Princess Elsa – Part 25

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 25

Lynn fiddled with her hands, very nervous about what was going to happen, something she still couldn’t believe.

“Would you settle down,” her friend Brea said, from where she sat looking over at Lynn.

“I can’t help it,” Lynn replied.

“Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here about to do this,” Jessica said.

“Hans had a fit, he really wanted to be part of this,” Brea replied.

“He is,” Lynn said, knowing he was somewhere.

“He wanted to be here,” Brea said.  “Just to look at us changing.”

“At least he never changes,” Lynn replied before the make-up person asked her to remain still again.

Taking a breath she settled back in allowing the person to work.

“I still can’t believe all of this,” Brea said.  “And to think, all because you won a trip calling in at a radio station.”

“I’d never imagine myself here,” Jessica said, then laughed.  “I still recall when you introduced her to us as your girlfriend.”

Lynn heard Brea groan.  “Not this again.”

“Hey, at least Percy caught you,” Jessica laughed.

“How are you two doing?” Lynn asked, changing the subject slightly.

“Well, I’m moving closer to where he is, my parents like him,” Brea said.

“He is cuddly,” Jessica said.  “Completely opposite of his appearance.”

“He helped out more than once,” Lynn said.

“Speaking of that trip, you ever hear from Kris again?” Jessica said.  “I know she said a lot of things.”

“She tried a few stories, like the police called to my apartment, but I wasn’t even there,” Lynn said.  “As far as I’m concerned, her cheating was the best thing in my life.”

“True, without that, you wouldn’t have started the relationship with Elsa,” Brea said.  “And she, well, there is no comparison between the two.”

“Well, Elsa, she is in a class all her own,” Lynn said thinking about her.  They had been going out now for over a year now and things had progressed.

“Still marriage, I always thought I’d be the first of the four of us to get married,” Brea said.

“Yeah, I expected you to be the last one, if at all,” Jessica said.

“Gee, thanks, I think,” Lynn said, unsure how to take that comment.

“It means we didn’t see you with Kris, and settling down wasn’t something we saw either,” Brea said.

“So, who proposed first?” Jessica asked.

Lynn recalled that moment.  It really wasn’t either of them, they had been in bed, one of the few times they managed to get together after the blizzard and lying there talking.  The subject had come up and it just seemed natural to both of them.

“That’s a secret,” Lynn said, knowing that Elsa had done the ring first, in front of the rest of the royal family in private.  She only managed that due to the fact she got the ring first, being royalty had its perks.

“What about the honeymoon?” Jessica asked.

“Decided on someplace tropical,” Lyn said, knowing what swimsuits they had packed and couldn’t wait to see Elsa in it again.

“A beach, sounds romantic,” Brea said.

Lynn sure hoped it would be.


Elsa looked down at her fingers, twisting them slightly as she considered what she was actually doing today.  Her attendants were making last minute changes to her dress even as her mother looked on.  Anna and Rapunzel were also getting fixed at the last minute.

The wedding was being broadcast live all over the empire as Elsa gave thought to everything which happened in the past sixteen months.  It had been that long since meeting Lynn on vacation.

“Ready for this?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, I am,” Elsa replied looking over at her sister.

“I think it’s great,” Rapunzel said.  “Can’t believe I was there to see you two meet.  I usually don’t have that pleasure.”

“I think Eugene would disagree,” Anna said.

“Ha-ha, very funny red,” Rapunzel replied back to her.

Elsa focused from her sister back to her dress. There were several people who chimed in on what she should have.  The designer wanted a long train on the back, which she refused to have.  It had been a disagreement for a while only resolved when the crown stepped in.  She had no train, but the designer was allowed to show some cleavage.

She had was showing off a bit, nothing too bad, and gave her a bit of a sexy appeal.  Two years ago Elsa would have been against things like this, now, she thought of it as showing off to Lynn, a tease of what will come.

It was something she had been doing since they had meet, at least from the bikini in the hot tub.  Lynn persuaded her to pack it along for the honeymoon.  Elsa had managed to say yes, only if Lynn would wear something similar.

“Thirty minutes,” a young aide said, poking her head into the room.

“Relax, everything will be fine,” her mother said walking over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“I know.”

“Is just a big step,” Anna stated.


“Besides, you have us here,” Rapunzel stated.

“Gee, thanks, I think,” Elsa replied, hoping they were right.


Lynn stood at the front of the alter, waiting for the princess to walk down the aisle.  Her own nerves were doubled knowing that everyone in the empire would watch the wedding, something she never expected.  Beside her Brea and Jessica stood waiting as well, probably as nervous as she felt.

Then she watched as Rapunzel, then Anna made their way down the aisle.  Next would be Elsa as she stepped forward next to the king.  Stepping with an old, traditional wedding song as people rose to watch the ‘’bride’ make her way towards Lynn.

Elsa looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle.  She noted no long train behind her and figured Elsa had won that battle, thought a bit of cleavage was showing.  Lynn reminded herself not to focus on that and to focus on Elsa’s face, something which was hard as she looked at the figure walking towards her, the sway of her hips, slightly wishing there was a slit to see her lovely long legs.

Before she knew it, Elsa was standing next to her, the king giving Lynn her hand as they turned to the priest who began the ceremony.  And like that it passed by in a flash despite her nerves and she was looking at Elsa and kissing her before turning to the rest of the crowd.


Elsa settled into the sofa as they moved into the hotel room.  They would stay here tonight before heading out on their honeymoon the next day.

“Well, can I say I’m glad that’s over?” Lynn said, sitting down onto the sofa next to her, and obviously looking at her chest.  “So, who’s idea was this?” she asked, reaching out and touching the tops of her breasts.

“The designers,” Elsa replied.

“Well, it was torture to see that and not stare,” Lynn replied back to her.  “My life is going to change again.”

“I think Mr. Peters is happy,” Elsa said.  “He has someone who considers what he does to be important for a change.”

“History is important,” Lynn replied.

“I can think of some other history I’d rather engage in,” Elsa replied.  “You have a bride waiting.”

“Is that an invitation?”

“You have to ask?”

“I guess not, but I’d rather have a shower first,” Lynn replied.

“I think we could do that,” Elsa replied, allowing Lynn to help her to her feet.

“That’s an invitation I’ll take,” Lynn replied, giving her a kiss as she felt het zipper of the back of the dress lowered.

It seemed like a short time later, Lynn was working on her bra before stepping back slightly as the bra came off.

“Still, beautiful,” Lynn said.

“No fair, I’m the only one getting naked,” Elsa replied, moving forward and taking off the blouse leaving Lynn’s upper body only clad in a bra as Lynn’s hands worked some magic.

“If we keep this up we won’t make it to the shower,” Lynn replied, giving Elsa’s ear a nibble making her knees weak.

“Shower, screw that,” Elsa said, moving them towards the bed as they collapsed onto the bed.  Lynn still in a pair of pants, and bra while Elsa wore her panties and nylons.

“Getting aggressive?”

“I am the princess.” Elsa replied back looking down at Lynn, into her green eyes.

Going for another kiss she felt Lynn’s hands on her breasts, causing wonderful sensations as she knew where to touch and how.

“I think this is the beginning of a wonderful night,” Lynn said.

“I sure hope so,” Elsa replied, allowing herself to be flipped over and now looked up at Lynn a she took off her bra before moving down to take off Elsa’s panties.  “I hope it’s a long night.”

“I think I can manage that,” Lynn replied with a gleam in her eyes.

Elsa couldn’t wait.


Lynn woke the next morning feeling Elsa lying almost on top of her.  She had survived yesterday and the wedding.  Now she would start a new chapter of her life.  The feeling of waking up felt wonderful to her, and in a way, like a dream.

She never imagined that she would be here only a few years ago.  She looked down seeing Elsa waking up.

“Morning,” Lynn said.

“Ugh, what time it is?” Elsa asked.

“Um, just past eight,” Lyn replied looking over at the clock and then back at Elsa who grimaced.

“Great, mother is going to be here in thirty minutes,” Elsa replied, but made no effort to move.


“Yeah, to make sure we get to the shuttle on time for our honeymoon,” Elsa replied, causing Lynn to chuckle at that.  They had been up late last night.

“Wonder how many fan stories will go up on line with this?” Lynn said, recalling running across a site like that not long ago.  She had to exit out of the site, it seemed, weird to see stories of her and Elsa.

“Told you not to look at such things,” Elsa replied.  “Let the IT guys look at that stuff, I’m better off knowing nothing about it.”

“Like your position as most eligible person in the empire,” Lynn said.

“Which is now, thankfully, no longer the case,” Elsa replied.  “I won’t have to listen to that again.”

“I think I lucked out then,” Lynn stated, her hands moving from Elsa’s back around the front.

“Hey, stop that,” Elsa giggled as Lynn found a particular ticklish spot.  “Oh, like that.”

In seconds it turned into a tickle fight each trying for the other’s weak spots ending with Lynn on top of Elsa.

“Well, now that we’re up, how about a shower?” Elsa asked.

“We probably should,” Lynn said, reluctantly moving off and allowing Elsa off the bed.  “You first.”

“We could take one together, you could wash my back?” Elsa said, turning around and presenting said back.

“And we’d never get done,” Lynn said.  “Nope.”

With that she shooed Elsa to the bathroom while admiring the nude form before the door closed.  Lynn dropped back onto the bed before a knock interrupted her train of thought.  Quickly looking around she only spotted her clothes from the night before and realized, she had no other clothes in the room.  Quickly wrapping herself in a robe which the hotel provided headed to the door to see the queen and another person standing there.

Unlocking the door she allowed the queen in and two others, one pushing a cart, the other had two bags as the queen seemed to look at her, then the rest of the room.

“Elsa’s in the shower,” Lynn stated to her.

“You actually got up, surprising,” the queen said.  “Someone forgot to bring in your morning bag for you, thought you might need it.”

“Um, yeah,” Lynn said, making sure her robe stayed closed as the two attendants completed their task and left the room, leaving only the queen.

“Have a seat,” the queen said, moving to the table where the breakfast tray had been set down.  “No need to be shy.”

Lynn sat down, wondering what might happen next, but took a cup of coffee saving the hot chocolate for Elsa.  They made small talk, the queen speaking about what a success the wedding had been, Lynn only had to follow instructions.

The bathroom door opened as Elsa walked out and towards the main room wrapped in a towel.

“We don’t have,” she said, stopping and looking around.  “Oh, there they are.”

Lynn watched as Elsa picked up the night back and headed back to the bathroom, stopping at the door and walking back to where Lyn sat.  Bending over slightly, giving her a quick kiss.

“I’ll be right back,” she stated heading back to the bathroom before looking back, “for the hot chocolate.”

With that she closed the door causing Lynn to shake her head.

“Things won’t be dull for a while,” the queen said.

“I hope not, I think I’m getting used to it,” Lynn finally replied.

“Don’t jinx it,” the queen said as they both laughed a bit.

Lynn sat back as Elsa reappeared from the bedroom now dressed allowing her to take a shower, then they would head for their honeymoon and really begin the next chapter in her life.  She couldn’t wait.

The End

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