Princess Elsa – Part 15

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 15

Elsa made her way down the corridor, actually more like sneaking down the corridor towards one particular office.  Not seeing anyone she moved one down before reaching the door in question and quickly entered and closed the door behind her.

Standing in the room, bent over unpacking a box and looking at her strangely was Lynn, dressed in a sharp business suit, something which suited her.  The dark-haired woman stood straight up, even taller in heels, quickly covering the distance and giving Elsa a hug.

“So, what are you doing here princess?  Playing hooky?” Lynn asked.

“I can’t come see my girlfriend?” Elsa replied with a smile.

“Girlfriend huh, is that how you greet her?” Lynn replied with a smile as well.

“How about this instead,” Elsa said, picking up a bit on the bantering and kissed her instead.  She had meant it to only be a playful kiss which quickly heated up as they broke apart, gazing into each other’s eyes.  “That better?”

“Oh yeah,” Lynn replied.  “You sure you didn’t have any experience in kissing?”

“Only you,” Elsa answered before breaking apart and looking around.  “So, how are you settling in?”

“It’s only my first day,” Lynn said.  “And I thought you said you’d wait a few days to come see me.”

“Couldn’t help it, the last time I saw you was at your graduation,” Elsa said.

“So much for patience,” Lynn stated.

“I’ve bene patient, all summer,” Elsa said pouting a bit which earned her another hug.

“I’m just so glad I got this job,” Lynn said.  “No one was returning anything, thought I’d have to flip burgers.”

Elsa said nothing but scratched her ear at that comment.

“Um, did you have something to do with this?” Lynn asked, stepping back and her hands on her hips.

“Well, after I heard what your ex had done, I came here to see if it was true,” Elsa said.

“You heard?  B-But I didn’t say anything to you,” Lynn replied, now looking confused.

“Um, actually Kristoff did, he heard from Olaf,” Elsa stated hoping her girlfriend wasn’t mad.

She watched as Lynn frowned then a realization came to her.  “They overheard what Kris said at graduation.  You didn’t have to.”

“I just evened the playing field,” Elsa said, “I didn’t force them to take you, only to consider you.”

“That’s why they called me for an interview,” Lynn said.

“Are you mad?” Elsa asked, looking Lynn in the eyes.

“No, a bit, well, happy,” the reply came surprising Elsa.  “It’s nice knowing someone is on my side.”

Elsa started to say more when her phone buzzed, and looked down seeing a notification for her next meeting.

“I’d love to stay, but I have to get back,” Elsa stated.

“Hurry back,” Lynn said, giving Elsa another kiss before shooing her out the door.

“And she calls me the tease,” Elsa breathed before making her way back to the inner palace and her next meeting.  However her mind was already on ways to meet up with Lynn.  It would be interesting for sure.


Lynn looked up as her boss, Lance Peters, walked into her office.

“How are you settling?” he asked her.  She had been here now for a week.

“Going well, think I’m getting the hang of things around here,” Lynn replied.  “It’s a lot different than what we were taught in school.”

“Yes, they always go for some academic, I keep telling them this is how things are done, but they don’t listen,” Lance stated which explained why he was helpful and explaining several things they did.  “Aside from that, how are you settling in otherwise?”

“Well, haven’t found a good place yet,” Lynn replied.

“There are some very nice close apartments,” he said to her.

“Yeah, with a long waiting list,” Lynn replied back to him.

“You know, working here will help if you mention that, or if you want me to talk to them I can,” he said to her.  “Believe me, a close commute is very nice even if you go the monorail way.”

Lynn gave it some thought, knowing it would be better than the hotel and her belongings in storage at the moment.  “I’ll consider it after lunch.”

“That reminds me, I’ll be at a meeting this afternoon with the king and queen, think you can handle being on your own?”

“I think so, we’re still packing up of the last exhibit, and the new one hasn’t arrived, and shouldn’t until next week,” Lynn replied.

“Good, and give some thought to what I said about the apartments, or a house, there are some nice ones nearby as well,” he said to her.

“And expensive,” she said.

“Not all of them, the ones towards the back are general cheaper, bought my first house back there,” he replied.  “Koenig Oaks, and they are gated so no unwelcomed visitors.”

Lynn considered that, it was probably something she would want considering her girlfriend.

“In fact, there are a few houses available there right now, but don’t wait, they go fast,” he said, walking back to the door and pausing.  “In fact, you could go this afternoon, there isn’t much going on.”

He gave her a wink and left the office causing her to wonder what was going on.  It felt like he was forcing her to go out now.  She gave it some thought before getting back to work, looking at some documents and going over the figures of what to expect with the next exhibit which she would help be in charge of with Lance’s help.

A soft knock caused her to look up for her work to see a sheepish looking Elsa standing there as Lynn waved her in.

“Hey,” Lynn said, giving Elsa a hug while closing the door so no one passing by would see her.  “You know, if you keep coming here every day people will start to talk.”

“I know,” Elsa said.  “Any word on a place?”

“Well, Lance pretty much told me to go for a house in Koenig Oaks,” Lynn said.

“Hey, that’s close, and has good security, a lot of palace workers live there, as well as senators who have temporary homes while they are in office,” Elsa replied.

“I’m not sure I can afford it though,” Lynn said.

“Have you looked?” Elsa asked.

“Well, no, but it is a more expensive area,” Lynn finally replied.

“Take your boss’s advice and go look this afternoon,” Elsa said.  “I’d feel better if you were there rather than some hotel.”

“All right, I’ll go look, but no promises,” Lyn replied, looking at her girlfriend.  “Now, you better get back before someone misses you.”

With a peck on the cheek she watched Elsa slip back out and down the hallway.


Lynn looked around unable to actually believe it.  She had bought a house!  Of course her friends were completely stunned as well when she told them.  Hans, being well, Hans, wanted a party to celebrate.  He informed the others and they would come out.

Lynn looked around knowing she didn’t have much furniture yet, but a table, chairs, a furnished bedroom, a sofa, and TV.  The very basics for the house.  She was thankful for the help by Olaf and Marshmallow who helped move her sofa again saying it was nothing for them, then asking if it was true she was having a party.

The doorbell rang causing her to look at the screen and see her friends standing there.  Quickly moving over she opened the door allowing them in.

“Wow, can’t believe this,” Hans said looking around.  “Lots of potential.”

She gave Brea and Jessica a hug as well as they walked in as well.

“I can’t believe you all came,” Lynn said.

“Hey, you’re the first to own a house,” Brea said.  “We have to check it out.”

“And a nice job at the palace museum, bet it pays good,” Jessica said.  “My aunt worked for the royal family years ago, says it was one of the best jobs she had.”

They settled down at the table and spoke of classes which the others were still taking, complaining of professor and more when the talk turned to dinner.

“So, what do you want?” Jessica asked them.

“Lots of places deliver,” Lynn replied, having looked beforehand on who delivered and who didn’t.

“Pizza is always good,” Hans said.

“And beer,” Brea said.  “We could get Marshmallow to pick it up?  He said he’d come.”

“Oh, they were going to be late, working on a delivery across the planet,” Lynn replied having heard from them earlier seeing a bit of disappointment in Brea’s eyes.  The two had struck up some sort of weird relationship, not that Lynn could speak about such things, she was hiding her relationship from the others.

As they were discussing what to have the doorbell rang again.  Lynn stood to look at the monitor.

“Well, it appears they got off early,” Lynn said heading to the door to allow Olaf and Marshmallow inside.  Opening the door she froze.

“Hey,” Olaf said, giving her a hug and passing by inside.  He wasn’t the problem, nor was it his brother who also gave her a hug and headed inside, it was the people behind him.

“Hey,” the voice said, someone she hadn’t seen since her vacation.  “Anna wanted to join,” he said.

“And we brought pizza and beer,” another male voice said, as Lynn looked out to see not only was Kristoff and Anna there, but so was Rapunzel and Eugene and behind all of them, Elsa who looked a bit shyly at her.

She noticed that Eugene was holding a stack of pizza, while Kristoff had a couple of cases of beer.  She stepped aside to allow them in before greeting her girlfriend.

“Hey,” Lynn said.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Elsa asked.  “I’m not pushing things?”

“Um, my friends are here,” Lynn said.

“I know,” Elsa replied, wrapping an arm around Lynn.

If Elsa was okay with it, Lynn was as well.  It suddenly seemed exciting to introduce Elsa to them, something she had been excited and dreading at once.

“Let’s go shake your friends out of their stupor,” Elsa said with a giggle.

Lynn frowned then turned to look into the house to see three silent friends, eyes wide, mouths open, stunned at the turn of events.  She closed the door and moved into the house seeing the others making themselves at home as she turned to her friends, with Elsa standing right beside her.

“Um,” Brea finally managed to say causing Elsa to giggle again.

“Well, that’s better than your reaction, you dropped your phone,” Elsa said.

That statement seemed to cause a reaction.

“Wait, when did you meet, um, oh, so sorry, your majesties,” Jessica said, then doing a curtsy.

“You don’t have to do that,” Anna said.  “Here, have a slice of pizza, its good, and the beer is a local brewer, fall special.”

“It’s really good,” Kristoff said, taking one and opening it as Rapunzel set out some plates.

“Can’t wait, starving,” Olaf said, opening a pizza box.  “We brought an assortment, pepperoni, ham and their favorite, buffalo chicken.”

He said that pointing in the direction of Anna and Elsa.

“You know them?” Brea asked, looking up at Marshmallow.

“Ah, Kristoff is one our friends,” he replied back to her.  “In fact, I was the one who dared him to ask Anna out for prom.”

“But, then, well, how do you know Lynn?” Jessica stammered out obviously confused by everything and still slightly stunned.

“Ah, well I met them during my vacation at the beginning of summer,” Lynn stated sheepishly.  “They were the others on my floor.”

“And we became friends, hung out together and saw the sights, had a lot more fun with you than without you,” Eugene stated

“So, you’ve been keeping in touch all this time?” Brea asked.

“How else would I keep in touch with my girlfriend,” Elsa said.  With those words she gave Lynn a kiss on the cheek, which would have been sweet if not for the fact Brea passed out.

End part 15

Continued in part 16

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