. “If you have a lock, fire,” she said pressing the missile trigger.

Several missiles streaked away from the formation heading straight towards the Cylons. Seconds later several explosions occurred as Cylon raiders fell to the first missile barrage.

“Break and attack,” Jax said, now the next part. She hoped Troy could make contact with the Galactica’s pilots.


Troy streaked in with Red squadron toggling his communications. It took a few seconds until he finally head voices.

“What was that,” a voice said.

“Don’t know Starbuck,” another voice said. “I just know the raider on my tail suddenly exploded.

“This is Captain Troy of the Battlestar Argo to Galactica warriors,” Troy said.

“Apollo, who just said that,” the voice of Starbuck said.

“Identify yourself,” Apollo asked.

“I’m Captain Troy, it’s a long story, but we’re here to help,” Troy said. “I think the story can wait until after the battle.”

“You fired the missiles,” Apollo asked.

“Yeah, and we’re engaging now,” Troy said. He already lined up a Cylon fighter quickly destroying it.

“All right, Right now I’ll take all the help we can get,” Apollo replied.

“Red squad, break and attack, fire at will,” Troy said on the other channel.

Red squad engaged with a fury adding their tremendous firepower to the vipers of the Galactica’s squadrons. The fight had become a battle once more.


“Commander, we received something strange from our warriors,” Tigh said to Adama.

“What,” Adama asked keeping his mind on the current battle. Something strange had happened. The basestars further away had stopped firing. The scanners were also indicating they were taking damage but nothing else was out there.

“Apollo states that a squadron of vipers from the Battlestar Argo arrived to help them,” Tigh said to him.

That caught Adama’s attention. The Argo had been destroyed almost fifteen yehrens ago. He’d been at the battle with the Galactica. Tigh had witnessed it as well.

“I know commander, the Argo had been destroyed, but that’s what they say they are from and, well, something is going on?” Tigh said.

“Another Cylon trap,” Adama said.

The Galactica rocked again as another hit impacted the mighty battlestar. Everyone on the bridge continued their task.

“Fire in landing bay alpha commander,” Omega said. “Damage control teams are on their way.”

Adama acknowledge the report and focused once more on the battle. The scanners also indicated the raiders approaching from behind had stopped. They appeared to be engaged against some unknown enemy as well.

“Commander incoming communications, Line Alpha,” Omega said.

Adama and Tigh looked at each other at the same time. Both understood what that meant.


“Report Lucifer,” Baltar said.

“The battle no longer goes in our favor,” Lucifer said.

“What?” Baltar said coming out of his chair. He hadn’t been expecting that. “What happened?”

“According to reports our warriors have come under attack by an unknown force. Our scanners have a hard time finding them,” Lucifer said.

“Invisible ships,” Baltar stated.

“It appears so. Some of our pilots have reported seeing a viper-like fighter,” Lucifer said.

Baltar thought about that. “What about the basestars?”

“They are also under attack. Shortly after engaging the Galactica they came under fire from an enemy that doesn’t appear on the scanner. They are attempting to fire manually. One basestar captain reports a battlestar and a gunstar attacking them,” Lucifer reported.

“Retreat then,” Baltar said.

“What about our raiders,” Lucifer asked.

“Pull them back as well. We must retreat,” Baltar said. Whatever this new enemy turned out to be he needed time to think about it. He didn’t know anything about another battlestar, or a gunstar. The last gunstar had been destroyed almost twenty yehrens ago. The battle didn’t go the way he planned.

He would have to scout the nearby planets for any human civilizations with such tech levels to create warships like a battlestar.


Ares waited for the communications to be returned from the Galactica. One thing that they’d have to do would be upgrade the Galactica’s communications.

“The far basestar is retreating, along with the raiders, orders,” Aaron asked.

“Let them go for now. Our main concern is the fleet,” Ares said.

Ares continued to wait for any response from the Galactica.

“Leopard reporting their target is attempting to retreat,” Aaron said.

“Continue attack. Don’t let that ship get away,” Ares said. “Target it and open fire with all weapons. Tell Green squadron to concentrate on that ship.”

“Yes sir,” Aaron replied. Ares watched as the orders were relayed.

The damage to the Argo had been far less than what the Galactica had suffered. He could only assume the S-metal worked. Of course the scanners of the Argo and the rest of the fleet had been improved tremendously over the years. The Earthers were never satisfied with current technology.

“Communications coming though,” Rebecca said.

Ares glanced down as the screen came to life. He recognized Commander Adama right away. His hair now a bit more white than last time he’d seen him. A few more wrinkles but that came with age. His own dark hair had started turning gray as well.

“Commander Adama, this is Commander Ares, of the Battlestar Argo,” Ares said.

“Commander Ares, forgive me if I don’t recognize you,” Adama said.

“Understood,” Ares said. “I was Colonel under Commander Bacchus on the Pacifica about ten years, I mean yehrens, ago.”

“Cylon basestars retreating, Tartarus basestar has serious damage,” Aaron’s voice said relaying information back to Ares.

“Don’t let the Tartarus ship go, continue firing. We’ll deal with the other basestars later,” Ares said. He turned his attention back to the screen.

“Colonel Ares,” Adama said. “I remember something about you. You disappeared. The official report was you were on a secret mission…”

“Yes sir,” Ares said. “Under Commander Cain the Argo was built, and commissioned, with the sole mission of finding Earth and preparing it for war with the Cylons.”


“Yes sir, I suggest that we meet to talk about this,” Ares said.

“I think we should,” Adama said.

“Ship destroyed,” Aaron said. “All Cylon forces are in full retreat.”

“Recall our vipers, give the Fire Ant the signal to approach. I think we’ve got a fleet that could use some supplies.” Ares said.

End part 61

Continued in The Argo Tales

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