Battlestar Argo – Part 56

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 56: Final Assault

Ares glanced down at the control room. Rebecca had taken back over the communications of the Argo once Mary had turned two. He found himself glad when she came back on board. There was a little bit of family missing on board the battlestar the last couple of years. Now the First Fleet lined up for what he hoped would be the final assault on the Arbus Empire.

“Commander, the Skartian battle-cruiser is reporting ready,” Rebecca said.

“Good, inform Teela that we’ll be ready in one hour,” Ares said.

“Understood,” Rebecca said.

“Incoming message from Commander Pratt,” Rebecca said. “He says its important and private.”

“I’ll take it in my room,” Ares said walking off the bridge towards his office. Sitting down at his desk he activated the screen watching as Pratt’s face appeared. Advanced in technology had sped up communications as distances increased. “Pratt, what’s up?”

“The latest news from the Colonies. I thought I should tell you first,” Pratt said. Ares could see a look of disbelief in his eyes.

“What’s wrong,” Ares said not sure what was going on.

“It’s the Cylons, they’re suing for peace,” Pratt siad. Ares could hear the disbelief in the man’s voice.

“Peace,” Ares asked. He was sure that Pratt had misspoken.

“Yes, peace,” Pratt said. “It appears that they’ve approached Baltar, a council man with the idea of peace.”

“Peace,” Ares said not sure about that word. “I’ve been at war too long my friend, I no longer know what peace is.”

“You and me both,” Pratt said. “But it’s there.”

“After this battle we might have peace in the galaxy,” Ares said. “I’ll inform the crew after the battle. But go ahead and tell the others.”

Ares knew that Pratt knew who those others were. They were those who came from the Argo almost ten years ago. They spent one entire year travelling to Earth, the next couple working with those on Earth to begin building a fleet that now seemed useless if it hadn’t been for the Arbus. The Arbus, a race they had fought now for almost seven years.

Leaning back in his chair he wondered what would happen. New trading could happen between many races, even the Colonies. Then there was the Eastern Alliance. The last news about that group had been when the Colonial Bound crossed their space. A larger fleet had been built up with more destroyers. Ares wondered if they would even survive.

A knock on the door caused him to turn his head. “Enter,” he said as the door slid open allowing Bri, Troy and Nall to walk in. “Just the group I wanted to see.”

“Really,” Troy asked.

“Yes, I’ve received news from home,” Ares said.

The three others automatically understood where Ares was talking about.

“It appears that the Cylons have approached Baltar and are suing for peace,” Ares said.


Troy heard the words but the moment he did another vision overwhelmed him. He saw once again the bridge of the Pacifica as chaos erupted on it. The crew seemed to have been taken by surprise.

Commander Backas stood on the bridge with a calmness that the man always seemed to have. He then turned and seemed to look right at Troy. Then he turned back to his scanner.

“New course, mark six three five,” he said.

“But commander, that’s away from the colonies,” one crewman said.

“We need to give the Galactica time,” Backas replied.

The vision faded leaving Bri looking at him.

“What’s wrong,” she asked right away. “What did you see.”

“The Pacifica is still to be destroyed,” Troy replied. “Somehow what you said triggered another similar vision. Commander Backas ordered the Pacifica away from the Colonies to give the Galactica time.”

“Time, time for what,” Ares asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t even know who they were fighting,” Troy said.

“A new enemy,” Bri asked.

“Perhaps that’s why the Cylons want peace, their fighting another enemy,” Nall said logically.

“It might be, we’ll have to wait and see,” Troy said. “Maybe I’ll get another vision.”

“Maybe,” Ares said. “Right now we have a fight to finish. Reejo has informed me that many on the Arbus homeworld would turn if the main fleet was no longer effective. I think we can do that now.”

“It’s still going to be a battle commander,” Troy said. “We lost the Victorious last week by raids from the Arbus.”

“I know but it also took on three battle class warships. We know that the Arbus fleet only has ten of them. Of which six are stationed in the home fleet,” Ares said.

“The First Fleet only has four battlestars,” Troy said.

The Warspite, Dreadnaught, Enterprise and Argo made up the bulk of the First Fleet.

“True, but the Victorious didn’t have any supporting ships, or any Tiger or Leopard class heavy cruisers with it as well,” Ares replied. “And with the added Gearing class anti-fighter destroyers, we have a better advantage than the Victorious did.”

“I think it’s the best plan commander,” Nall finally said.

“If it ends this war quickly then it’s a good plan,” Bri said. “That and we might need that if there is a new enemy out there.”

“That’s a reason then for wanting to finish this mission quickly then,” Ares said. “We don’t know what the future holds but we can make our mission easier.”

“We’ll do our best commander,” Troy said.

“Good, the Argo and Enterprise will close in as they are equipped with the S-metal. The Arbus haven’t figured out how to improve their scanners to detect it better. Green and red squads will be the first wave. Your mission is to destroy the weapon systems of the battle class ships,” Ares said to them.

“I’ll let them know,” Troy said.

“Good, we leave when I get back to the bridge,” Ares said.

Troy, Bri and Nall walked out of the office heading straight to the pilots briefing room.

“Gather all pilots,” Troy said to Bri. “We should brief them as soon as possible.”

“Get right on it,” Bri said as she and Nall took detours to the pilots rec room. Troy continued on to the room.

This would hopefully be the final battle.


Ares walked back out onto the bridge of the Argo. The crew seemed to be in good spirits. That would help later in battle for sure. He glanced around looking for Aaron, the second in command. Aaron had not applied for advancement since he had become the second in command of the Argo. Ares had asked him about that. Aaron’s reply had been simple. All the excitement occurred on board the Argo and he wanted to see it.

“Inform all ships, move out. Enterprise and Argo will lead the attack. Any word from the Fire Ant,” Ares asked looking at Rebecca.

“Captain Renee reports nothing changed. The scout fleet is already in position,” Rebecca said.

“Good,” Ares said. He just hoped everything went according to plan. He had positioned everything to the best of his abilities to help out the fleet. Now the only thing left was the outcome of the battle. The whine of the engines meant that the fleet had gone to full power. Next stop the Arbus base of Gradas.

“Commander, permission to leave the bridge for a few minutes,” Rebecca asked.

“Granted,” Ares said knowing exactly where she would be going.


Troy watched as Nall held his daughter. The preparations had been done, briefings finished and now the final peaceful moments had begun.

“I think she’s beginning to look like her mother,” Bri said.

“Think so, what do you think,” Nall asked Mary.

“No,” the girl said shaking her head. That caused a bit of laughter in the room. The door opened allowing Rebecca into the room. “Momma,” she squealed quickly getting down heading to Rebecca.

“Are you being a good girl,” Becca asked.

“Uh-huh,” Mary replied.

“What about you,” Becca asked. Troy noticed that this question seemed to be directed at Nall and Bri.

“Yep Uncle Twoy was telling me how he knew you and daddy were for each other,” Mary said.

“I’ve heard that story,” Becca said.

“It is a good story,” Troy siad. “Love at first sight.”

“My, ugh, previous boyfriend,” Becca said.

“What happened to him,” Bri asked.

“I heard a rumor he died in the invasion,” Becca said.

“Oh,” Bri said. “Well, we probably should get to the hangar.”

“Yeah, we’ll be there in a little bit,” Troy said getting up. He and Bri said goodbye to Mary then went to the hangar.

“I never expected Ares to agree to having Mary on board,” Bri said as they made their way to the hangar.

“Actually it didn’t surprise me. I think he’d been feeling a bit disconnected from everyone lately,” Troy said. “Mary seems to ground him. Ever noticed how much time she spends in his office while Becca and Nall are on duty.”

“True,” Bri said. The only thing that concerned her had been battles. Children might be killed in battle.

“Captain Troy, Bri, your vipers are ready to go,” the lead mechanic said to them as they stepped onto the hangar.

“Thanks Ben,” Bri said.

“You be careful out there,” Troy said to her.

“You too,” Bri said.


Ares watched as Rebecca walked back on to the bridge. Now the time had come.

“Enterprise ready,” Ares asked.

“Yes commander,” Rebecca said.

“Good, launch fighters, main target, battle class ships,” Ares said.

Vipers launched out of the Argo as Ares watched on the scanners. The shields came up as the weapon systems came online. The Argo went to battle alert bathing the bridge in a red glow. The scanners showed how close the Argo and Enterprise were getting.

“Entering enemy weapons range,” Aaron said.

So far nothing yet. He hoped that the Arbus hadn’t yet discovered them. The Warspite and Dreadnaught were still a ways behind them. In the beginning it would be two against six.

“Commander, there’s seven not six battle class ships here,” Aaron said.

“Seven,” Ares said.

“Yes, it’s in dock. Perhaps damaged,” Aaron said.

“Tell the Tiger to attack it, perhaps destroying that ship and its dock will help,” Ares said.

“Understood,” Aaron said.

“Entering optimum range commander,” Rebecca said.

“All ships, fire,” Ares said. “Tell all vipers to attack.”

“Yes sir,” Rebecca said relaying the message to the vipers.

The Argo and Enterprise opened fire. He could tell that the Arbus fleet had been caught unaware of the upcoming attack. The few fighters on patrol were quickly overwhelmed by red squad. Green squad appeared to be closing in.

“Green squad just launched missiles,” Aaron said.

Ares nodded his head. The opening phase seemed to be going well.

“The rest of the fleet should be here within five minutes,” Rebecca said.

“Good, try and keep out of their scanners range to detect us,” Ares said. The Argo made a slight turn as it continued firing.

“Enterprise turning with us commander,” Aaron said.

“Prepare Solimite missiles,” Ares said. It had been the one weapon he had held back. The Argo had a total of twenty when it left for Earth. Since then he had used seven of the precious missiles.

Aaron looked at him in confusion.

“Prepare two Solimite missiles now,” Ares said. Taking out a couple of battle class ships would greatly improve their chances.

“Yes sir,” Aaron said turning to relay the message to the missile bays. They had been using a form of nuclear missile but the Solimite missile packed a bigger offensive punch.

“Target acquired for missile,” another member said.



Troy put his fighter into a hard turn avoiding laser fire from the enemy fighter. His wing mate took the enemy out as he glanced at his scanner. The Arbus ships had taken a slight beating already but several were beginning to move towards the fleet.

“Be ready, we’ll be having more company soon,” Troy said to his group.

Before anyone could reply a flash of light went streaking towards one of the Arbus ships. Troy knew exactly what that was. He had seen them enough in his lifetime to know what a Solimite missile looked like in space. The missile impacted on one of the Arbus ships causing a tremendous explosion.

One Arbus ship destroyed another couple to do. Several more Solimite missiles were launched causing tremendous damage to the Arbus fleet. He wondered if Reejo had been able to carry out his plan. The attack really was a diversion to help Reejo and others to overthrow the elders of the Arbus leadership.

“Fighters incoming,” Troy said to the group.

They moved to intercept as a new wave of fighters came up from the planet. The Warspite and Dreadnaught flew into battle launching their fighters as well. The Tiger and Leopard ad joined the attack which seemed to be going their way.

“Skartian fighters, head to sector seven to protect the flank,” Troy ordered. He saw a group of Arbus bombers headed around trying to make a bombing run on the Enterprise.

He looked down watching as his missile locked onto an enemy fighter before pressing the trigger. The missile flew true destroying the fighter quickly. Another explosion caught him off guard.

“Better watch yourself,” Bri’s voice said.

“Trying, but it’s pretty frantic around here,” Troy replied as another enemy fighter exploded. Green squadron had fully engaged.


Ares glanced at the situation. Reports from the battle continued to filter in. The Arbus fleet had sustained tremendous damage already but the battle class ships had begun to counter attack. The weapons fire was erratic but enough that the battlestars had begun to take some damage.

“Two attack class ships headed our way,” Aaron said.

“Status of the Warspite and Dreadnaught,” Ares asked.

“Dropping out of lightspeed now commander,” Rebecca said.

“Good, the Leopard, London and Moscow are to engage the attack class ships. That should keep them busy for a while,” Ares said.

“Message incoming from the planet,” Rebecca said.

Ares nodded hoping it was Reejo. “Put it though,” Ares said.

Reejo’s face appeared on the screen. “Commander, how are you doing?”

“We’re holding our own, how does the mission go,” Ares asked.

“We’re encountering heavy resistance but we are making strides. The communications are filled with conflicting reports. Some are saying that the current government has committed sucuide already,” Reejo said.

“Any way to confirm that?”

“Not without getting into the building. We’re working on that,” Reejo said.

“All right, keep me informed,” Ares said.

The screen went dark as Ares thought about what Reejo said. If the population was in confusion then the fleet had to be as well. Perhaps he could use that to his advantage.

“Rebecca, open a channel to the fleet,” Ares said.

“Channel open commander,” she replied.

“This is Commander Ares, new orders for everyone. I want you to try and disable the Arbus ships. Target weapons and engines,” he said. “The Arbus are in confusion, this new tactic just might help end this quicker.”

Ares could see the confusion in the eyes of the crew but he wasn’t doing this to win a battle, he was trying to win the war, now. He ended the communication and looked back at his scanner.

“Get me Captain Troy,” Ares said. A second later Troy replied. “Is there any way to disable the Arbus fighters?”

“Well,” Troy’s voice said. “It’s a bit harder but there is a couple of spots, why?”

“I think it might add to the confusion in the Arbus fleet is we change tactics, start trying to disable the enemy instead. It also might help out Reejo,” Ares said.

“All right, I think I see what you mean,” Troy said.



“Listen up, if you have a disable shot, take it. We’re trying to disable the enemy now,” Troy said.

“What,” Bri’s voice said.

“Commander Ares thinks this tactic might throw more confusion and help Reejo out,” Troy said.

“All right,” Bri replied. Troy watched as his squadrons followed the orders and started to disable the enemy ships. He hoped that this tactic would work.

He lined up another enemy fighter waiting a second until the disable shot could be confirmed then fired. The shot hit the fighter’s engines instantly knocking the fighter out of action. The fighter drifted away leaving Troy to line up the next fighter.

Enemy fire suddenly flew past him in short bursts as an enemy had gotten in behind him. He quickly turned the viper into a hard turn knowing that the Arbus fighter wouldn’t be able to keep up, both the fighter and the pilot.

“Got him,” another pilot said as the Arbus fighter came into Troy’s view. He noticed the fighter spinning away from him.

He realized the cleanup crews would have some work to do with disabled fighters and pilots still in them. He just hoped that the pilots were still alive.


Ares watched the battle seemed to continue longer then he thought was necessary.

“Commander, incoming message,” Rebecca said.

“Put it though,” Ares said.

“Commander Ares, this is Reejo,” the voice said. “The takeover has worked, but a new development has occurred.”

“Oh,” Ares said not sure what this could be.

“It seems that some in the military are not going to surrender. They would be the ones on the battle class ships. I don’t know what their plans are but be careful. Many others are already surrendering to us,” he said.

“Any good news,” Ares asked.

“Just one, we’ve taken over the government,” Reejo said. “It might take some time to establish control though.”

“Understood, we’ve begun disabling ships instead of destroying them,” Ares said.

“Ah, so that’s what happened. I was wondering why they suddenly became distracted,” Reejo said. “That will help later on for sure.”

“I’ll let the rest of the fleet know what’s going on,” Ares said.

With that Reejo ended his message leaving Ares to contemplate the rest of the battle. It seemed as if the war would finally be over.

“Commander, incoming report from Captain Troy,” Rebecca said.

“Put it though,” Ares said.

“Commander, the tactic seems to be working. The Arbus are confused and some have even backed off for the moment,” Troy said.

“That might be two fold. I just got word from Reejo that he and his followers have taken over the government,” Ares said.

“Best news I’ve heard today,” Troy replied.

“I know,” Ares said. “But we’re still encountering resistance from the Arbus fleet. Their battle class ships seem to be continuing to fire,” Ares said.

“I noticed,” Troy said. “Many of the Arbus fighters have broken off so I can send more fighters to attack the Arbus ships.”

“Then target the weapon systems. The fleet will target the engines,” Ares said.

“Understood commander,” Troy replied.

The communications ended leaving Ares feeling better than he had in days. The battle just might be won, here and now. Of course the next part would involve Senator Sam, the President and countless others to finalize the end of the war. He briefly wondered just who won this war.

“Commander, incoming ships,” Rebecca said.

That caught Ares by surprise. “Identity?”

“Unknown,” Rebecca replied.

“Alert all commands about this,” Ares said. He didn’t know who this group was, or what they wanted. “How many ships?”

“Approximately twenty, mostly small destroyer size ships,” Aaron replied having gone to the scanner. “Appears the largest is Tiger size.”

Ares thought about that. Who did the ships belong to? He only hoped they were friendly.


Troy listened to Rebecca’s quick words as he continued to watch the activities of the squadrons. After Rebecca finished he realized that this could become a sticky situation.

“Everyone, new orders,” Troy said over the communications. “Incoming ships, about twenty, unknown allegiance.”

“Great,” Nall replied. “So we now get to wait until one of is shot before we fire back.”

“Not my orders, the commander doesn’t want any misunderstandings to occur,” Troy replied back.

“I know, just stinks for us,” Nall replied.

“We still have a battle to finish here people,” Bri’s voice said cutting into the conversation. “The unknown force isn’t here yet, so we finish off the Arbus now just in case they are allies of the Arbus.”

“I’ll watch your butt,” Nall’s voice said.

Troy shook his head already seeing Bri’s raised eyebrow and gleam in her eye when Nall said something like that to her. Part of him wondered what Bri would do to him next.

“Concentrate on the weapon systems, if the unknowns turn hostile then, well we’ll think of something,” Troy said.

“Great leadership,” Jax said. “I feel better already.”

“I’ll think of what to do in case while you’re finishing off the Arbus,” Troy said.

“Very well, we’ll leave our leader to his thinking then,” Nall said.

Troy shook his head at the chatter. For such a dangerous situation they didn’t back off. Anyone who joined the fighter squadrons of the Argo had to learn quickly the humor, or be shocked early in battle.


“Unknown fleet now in attack range,” Aaron said.

Ares nodded his head sitting back in his chair. The past couple of minutes he’d spent talking to the Skartian warship making sure everything there was ready as well. Now all they had to do was wait to see what side this fleet came in on.

“We’re getting a message,” Rebecca said.

“Arbus, surrender now and submit to the Galaxy Council’s laws,” a voice said in Arbus.

Ares looked across the bridge to a confused group of people. ‘Galaxy Council,’ he thought to himself. Something didn’t make any sense to him at all.

“Any word from the Arbus,” Ares said.

“Not yet,” Aaron replied.

“This is your last warning,” the voice said.

“This is Commander Ares of the battlestar Argo, to whom am I speaking,” Ares said.

“Commander Ares, you and your people are to surrender to the /Council at once,” the voice said.

“Commander, incoming message from Reejo,” Rebecca said.

“Commander, the Galaxy Council is a group of races who think they have all the answers. Before the Arbus Empire has been too powerful for them to enter. It seems now that they think it’s all right to impose their laws here,” Reejo said to Ares.

“Let me take care of it,” Ares said switching back to the other communications. “Galaxy Council, we do not recognize your authority here. This is a war between Earth and the Arbus, do not interfere.”

All talking stopped on the bridge as Ares used the harsh words. Many were stunned that the commander might actually provoke war between the two new worlds.

Ares waited knowing that if war came the Earth fleet could keep this new threat at bay. They had defeated the Arbus, and he had the feeling that they knew that as well.

“The Arbus will be punished for their deeds to the universe,” the voice said. “If you try and interfere you will be shot.”

“And what is this punishment,” Ares said. “The leaders of the Arbus government have just overthrown the old leadership. I doubt there are many left alive.”

Silence greeted his words.

“What are the Arbus doing,” Ares questioned.

“Everyone’s stopped firing at the moment,” Aaron replied.

“All right, target the nearest ‘council’ ship and have the fighters take up positions for attack against them,” Ares said. He knew that this might provoke a war setting but he had confidence in his men and women. They would hold fire until fired upon.

Seconds ticked by in silence as the vipers approached their position and the fleet repositioned themselves for combat. Ares thought about a possible solution switching to a open frequency he transmitted.

“Arbus, this is commander Ares of the Earth to accept the Arbus surrender,” Ares said waiting.

“This is temporary President Reejo, the Arbus accept preliminary surrender to the Earth,” Reejo’s voice said.

A few more seconds ticked by until the ‘council’ replied. “The Galaxy Council wishes to be present at the surrender.”

“We’ll give you coordinates for the surrender in a few minutes,” Ares replied. Things were about to end, he hoped.

End part 56

Continued in Message of Disaster

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