Legacy of the Guardians – Part 5

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Randall had made his way back to his office, sitting there wondering what else might happen. The attack on New York had left his questioning what might happen next. He hoped it had nothing to do with the Skartians. The beep from his computer indicated he had mail, and opened the message. He blinked at the words, the second patrol squadron was under attack by a Skartian battlefleet in Earth space.

Not wasting any time he quickly raced back to the council room, seeing it still in session. He quickly made his way to his desk, looking over at Kinser and wondering if he had heard of what happened. He glanced over making sure the Skartian ambassador was still in the room, glad to see him knowing this meeting was about to get very interesting.

“Have I missed anything Kinser?” Randall asked.

“You’re back Ran Dall,” Kinser said, a bit surprised by his return. “I didn’t think you could come back after your actions earlier today.”

“New developments,” Randall replied, knowing what he was about to say. “Have you heard anything lately,” he whispered to him, leaning closer to him.

“No, I’ve been listening to these boring speakers, the Skartian ambassador ranted on about how humans should be kicked out of the council. He brought that up the moment you left the room,” Kinser said. “I think you had a reason, but it is an internal affair, it is up to you as long as you don’t disturb the rest and tell us, we have no problems with is. That’s how most of us feel.”

“Thanks for the support Kinser,” Randall said, looking as the Skartian ambassador gained the floor again.

“Here we go again,’ Kinser said, loud enough for Randall to hear, and chuckled slightly at the Ilderian reaction, so unlike most other races. However Randall also knew a bombshell was about to be dropped on the council floor, by him.

“I see that the human ambassador has returned,” the Skartian ambassador said, pointing to Randall. “I would like these charges to be address in a proper manner, or I will bring forth diplomatic penalties. I have support for such actions this time.”

“No,” Randall said, standing up, gaining everyone’s attention by the bold move.

“Ambassador Randall, you are aware the charges levied against your race are quite severe,” the President said.

“Any charges are irrelevant now that the Skartians have declared war against us,” Randall said, as everyone went still at the news.

“We have done no such thing!” the Skartain yelled back, exactly what Randall expected.

“I have proof this time,” Randall said.

“Yeah, I’m sure that you’ve finally managed to fabricate some phony lie and elaborated on it so you can declare war on us,” the Skartian said. The shuffling of others could be heard as they watched the sudden declarations.

“We have solid proof this time that a Skartian fleet has crossed the neutral zone and is attacking Earth warships as we speak,” Randall said.

“Preposterous, what an outlandish lie,” the ambassador said, banging his fist on the table. “You will probably bring in some wreckage that is from the last war and say that’s proof.”

“Then how about the fact that you attacked our fleet,” Kinser said, standing up next to Randall. He held his computer looking over something, but Randall had the impression the Ilderian fleet in the Neutral Zone had also been attacked. Everyone’s eyes turned from Randall to Kinser. “A Skartian fleet attacked and destroyed several of our ships sent to patrol the Neutral Zone between the humans and Skartians.”

“A clear fabrication by the humans to sway the council,” the Skartian said.

“If it hadn’t been for the human fleet our fleet would have been destroyed,” Kinser said. “If anything, your race is hiding something. You’ve constantly tried to deflect everything away from you and place blame on the humans, enough of your lies!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the Skartian replied, but Randall was thinking now about recent events, especially earlier in the day.

“Sure you do,” Randall said, walking towards the ambassador. “I find it quite interesting when I mentioned earlier today that Earth space was closed, the only person who objected was you.” Randall said, pointing at the Skartian and still closing in on him. “Then when I mentioned that Earth warships would be patrolling the border, you appeared concerned, perhaps you knew about your fleet, and how it would be known before it reached its target.

“You didn’t want us to be on guard, but that’s exactly what that attack on our homeworld did, put us on alert. You expected us to be looking inward, not outward as well,” Randall said, now standing by the Skartian seat.

“Humans are quite mad, I must speak with my government to gain a better idea on their position on this obvious lie,” the Skartian said, turning and walking out of the room.

“Then you can tell them, as far as the human race is concerned, the Skartians have declared war on our race, any Skartian ship will be met with hostile force,” Randall said, watching him huff slightly before leaving the room as Randall walked back to his seat. The room still seemed in shock over what happened, even as the President recognized Kinser to the floor.

“I have been instructed by my government to formally advise that as of right now, the Ilderians are at war against the Skartian Empire as of the time they attacked our fleet,” Kinser said, slightly surprising Randall. They had no allies in the last war. “The Ilderians stand beside the humans in their war against the Skartians. I suggest everyone take a hard look at the actions of the Skartians Empire lately. Their actions threaten the peace of everyone.”

Silence reigned for a while after the announcement by Kinser. People were taking a moment to absorb the situation of what happened. Randall knew Kinser spoke the truth, and hoped the others would come to the same conclusion, but would not force anything. He had to be careful in how he spoke so others would not think he was manipulating them. He also had the feeling that the others would not get involved either.

They all looked on as the Skartian walked back into the room and asked for the floor. The President granted it and waited.

“My government has informed me that due to recent events, they have declared war on the human race, and any race who wishes to support them in this battle,” the Skartian stated, looking over at Randall. “This time human, there will be no peace.”

“So be it,” Randall replied, as the Skartian left the room. Randall knew he’d have to report this back, and wondered how his superiors would react.


Ahmed sat in the captain’s chair, having temporarily taken command of the Moscow due to the captain’s injuries being more serious than previously thought. He would be out of action for at least a month. Vice Admiral Dinen had placed Ahmed in charge and her remaining escort, which had somehow avoided serious damage. The Moscow received more damage, and estimates from repair crews stated it would take at least a couple of weeks to months of repairs before entering service again.

They were heading back to Independence Station when the news of formal war between Earth and Skartia had come in. Ahmed was not surprised, considering he had been there in the battle. He now had an announcement to make.

“All hands, this is Colonel Ahmed speaking,” he said over the ship’s intercom. “As of this moment, we are formally at war with the Skartian Empire. All ships are to maintain a level one war condition starting now. I don’t have to tell you what happened, you were there. High Command believes that the Skartians used the attack in New York as a distraction for their fleet to enter and attack. Your courageous actions stopped that plan, good work people.” He turned off the intercom wondering if they might find those responsible for the attack, and how they were linked to the Skartians. He might look into it when he returned.

“The captain’s asking for you sir,” the doctor said on his communicator.

“Be right there,” Ahmed said, handing over the bridge to the next in command before heading over to sick bay. He arrived a few minutes later finding the captain lying down and looking more relaxed than at any other time. He figured it had to be because of the pain medication.

“Glad you could make it,” the captain said, his voice sounding a bit slurred.

“The doctor said you wanted to see me?” Ahmed said.

“Yeah, how many ships did we lose?” he asked.

“All but the Griffen sir,” Ahmed replied, knowing it was almost all of the patrol squadron.

“And our damage?”

“Main port shield generator, two of the three engines off-line, one will need full replacement, most of our weapons are off line, the long range scanners were damaged, and we lost thirty-one crew members, another forty-eight injured” Ahmed said. “One the plus side life support is working even better now.”

“We won the battle,’ he asked, smiling slightly at Ahmed’s joke.

“The reinforcements arrived and beat their ass. We’re currently being escorted by the Calgary and London.”

“That’s good.”

“Was there anything else captain?”

“No, the doctor didn’t know that information, but I needed to know.”

“Thought so,” Ahmed said, staying quiet for a second before speaking up. “If we had not stayed near the neutral zone, this fighting might have been closer to Earth or Independence Station, hindering our defenses. Your commands probably saved a lot of people’s lives.”

“Something didn’t feel right about everything, I’ve trusted my instinct, why stop now,” the captain said with a slight laugh.

“Well, we’re going to be arriving in port soon, and I’m sure things will get busy,” Ahmed said.

“Someone will need to bring in the ship.”

“Ah, I’m not trying to take over your command,” Ahmed said quickly, hoping the captain did not think that.

“No, I understand, someone needs to be in command, and I’m not in any shape to do that. You’ll do fine,” he said, making Ahmed felt a bit better.

“Thank you sir,” Ahmed said, before leaving the med lab and heading to the cafeteria for a quick bit to eat before heading back to the bridge.


“Vice Admiral Dinen says they arrived in time,” Steve said to Jack, giving him a summary of the battle. “The Skartian fleet was about to finish off the patrol fleet and continue on when they arrived.”

“By the numbers given, the Skartians have been rebuilding their fleet for them to come at us with a hundred warships,” Jack said, thinking about the report. “That concerns me, that and the terrorist attack back home. Do we have any idea as to who is behind it?”

“Reports are saying that a group called Al Qaeda is behind it, led by Osama bin Laden, though I’ve heard reports that they are not smart enough to orchestrate such an attack like this.”

“I bet when we look, we find at least one Skartian in the group,” Jack stated. “This time they’ve gone too far.”

“Received a report from the Council, they agree with you there. The Ilderians have already pledged their support along with a dozen other worlds close by.”

“Randall is doing his job.”

“You and I both know he has patience when dealing with other races, besides, you do a better job with the fleet, after all, you sent additional ships at the best time, and didn’t wait to see what might happen,” Steve said.

“I guess you’re right,” Jack said, agreeing with Steve.

“So, red beard, what’s out next step?” Steve asked.

“Keeping the fleet on alert, patrol the neutral zone, and wait to see until I have talked with President Bush,” Jack said.

“Think that’s wise?” Steve said, referring to the President. “He is an elected official, remember last time?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it can be avoided this time,” Jack said. “I have a feeling we will need major support in this war, but I also have some concerns.”

“The captain of the Moscow will probably be up for an award, if his patrol hadn’t been there, I hate to think of what might have happened.”

“That makes two of us Steve,” Jack said, wishing his actions had been wrong instead of right. He so wished to be chewed out for sending the fleet than having to need it. “I wish we had more intelligence. Damn that Clinton for slashing the budget so much.”

“Don’t cry over spilled milk.”

“I know, just wish we had a heads up of what is going on. I detest playing catch-up,” Jack said, leaning back into his chair. He had a war to fight now, and intelligence to fight it with. That was a major reason for visiting the President of the USA, a war meant things back home might need to be changed. Of course it also meant conspiracy theories, all of which were wrong.

“I’ll get the latest position of the fleet, see if we want to move any ships,” Steve said, leaving the room.

Jack watched him go, wondering what he was going to, did he go on the offensive? Play defense? What was the goal of this war? He had a vague impression of something else out there, something more sinister. He only wished he could put his finger on it what it might be.


Ahmed sat down in his quarters, the end of a long day. He never expected to part of some battle, the beginning of a new war, and so much destruction. The patrol group had returned to the station, but missing four ships.

He had retired after finishing docking the ship, now looking forward to some sleep. His mind continued to go over everything he learned about today. He still could not believe what happened back home, and the considered they might need some help, he was from Afghanistan, perhaps he could help.

He quickly sent off a note to the commander with his credentials. They might be able to use him in tracking down whoever was behind it. He did not expect to hear back from anyone, but he had done his duty.

He lay down, wondering what the people of his country might think if they knew the truth. Would they ignore it? He liked to think of his people as fierce fighters, but now he was not sure. Especially if a Skartian could come in and manipulate them so easily.

Pushing the thoughts from his mind he turned over and tried to go to sleep.


Jack watched Steve walk into his office the next morning. “Anything new I need to know about?” he asked.

“Well, depending on your view of news, nothing has happened in the past eight hours,’ Steve said. They both had worked late into the night, and now were catching up on all the latest news reports, both from Earth and away.

“I guess that’s good news, we have the patrol fleets rotating in and out along with back up ready to help,” Jack asked.

“Yeah, the loss of the second patrol squadron had made things a bit harder, but we’re borrowing some ships from the Second battlecruiser fleet, and stepped up recruitment back home,” Steve said. “Oh yeah, got a message saying that the current captain of the Moscow, Ahmed, he’s from Afghanistan and offered his skills if we need it.”

“Hmm, that could prove useful, did you contact him yet?” Jack asked, his mind already going over ways Ahmed might be useful in their investigations.

“Not yet, the bridge officer says they just docked and the captain had gone to get some sleep after a long shift, some thirty-eight hours straight. I left instructions for him to contact us right away after he woke up.”

“Good idea, he’ll need his sleep, and I don’t think this will be resolved quickly anyways. Rather have an alert and awake person than someone who is sleep deprived making such decisions,” Jack said. “Anything else, I didn’t find anything here.”

“Just Randall, stating the Skartian ambassador has disappeared and no one can find him.”

“Don’t like that.”

“Me neither,” Steve said, handing Jack the message, which stated the same news Steve said.

“Something’s definitely going on here, and I don’t like what I’m beginning to think.”

“And do I want to know what you think?”

Jack looked up at his friend before replying. “That there might be another player out there, one who is helping the Skartians from the shadows.”

“Another race, you think so?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me. There are intelligent races who don’t belong to the council. I want anything unusual to be sent to me as well, not the intel reports, the report from the person who saw it.”

“What type of unusual report?”

“I don’t know, something that I’ll know when I see it I guess,” Jack said. “It’s a vague feeling in my gut.”

“I’ll keep an eye out then,” Steve replied. He then turned to head back to his office to start his day.

End Part 5

Continued in Part 6

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