Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara – Part 3

Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara

by AJ Marks

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Part 3

Master Yoda was sitting on a meditation cushion, which is where Bri found him. He turned to look at her when she entered the room. She positioned herself on the one next to him and they sat in silence for several minutes.

“I fear that I know that attacker,” Bri finally said breaking the silence that they had been surrounded in. Yoda did not say anything just waiting for her to finish what she was going to say, like he had done when she was his padawan. He had learned that with enough patience she would finally come to him, a lesson that he had begun to use with his new padawan.

“I think her name is Xara, a bounty hunter I met while I was on vacation at Naboo,” Bri said not realizing when an unconscious small smile came to lips with the name. Yoda noticed the smile and realized a dilemma that was developing in his former student.

“She admitted that she sometimes uses a lightsaber for her work,” Bri said to him briefly wondering what he thought. “I did not tell her that I was a Jedi however.” Yoda nodded his head at this news. Bri had always been a private person and for some people, knowing that you are a Jedi they will not talk to you, or ask you to solve their problems, so when a Jedi was on vacation or just resting they usually did not say what they did.

“It’s just that the attempt on Otto Julies this morning I had my hood up at first. During the fight it fell back, and it was then that the attacker stopped and then fled.” Bri said in a rush not really wanting to believe that it was Xara who had been the attacker.

Yoda sat silent for several seconds pondering what to say to his former student that would help. There were forces at work here that he rarely had ever encountered. He did have an inkling of what was happening to Bri. “There is something going on. I feel that if you believe it was Xara, then find her and your questions will be answered,” Yoda finally said. “You do not wish for it to be her, do you?” he asked gently.

“No, she is a friend of mine,” she said.

“Be careful of your emotions, they can blind you,” Yoda said wondering if she would listen on this point.

“Yes master,” she said a hesitantly wondering if she should say more. Yoda knew better than to push her at this point and he felt like she was about to open up to him in a way she never had before.

“My dreams,” she said softy having made her decision. “You have always asked about them and why they haunt me. It’s not a fear that keeps me up, but something else.”

Yoda nodded his head in agreement. He had sensed that she never really had a nightmare, except after she had taken a life. The other times when she would go through times of these dreams she always woke up feeling restless, and sleep would evade her for the rest of the night. Yoda sensed that he was close to being told what bothered her, and he felt that it had to do with this mysterious bounty hunter she had met during her vacation.

“In the dreams I’ve never felt like I was in danger, or even threatened by the person in my dreams, in fact it’s the opposite. Almost as if I’ve come home,” she said quietly. “Each time I have the dream it’s different. The places are different, from a ocean shore to a room full of dead people.”

Bri fell silent again as the normally confident Jedi Knight struggled with words. Yoda could see all of the signs that this was difficult for her. He could see the tension on her face, hear it in her voice and feel it through the Force that flowed from her. It seemed to Yoda that Bri was more in tune to the Force than he had ever seen her.

“Regardless of the scene, or how dangerous it is, there is always one thing that is common with them all,” she said taking a breath to calm herself a bit. “It a person, I could not tell who it was, race or sex, but the person’s eyes were always the same. They are a deep blue and whenever I see them I feel a connection to the person that I’ve never felt before. It a connection so deep inside me that when I wake up its like a part of me is missing. I don’t want to wake up from the dream. On Naboo I found the eyes, and they belong to Xara, and the connection was theres” she said looking at her teacher for the first time since she had begun talking.

Yoda sat in contemplation for a few seconds as he pondered her words. A lot of things now made since to him, but how to tell her. “Glad I am that you talked to me, your solution, not simple,” Yoda said with a slight shake of this head. “Few records there are of this, and none known among Jedi there are. A soulmate you have,” he said seeing her think about it for a few seconds.

“But a Jedi are not allowed to have such a thing,” Bri said knowing from her training and teachings that this type of thing was usually forbidden by the Jedi ways.

“Nonetheless, your soulmate you have found,” Yoda said pondering over the question. He would have to consult the archives and the Jedi Council to see what could be done.

“Now what do I do,” Bri said at a complete loss as to her next move. If it was her soulmate then she could not fight Xara, it would destroy her as well.

“Find her, use your heart, it will lead you,” Yoda said recalling everything he had learned about soulmates. He had actually meet a pair of soulmates and learned that if they found each other they could feel each other, a bit like the Force, but only a link between two people. What one felt, the other felt as well.

“What about my mission,” Bri said not wanting to abandon her charge.

“My padawan will take care of that,” Yoda said. “Make myself available to you, the council asked me.”

“Then they are taking this seriously,” Bri said with a sigh of relief. “I’ll take him with me tomorrow and introduce him to Otto.”

“Go with you I will tomorrow. Meet this Otto I want,” Yoda said then told Bri to get some sleep.


“Master Yoda, what brings you to my chamber,” Master Aqat said looking at the small powerful Jedi in front of him.

“Talked to me, Bri has,” Yoda said and Aqat invited him inside the small room where they both sat down. “The news is good and bad,” Yoda told him. “Find this bounty hunter, she will.”

“That’s good news, but I get the feeling that the bad news is tied in on this as well,” Aqat said watching as Yoda nodded his head.

“Her soulmate, she is,” Yoda replied watching as the shock of the news register on Aqat’s face.

“A soulmate for a Jedi,” Aqat said. “Impossible.”

“Possible it is, known it I have. Didn’t see it until now,” Yoda said shaking his head as he realized that he had known for a while.

“I’ll wait to tell the council about this, but I’ll tell Master Janson, he will have to told as well,” Aqat said talking about the other member on the council who had a permanent seat on the council. Two seats were for life, the other ten were rotated to prevent the council from becoming to staminate.

“Understand I do,” Yoda replied knowing that the two permanent seats would know about it.

“I’ll talk to Janson in the morning, will you be around?” Aqat asked wondering what Yoda would do.

“My padawan and I are going to take over the protection of Otto Julies, while Bri hunts down this bounty hunter, Xara,” Yoda said watching Aqat nod his head.

“Very well, I let you know what we decide,” Aqat said knowing that Bri should be able to track down the bounty hunter quite easily if she allowed herself to. His sister was in a soulmate relationship and they still talked quite often, and had seen the bond in action a lot.

Yoda acknowledge Aqat and walked out of the room headed to where his Padawan was to tell him of their new assignment. He knew that his padawan would be anxious to start a new mission. There was only so much meditation and reading that a young boy could do without going stir crazy.


Xara walked about her small rented room. She was about to go crazy with everything that was going on. She had been told to stay low, and until her boss called again to give her instructions for her mission. She hated it when her clients and boss changed a mission in mid stride.

She had been order to stay low, something she did very well, but not doing anything made her crazy. She had already practiced her lightsaber drills since she woke up from her sleep with the disturbing dream. She still was not sure what the dream meant, aside that she had seen Bri in it.

Xara decided that it was time to grab a bit to eat. Her food supply was a bit low, so she needed to go out and get some. She decided to eat out then grab some supplies while she was out. There was no telling how long she would have to wait until her boss got back to her, it could be today, or it could be a month before she heard anything.

Slipping into simple clothing and grabbing her lightsaber she tucked in under her coat and walked out of the door. It was too cold, but there was a wind that had picked up a bit and whipped her hair around her head as she made her way towards the local cafe for breakfast.


Master Yoda and his padawan, Marcus, waited for Bri to show up before they went over to Otto Julies’ place. Bri had spent the night over there and was on her way over to pick the two Jedi up.

A transport approached and stopped in front of them and Yoda knew that this was their ride. The door opened and allowed the two Jedi to climb aboard. Inside the spacious transport was Bri along with Otto. Yoda and Marcus sat down, as the speeder took off headed for the headquarters of the company.

“You must be Master Yoda,” Otto said with interest having heard the Jedi’s name in the news

“And this is my padawan, Markus,” Yoda said indicating the young man next to him. The young man nodded his head and extended his hand to Otto who grasped it.

Bri watched as Yoda and Otto made their introductions to each other before saying anything. “Master Yoda and his padawan will be taking over your protection,” Bri told him watching as he looked at her with a question in his eyes. “The council feels that providing you with additional protection will allow me to hunt down your attacker, and as I have already been in combat against the attacker I will have the best chance of finding him,” Bri said making sure she said him and not her, as a part of her still did not want to believe that Xara was behind the attack.

“So its not because this guy is really good then,” Otto said. He had been a bit worried when Bri said that additional Jedi were being added to his protection.

“If protection was all we were concerned with then Bri would be all that you would need,” Yoda said. “We wish to find your attacker, and then many pieces will fit together.” Otto nodded his head in agreement. There was a group running around that wanted to infiltrate the Republic at all levels and there were no real reason as to why.

Their transport arrived at Otto’s workplace and the man along with the three Jedi walked out and into the building. It took a few minutes more until the group arrived at Otto’s office.

“I will keep in touch Master Yoda,” she said to the small Jedi in front of her. “I will get to the bottom of this quickly Mr. Julies,” Bri said as she turned to the man who was now at his desk. He wished her luck in her mission as she said her good-byes to Yoda and Markus before she left the room.

Yoda watched her leave knowing that she could be on the most important mission of her life. She would either come back complete, or a shell of herself. Yoda hoped that she would come back stronger, but the road would not be easy for either of the two.

“Do you think she will complete her mission alright?” Markus said speaking up for the first time.

“Return, she will,” Yoda replied looking at his padawan then out the window before replying. “How she will be, worries me that does.”

Otto and Markus shared a confused look at Yoda hoping that the Jedi would elaborate even more on his cryptic answer. Yoda only stood looking out the window of the building wishing Bri all the luck he could knowing that there was not anything he could do for her.

Bri walked out onto the street and wondered what she should do. There were millions of places that a bounty hunter like Karen could hide, the only thing she had was a bit of her personality that the two had shared at Naboo. She figured that she would start by walking around a bit and seeing if she could find anything out about her mysterious Xara.


Xara walked into the local grocery store that was near where she was staying. The rented room was not much but the neighborhood was clean and she did not have to worry about anyone trying anything funny with her. In some areas she did, not that she cared, she just did not want to have to kill anyone on this mission that would invite attention to here she was.

The little store was pretty much empty as she walked in. There was a small Ilderian standing behind the counter along with two boys who he was talking to. Xara quickly picked up a few groceries then paid the man who was quite talkative. She had found out that his wife had recently passed away and that her hair was the same color as Xara’s. Xara thought that the man talked too much, but she did not say anything as he was doing what any merchant would do, talk.

With her bag in hand she headed down the street. The sun was shining giving warmth to the day as she walked. The wind still whipped around, keeping things cool, but not uncomfortable. She passed a diner that looked like it would serve a good lunch and noted it in the back of her mind to try after she finished with her shopping.

A tingle went down her spine suddenly. It was something she was used to, there was no danger associated with it, but there was an indication that someone was near. A quick glance around her did not bring anyone out into the open. With her senses on alert she stretched out with the Force to see if she could find out what was wrong.

She felt another presence, but it conflicted with what she was feeling, which was unusual for her. Usually her inner senses were in tune with what the Force was telling her, but this time it was different, why? The question rolled around in her head for several minutes as she continued to walk to her room. The feeling was getting stronger and she casually glanced around to see if anyone was following her. There was no one behind her that she could see and turned back around.

It was then she caught a shape out of the corner of her eye. She glanced and was a bit shocked at what she saw. A Jedi was causally walking down the other side of the street. This is what set her senses off. Xara ducked into an alleyway until the Jedi walked past her. She watched as the Jedi continued down the street until it was straight across the street from her.

The Jedi stopped and glanced around. Slowly it brought its arms up and pushed the hood back revealing strawberry blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. Xara could not believe her eyes, here was Bri, standing right across the street from her. A large part of her wanted to cross the street and greet the Jedi, but knew that their worlds were wide apart, they could never be together. Xara glanced back at the figure then ran down the alleyway and quickly headed back to her room.

Bri had felt something as she walked down the street, and pushed her hood back to get a better view of her surroundings. There was something different this time. What she had felt was not a tug of warning from her connection with the Force, instead it seemed to come from somewhere inside her. A place that was so deep that she usually never looked there. Just like that the feeling was gone leaving Bri alone again.


A man walked into the large conference room. His hair was white showing his age, but his body did not. He looked to be as strong as a Wookie, and everyone in the room knew that he was even more dangerous than anything else they had ever encountered. A few of the men in the room had not wanted to involve this man with their plans, but they needed his strength, and felt confident that they would be able to control him in case things got out of control.

“You asked to see me,” the man said to the group with a tone that to an outsider would indicate that he was in charge. In fact his entire poise radiated power in the most extreme way.

“Yes, there seems to have been a problem with Galactic Communications, we would like the problem solved now,” one of the men said. He was the obvious leader and did not like the way that this man in their presence acted toward them. The time was coming to eliminate him.

“I will solve it when the time is right,” the man said.

“I want it solved now,” the reply came as a fist slammed on the table. “I have worked to hard to see it fa..” a sudden choking cut off his tirade as his hands grasped at his neck to try and undo whatever it was that was choking him.

“I said I would deal with it,” the man said with one of his arms raised. He allowed the man to choke a bit longer then let him go and walked out of the room.

The only sounds left in the room were one person gasping for breath and a door closing.


Xara was not sure what to make of her recent encounter on the street. On one hand it scared her more than anything ever had. The fact that someone could affect her this way was new to her, and it scared her. She had felt something that she had never felt before, that was the real reason she had left during their fight yesterday. Now it appeared that Bri was trying to track her down to ask her about her involvement with Galactic Communications, and that was something she was not ready to do.

She thought about contacting her boss and seeing what he had to say about the latest development. Ever as the thought went through her mind it was dismissed. There was something else going on and she wanted to know what it was before contacting her boss so there would be information to give.

Her boss did not give lightly to her calling if there was nothing to report, a lesson she had learned the hard way one day. She needed more information, and the only way that she would get that would be to do more investigation, perhaps she could talk to a few people at the company about the Jedi involvement. Most guys were a sucker for her looks, and it would not be the first time she had done it.

With a plan ready she waited until nightfall to start her plan, then she would hit the expensive bars around the company building for anyone who worked there and see what she could find out.


Master Aqat walked down the hallway to the small room that he could usually find Janson in. They needed to talk in the worst ways, and together they would decide what to do about Bri. Master Yoda had given him some bad news last night and he had meditated on the subject all night without any answer to the questions in his mind. If Bri really did have a soulmate then there were few choices left to her.

Bri could give up her soulmate, and then she would never work at her full potential again and they would only have a shell of the Jedi that they had become accustom to. The other choice was to allow Bri to leave the Jedi Order, either way they were losing a valuable Jedi, something that Aqat did not want to happen, perhaps Janson would know of something that he could not think of.

“Aqat, what brings you here this time of the morning?” Janson said as he noticed the older Jedi walk into his meditation room. It was something that he actually expected, the Force telling him that Aqat had something important to say, with an important decision to be made.

“I’ve come to update you with what has been found out,” Aqat told him as Janson looked on with a question on his face.

“Isn’t everything in the report?” Janson said having read the report just this morning.

“Yes, and no.” Aqat said. “This is something that could not be put in the report, just yet,” Aqat told him watching Janson’s face look on with a bit of worry. “Master Yoda came to me last night to talk about Bri.”

“What’s happened, should she be taken off the mission?” Janson said wondering what was bothering Aqat this way.

“Yoda informed me that Bri has a soulmate, and has met her. It appears to be the bounty hunter that attacked Otto Julies in his home yesterday morning,” Aqat said.

“Is he sure?” Janson asked wanting to make sure he had heard the truth.

“Yes, I don’t want to take her off the mission when she is our best chance of finding the bounty hunter, the question becomes what to do with her after the mission, and she has her soulmate,” Aqat said running the question by Janson.

“A bounty hunter you say,” Janson said stroking his long beard. “What if we do nothing, and allow her to pair up with the bounty hunter?” Janson asked taking an approach that Aqat had not thought about.

“That would be different, would it be allowed in the council?” Aqat asked as he thought about all of the council members. “There might be a few who object to such a pairing.”

“I will talk with them, they might listen to me more than you,” Janson said and they both knew it for the truth. Aqat might be the stronger and wiser one, but the one the rest seemed to trust even more was Janson. His personality allowed a person to feel at ease right away.


Master Yoda sat in meditation most of the morning. His padawan had been sent out to run an errand and grab some food for both of them. Yoda so far had not come up with anything to help them with their mission. What he did know from talking to Otto Julies was that whoever was behind it was good. Otto’s own men had not been able to find out much about who was behind the attacks. They had even lost a few men that was when he decided to contact the Jedi Council for help.

Yoda had to concede that there would be no break in the mission until Bri found the bounty hunter, and then he could only hope that this mysterious Xara would have some information on what was going on. His communicator beeped and he knew that it would be Master Aqat calling; he was probably done with his conversation with Master Janson. Yoda went into a private room to take the call.

“Master Aqat,” Yoda said as Aqat appeared.

“Yoda, how is Otto Julies?” Aqat said asking about the mission first off to allow Yoda to make sure that the area around them was clear.

“Doing fine he is, this morning has been uneventful so far,” Yoda replied wondering what he and Janson had decided.

“I talked with Master Janson earlier today and he had some interesting views,” Aqat said to Yoda.

“Though so, and conclusions did you reach?” Yoda asked wondering what they would have concluded.

“Well, if they both survive the mission, we have a few suggestions, the first two I believe you already knew about,” Aqat said to Yoda who nodded his head. “The first option is to allow Bri to remain in the Jedi Order, but she would have to give up her soulmate.”

“Lose her we would,” Yoda said as he heard the first option that was given.

“Yes, we would, and we would lose her in the second option as well, which would be to allow her to leave the Jedi Order,” Aqat said.

“Either way, we lost Bri,” Yoda said recounting the two options before him.

“Not quite, there is a third option that Master Janson mentioned to me during our conversation,” Aqat said to Yoda whose face perked up. “He suggested teaming them up to form a partnership. Bri has indicated her reluctance to accept a padawan, and teaming her with a bounty hunter would solve many problems.”

“Be together they would, stronger together than apart they are,” Yoda said.

“Yes they would be, the only sticking point of this would be her soulmate, and you must watch her carefully,” Aqat said in warning.

“Watch her, I will,” Yoda said as the communication line went dead. He walked back out to the office area where his padawan, Markus, was waiting for him with the food for lunch. “Smells good, well done.”

Markus said his thanks as he divided the food into two groups and dug into his food. Breakfast had been early in the morning and he was beginning to undergo a growth spurt Yoda could tell by the amounts of food that his padawan was consuming. It was something all Masters could see with their padawans.


Bri had walked the streets in a vain effort ever since this morning. The only time she felt close was when she had first started and had felt something. She tried to concentrate on that part of her, but found that it was hard for her to do, as it was an unaccustomed feeling for her.

She took time out to find a place to eat. There was a small cafe at the end of the street that she had passed and wondered if the food there was any good. She felt in her pocket for her credit stick, as she was not sure she grabbed it this morning in her haste to get up. She had overslept, hitting her alarm clock one to many times and had rushed through breakfast. Her stomach was not protesting the missed meal with a loud grumble.

Walking quickly down the street she quickly found herself in front of the cafe where a wonderful smell was drafting through the doors. Bri pushed her hood back and entered the cafe.

“Welcome to the Surfaceside Café,” a mechanical voice said. Bri looked over to see a droid standing there waiting. “How many in your party.”

“Just one,” Bri said looking around the cafe. It was full of people eating and not many people paid her much attention, which was fine with her. The less people who noticed her, the better off she felt.

“Of course honorable Jedi,” the droid said as it led her to a small table near the back of the room. “A waiter will be with you shortly.”

Bri sat down and allowed herself to relax for a bit. She had been walking all morning and it felt good to sit down for a few minutes before she had to resume her searching. A waiter came up to her and handed her a menu and asked if she wanted anything to drink. Bri gave her drink order and watched as the waiter walked away, then turned her attention to the menu where everything looked good.

As she was sitting she felt the tingle that she had felt earlier in the day. She casually glanced around and noticed no one who was out of the ordinary. The waiter came back and Bri gave the waiter her order then sat back. She took everyone’s face in to see if anyone looked familiar to her and for the next time she felt the tingle.

She waited a few minutes before it went away and she relaxed again. If this was from Xara then she had not left the area yet. She made a mental note to keep an eye on the clubs and bars in the area tonight.

Bri decided that she would go back by and see Master Yoda and give him an update on her progress. Then she decided to head back to her living quarters and get some sleep for tonight. If she was going to up all night then she would need her rest. Bri already knew that she would be tired tomorrow.

Her food arrived breaking up her train of thought. Eyeing the food in front of her she quickly dug in making quick work of the food.


Xara had walked quickly back to her small room after going to the cafe. On her way there she felt the same feeling that she had earlier in the day. She was able to look inside the small cafe and was not surprised when she noticed Bri sitting in the back. This weird connection that seemed connect her with Bri was unusual to her. She did not know what to think, and if she did not get over it soon, it would begin to affect her job performance.

She fell back onto her bed and tried to think about what to do about Bri. Yes, she was a Jedi, a very pretty one, but a Jedi nonetheless. Bri was everything that Xara had been brought up to hate, but she found that when she tried to hate Bri, she could not.

Xara wondered if it was even wise to continue her quest on gathering information tonight. If she did not then it would mean that she would have to explain why to her boss, and that was something she did not want to do, just yet. She knew it was only a matter of time before they pushed for a confrontation between her and Bri. That was something she wondered if she could even do. When she had first fought Bri just inside Otto Julies’ home she had found herself hesitating even before he hood flew back and Bri’s face was revealed. Xara had found herself unable to attack after that, so she ran as fast as she could.

She walked over to where she had placed her supplies and grabbed a quick snack to hold her over until she went out that night. After finishing her snack off, and cleaning up her small mess she decided to catch a quick nap so she would be refreshed for her evenings activities.


Bri made her way back to Otto Julies’ office where Master Yoda and his padawan, Markus, were still standing guard for the man. Markus noticed her approach and waved to her. Bri smiled and waved back as she made her way into the room. She noticed that Yoda was sitting in meditation, like he would quite often to pass the time.

“Bri, how goes the search?” Yoda asked wondering if she had made any discoveries since this morning when she had left.

“Not much master,” Bri replied. “Although I have discovered a way to track her, I think.”

“Markus, some water please,” Yoda asked his padawan who nodded and left to get something to drink for Yoda. “Now tell me.”

“There is a feeling I get when she is near, I think,” Bri said not really sure about it, but it was the only thing she had to go on. “I’m going back to my room to take a nap before I go to the nightclubs tonight.”

“Wise idea that is,” Yoda replied. “Talk to Master Aqat you should about this,” Yoda told her watching as her face showed a bit of shock at the idea. She looked on for more information, but Yoda was not forthcoming so Bri knew the only way to find out what he meant was talking to Master Aqat.

Markus walked back into the room with a pitcher of water and some glasses for all of them. Bri had a quick glass and then told them that she was heading back to the temple. Yoda told her to be careful, and Markus did the same, but knew that he was out of the loop as to what was going on.

“Is she all right?” Markus asked after Bri had left the room.

“Yes, tough time she is having, that is all,” Yoda replied leaving his answer at that although he was wondering if the young woman would ever be the same again.


Bri quickly made her way to the Jedi Temple, as the traffic had died down a bit. She made her way through the main hallway and past some of the statues of the great Jedi of the past. She had almost made it when she heard a familiar voice.

“So how is the great Jedi Knight Bri doing on her mission?” The voice said mockingly at her. Bri groaned a bit inside while she turned around to face another Jedi standing behind her.

“Cal, what a surprise,” Bri said trying not to let the man get to her. He stood just a bit taller than she was, but he had an attitude that made her squirm. He took every opportunity to bother her or tease her about what she was doing compared to him. He liked to brag, that much was sure and the Jedi Council had reprimanded him many times already.

“So, how are you doing?” Cal said putting his arm around her.

Bri shrugged off his arm and said that everything was fine and that she must be going, she had a meeting with Master Janson.

“I’ll see you around Bri,” The man said with a smile, which Bri did not return.

Bri was glad when she rounded the corner and no longer had to be in the man’s presence. She had not known that he was back, the last she had heard about Cal was that he was still off on assignment in the outer regions of the Republic. She pushed his encounter to the back of her mind and focused on finding Janson.

Bri had to ask a few people to the whereabouts of Master Janson, but she finally located him in a small part of the library. He looked up when he heard footsteps approaching and grinned a bit when he saw who it was.

“Master Janson, Master Yoda advised me to talk to you,” She said quietly.

“Yes, come and let us go where ears are not listening in,” He whispered back to her then led her back to his small room in silence. On the way Bri glanced up at him a couple of times wondering what was going on. Once inside his room he ushered her to sit down.

Bri took a quick glance around the small room. There were few things on the wall, but there was a picture of the man’s sister and husband, along with his brother, who had been a Jedi as well, but killed in an ambush while on a mission almost twenty years ago.

“You’re probably wondering why Master Yoda told you to talk to me,” Janson said watching as the strawberry-blonde nodded her head. Aqat got up and went over to the picture of his sister and her family. “My sister and her husband are soulmates,” He told her and she was a bit stunned at this statement.

Bri was a bit shocked at this news. It was something that she had not been expecting, but she might now be able to understand a few things a bit better.

“Tell me, have you noticed any strange feelings, like the Force, but in your heart?” Janson asked and knew the answer even before she answered him.

“I have felt a tingling, nothing that centers on one emotion several time in the past couple of days,” Bri replied. “Is that me sensing her?” she asked wanting to know the answer.

“Yes, my sister has tried to describe it several time to me, but I don’t think that it is something that can be explained,” he told her. “She has told me that if she concentrates hard enough that she can sense where he is, and even what he is doing.”

Bri thought about that for a few minutes. She wondered if her dreams were a way of telling her that Xara was in trouble.

“How long were you two together during your vacation?” Janson asked wondering if they had spent the entire month together.

Bri mentally calculated the amount of time that she and Xara had spent together before answering. “We spent about three weeks together, why?” Bri asked a bit curious about his question.

“How did you feel the first time you saw her?” Janson asked a bit curious if her answer would compare to his sister’s. “Don’t be shy about it.”

Bri sat there for a few minutes trying to put into words what she felt when she first saw Xara. She briefly wondered if she could ever do the feeling justice. “It was unlike anything that I had ever experienced in my entire life.” Bri said beginning her tale. “Xara was walking down the lakeshore towards me. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt such a connection to a person as I did that moment. I would have continued running past until I noticed her eyes. She had the deepest, prettiest and most wonderful color of blue that I had ever seen. I think that I went into a bit of shock, I stood like a gawking teenager staring at her and she had to ask me if I was alright to break me out of it,” Bri said with a bit of a laugh.

Janson sat in silence as he listened to what Bri was saying. It sounded a bit like his sister. Whenever he would ask her about it she would reply with a rambling about how wonderful her husband was, or a certain moment. Janson was sure that Bri did have a soulmate, and that she did find her soulmate in this Xara.

“I felt such a connection while I was with her that I did not want the time to end,” Bri said. “When she finally had to leave, the day before I did, I stood and watched as the taxi went out of sight, like she was coming back to me any minute.”

“That sounds like something my sister would do,” Janson told Bri.

“I’m so torn,” Bri said switching the conversation, but Janson knew what she was talking about.

“You don’t know if you should try and find her and ask about the mission, or just find her,” Janson said watching as Bri nodded her head, avoiding the Master Jedi’s eyes. “I cannot tell you how to proceed from here, this is beyond what a normal Jedi is trained for. I believe that you will have to use your heart, and you do have allies in the council.”

Bri nodded her acknowledgement at the statement and bit the Jedi Master good day saying that she needed to get some sleep. She was going out to the nightclubs tonight and she wanted to get some rest. Janson told her good luck ad watched as the young, petite Jedi walked out of his room. He had no doubt that she would find Xara, it was the rest that he was fearful of.

End Part 3

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