Legacy of the Guardians – Part 24

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 24

“Captain,” the scanner officer yelled across the room, gaining everyone’s attention. “We’ve got a real problem here.”

Captain Lee made his way over to the scanners, checking out what the officer pointed at, and felt himself go numb. Quickly realizing the magnitude of the situation she gathered his senses.

“Communications, get me Admiral Cave, priority Alpha one,” Lee said, knowing that alpha one was a signal of catastrophic disaster.


Jack waited on hold his the communications switched on its own. He watched stunned as a captain appeared on the screen. Only a few things could do that, all of them bad.

“Admiral, Captain Lee,” the man said on the screen. “We just intercepted scans from the surface of missiles from Pakistan heading towards India.”

Jack froze in shock at the words. “Is the Del Rio there?” Jack asked thinking quickly.

“Yes sir,” he replied.

Jack quickly punched up the Del Rio’s communications, using the alpha one code, and got a lieutenant who looked wide eyed, and probably surprised upon seeing his screen suddenly activate like it did.

“Listen up, orders for both the Del Rio and the Harper, target and destroy the missiles, intelligence will be giving you the location of the known Skartian operations, destroy those areas with orbital bombardment,” Jack ordered.

“Are you sure admiral,” Lee asked.

“We can’t allow these missiles to reach their targets, destroy them at all costs, and we don’t have time to send in strike teams against the Skartians. Destroy them now, you have your orders, carry them out, you too lieutenant, this comes straight from Admiral Cave, you are not to wait for your captain to get on the bridge, fi he has a problem contact me, get going, time is of the essence!”

Jack ended the communications looking up at Steve. He hoped he had done the right thing.


In the corner of a room, an operator sat looking at his screen with numbed feelings. He could hardly believe what he saw, and didn’t want to believe it. He already informed his commanding officer. He was to sit waiting while the President was informed of what was going on in the Middle East.

He knew it would not take long before India responded in kind. He never thought he would see anything like this outside of a simulation. Then it happened, the radars spotted missiles heading up from India. Full scale nuclear war going on in the screen in front of him. Millions about to die and nothing he could do except pray.

He quickly informed his commander that India had responded, and looked up seeing his screen on the large main screen. Had he looked around he would have seen everyone starting at shock at what was going on. The unfolding horror in the room was contrasted by a TV which had a sports talk show on, and they were talking about basketball.

People stared in shock at what seemed to have happened in such a short time. A few days ago the threat of nuclear war was light. He looked up at the defcon number, seeing it change from 5 to 2. Reports came in that the President was heading to Airfore One, and NATO forces were deploying into defensive positions. Even reports that in many places in the former Soviet Union air raid warnings were telling people to the shelters.

The world, it seemed, had finally gone mad.


High above Earth’s surface, targeting systems locked onto their targets. Weapons systems were activated and turrets swung around ready for duty.

Two orbiting warships opened fire


The scanner operator turned as the TV switched from the sports center to a reporter in India. The sound was off, but he could see her panic, and the panic behind her as people ran around in terror. Everyone seemed to have turned to the TV, watching it.

The camera panned up following the reporter’s gaze. The camera caught a missile trail followed by an explosion causing the reporter, and cameraman to jump. The picture went wild for a second before it righted.

The picture went around and the scanner operator watched in disbelief as another missile coming in was destroyed in mid-air, by something from outer space.


“Lock on target,” the captain of the Del Rio ordered. He had run onto the bridge to find a lieutenant giving firing orders, the weapon systems armed, locked onto a target. Even as the captain ordered a stand down the lieutenant ordered the weapons to fire.

The weapons officer had taken a look at the captain, who was barking no, and went ahead and fired. He quickly was informed of the situation by the lieutenant, who still rushed out orders. The situation crashed down on the captain, realizing what had happened, quickly took a look before taking over the firing of the weapons, even as the information from Independence Station came in.

“Captain, we have the coordinates, transferring to targeting computer,” the communication’s officer said.

“Concentrate on the missiles first, they are the priority,’ the captains aid, once those were taken care of, he would target the area and fire.


Randall got a call from his secretary who said it was Admiral Cave, and he wanted to talk to him now. He frowned, and wondered what Jack might want, but if Jack wanted to talk to him, he would. He left the council room and activated his communicator. Activating the communicator he was surprised when Steve, not Jack appeared.

“What’s so important?” Randall asked.

“Warn the ilderians, Heckians and Ukpters, they might be under Skartian attack real soon,” Steve said in a rush.

“Huh? What, why?” Randall asked, perplexed about the suddenness of the conversation.

“We have learned of a plan by the Skartians, the first stage, nuclear war on Earth, right now that’s going on between Pakistan and India, we have that under control, we hope. The Skartians hoped it would engulf the entire world. With us out of the way they were going to attack those closest to them,” Steve said.

“On it,” Randall said, ending the communications and heading back into the council room, right to his seat. The council was arguing over some normal trade dispute between races when he sat down next to Kinser. “I have some news,” he said quickly watching Kinser look over. “WE have good reason to believe the Skartians are about to attack your race, along with a few others. It was a second stage of an attack on Earth.”

“How reliable is your source?” Kinser asked.

“Pretty good, the first phase was nuclear war on my homeworld, which is being fought off now. I don’t know the details, but its enough that my superiors are worried,” Randall said, recalling what Steve said.

“If you think its worth it, I shall go warn my government,” Kinser said.

“Do either of you have anything important to say in this conversation?” another ambassador asked, upset that the neither Randall or Kinser was paying attention to what he was saying. Randall looked around before making up his mind.

“Yes I do,” he said, standing, while Kinser took the opportunity to walk out of the room. “Recent intelligence leads us to believe that the Ilderians, Heckians, and Ukpters are going to be attacked by the Skartians real soon,” Randall said to the room, wondering fi they would even believe him.

“And why should we believe you?” the Heckian ambassador asked. “We are not involved in your war.”

“Our intelligence has intercepted Skartian plans, an there is a strong indicatioin that you will be attacked by them in the near future,” Randall said to the assembled delegates. “I can only warn you, nothing else.”

“Sounds to me like you want us to interfere in your little war against the Skartians, are you not faring as well as you say?” the Heckian asked, almost taunting Randall.

“I never asked for any help, only to warn you. What you do with the warning is up to you,” Randall replied staying calm. “We received intelligence and as a responsible race we are passing the news on to you.”

He watched and felt more ambassadors were siding with the Heckian. He felt a strange buzzing in his mind, and could not place it.


“No indications of movement along the border sir,” Ahmed said to Admiral Dinen. His group had been on alert since the crisis back on Earth. Watching the admiral she noticed he did not think this was good news.

“Thank you captain for keep us up to date,” George said to Ahmed. “The Skartians used their groups to gain power and overthrow the Pakistan government, which they then used to attack India, probably hoping for global war. Would have worked had Admiral Cave not intervened.”

“Nukes?” Ahmed asked, getting a nod from George. “How did Admiral Cave stop that?”

“The battlecruiser Del Rio and the destroyer Harper intercepted the missiles, then attacked the known Skartian compounds in Pakistan, special forces are already going after the compounds in Afghanistan. Intelligence things this is this attack could be like what happened in September,” Dinen said to him.

“We’ll keep an eye out for anything, thanks for the update admiral,” Ahmed said.

“You may also have reinforcement coming,” Dinen said.

“Yes sir,” Ahmed said, as the conversation ended. He would have to make an announcement to the group informing of what happened back on Earth. Things seemed to go crazy back home.


Jack sat back in his chair, feeling restless. Something felt wrong, and it drove him crazy that he could not think of what it might be. He picked up the intelligence report one last time, reading it over. The Skartians were purposefully intensifying the war and he had no problem obliging. So far though, he had no reports from the border of an impending attack like they expected.

Part of him thought he should celebrate, he stopped a nuclear war, saved millions of lives, so why did he think he failed? The report gave him no new answers, and he felt the same.

“You look worried Jack,” Steve said, walking into the office. Jack pondered informing his friend about his concerns.

“Probably nothing, but I can’t help thinking that something bigger is about to happen, something important that I’m missing,” Jack said to Steve.

“There is one thing that bothers me about this report,” Steve said, pointing to the report Jack had in his hands. “It mentions all large metropolitan areas on Earth, the home planets of three other races but nowhere does it mention Earth or this base.”

“That’s it!” Jack said, activating the communicator. “Get me Vice Admiral Diene, Captain Ahmed, and Vice Admiral Peterov now, Steve, stay here,” Jack said, his mind racing at his what he had thought of.

He drummed his fingers on the table waiting as the appropriate people were contacted. Finally his secretary told him they were on the line. Jack activated his communicator talking right away.

“We have a lot of work to do, no time to do in, so listen up, I’ve realized what might have happened,” Jack said quickly.

“I hope you plan on telling us what’s up Jack,” Joseph said, with some irritation in his voice. “This interrupted a highly important meeting with some high staff on Earth.”

“The Skartians have more ships than we thought, and they are using them in this attack on the Skartians, Heckians and Ukpters and hoped with their plan that we destroyed ourselves with the nuclear war,” Jack said to them. “What they didn’t plan on, was us uncovering their plot here, or getting involved.”

“That part is still debatable, but what about the other races?” Joseph asked.

“Randall is talking to them, hopefully they will be able to defend themselves against any attack, but I would like to send help,” Jack said to them.

“That would leave us defenseless if they choose to attack us,” Joseph said, concerned about the plan.

“No, we’ll leave Vice Admiral Peterov and his fleet to defend Earth and the Station will have a few ships around, the rest will help our neighbors,” Jack stated.

“Any of our warships entering their space could be viewed as an invasion,” Ahmed said, speaking up for the first time.

“How about sending in the first patrol squad, they are fast and stealthy,” George said, speaking up in the conversation. “Fleet R could be waiting for their report and go on quickly if we’re needed.”

“That could work, but what makes you think the Skartians are going on the attack now?” Peterov asked.

“It’s how they’ve operated lately, create a diversion, and attack when you’re looking the other way,” Jack said to the group.

“There is the possibility that we are still the target admiral,” Joseph said, bringing up the obvious.

“I know, but they would have attacked already. I feel that the targets are already under attack, and I can’t stand by and do nothing,” Jack said to them. “This also could lead to finding out about who is helping them. But we must move now.”

“Very well, I’ll let the others know, go ahead and send the first patrol group,” Joseph said. “Captain Ahmed, take your ships into Ilderian space and find out what you can quickly,” Joseph ordered.

“I’ll assemble the fleet in sector R-3 waiting for your signal,” George said.

“Yes sir,” Ahmed said, then signed off followed by George.

“Peterov, position your ships around the planet in what you consider the best defensive position. I’ll inform all ground troops to prepare for ground invasion, and inform the militaries of the USA, Russia, and Europe countries,” Joseph said.

Jack felt a bit surprised at including other countries’ militaries, but knew it could not be helped this time. They all ended the communications leaving Jack and Steve.

“You really think the Skartians are carrying out this plan?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, I do, and whoever is helping them is calling the shots. I can’t imagine they are very happy with the recent outcomes, and for some reason they want us out of the way,” Jack said. He only wished he knew why. “Come on, we have work to do.”


Ahmed nervously listened to the reports, considering his ships had quite possibly the most dangerous part of the plan. They had to enter another race’s space and not be spotted.

“Captain, scanners indicate wreckage off to the port bow,” the scanner operator sadi.

Ahmed stood heading over to the scanner to check it out. It seemed to be an outpost according to the debris. It might be one like they used to monitor Skartian activity. Ahmed did not like the implications this meant.

“Helm, speed fifty percent, head to the Ilderian homeworld,” he said. “Communications, monitor all known ilderian channels for anything.”

He knew the increase of speed would decrease their stealth, but he had a feeling it could not be helped. He studied the map and mentally calculated a line from the Skartian space, the wreckage and the Ilderian homeworld realizing they were in a line.

“Concentrate long range scans up ahead,” he ordered

It took a few seconds before the scanners were readjusted. By concentrating the scans they could see farther ahead.

“Coming into view sir, hang on, yeah, got something sir,” the scanner operator said. “Skartian fleet moving towards the Ilderian homeworld, they will be there in ten minutes.”

“Maximum speed, how long till we intercept?” Ahmed asked, quickly receiving the report they would be there in fifteen, and fleet R would take an hour. “Contact Admiral Dinen, tell them there are warships at the Ilderian homeworld, next contact the Ilderian forces, inform them of the incoming Skartian fleet.”

“Sir, can’t reach the Ilderian homeworld, they are jamming us,” the communications operator said. “But Admiral Dinen is heading out to help out.”

Ahmed could only hope they managed to defeat the Skartisn with little civilian causalities.


Randall spent the past couple of hours defending himself from members of the council about warships of his race invading others. One race, the Dedians even accused the human race of fabricating the entire war with the Skartiansto potential deadly war that was going on back on Earth.

Randall noticed that the few he thought might be allies were not coming to his defense. He was alone in this battle, not that unusual, but he hoped to have some allies by now. The only one who had not said anything had been Toncor, sitting there listening to the group. He noticed Kinser walk back into the room even and interrupt the Dedian ambassador.

“Shut up ambassador, it so happens the human is right this time,’ Kinser practically yelled at the Dedian, who looked shocked, as did many at the Ilderian’s outburst. “I received a report that as of this moment a large Skartian war fleet is approaching my homeworld, destroying any station on their way.I suggest that the Heckian and Ukpter notify their own government fast before it’s too late.”

Randall said nothing, waiting as the two ambassadors paused before leaving. They both realized it was better tow warn their government and nothing happen than to stay idle and watch everything be destroyed.

It figures that the Ilderians are on the side of the humans,” the Didian said, contempt in his voice.

“That’s enough, until we figure this out, this discussion is now over,” the President said, ending the shouting going on. He moved the discussion to another topic that he deemed more important.

Randall leaned back in the chair before turning to Kiser. “Will your defense forces be able to handle the Skartian fleet?”

“They did not sound hopeful,” Kinser replied. “They are trying to recall our warships, but they are too far away to make a difference, and there is no time to evacuate the planet.”

“I hope the others are not too late,” Randall said. “Our intelligence reported that their fleets were damaged, but they were holding back on us.”

“Or whoever was helping them got more involved,” Kinser said.

The Heckian and Ukpter ambassadors returned, looking directly at the Dedian ambassador before telling the council that their worlds were under attack by Skartians forces as well. Randall wondered was the outcome of this might be.

End of part 24

Continued in Part 25

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