Princess Elsa – Part 11

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 11

Lynn made her way into the kitchen area to make herself some dinner before her friends showed up to go see the fireworks nearby.  Flipping the TV on she decided to see what was on for an hour or so.  Elsa was tied up all day with events from the morning to evening, at least according to her schedule which she texted her, but promised to try.  So far there had been a few, one this morning, and another at lunch saying she was about to get real busy with dressing and other things.

Heating up a simple hamburger and taking out some chips she placed it down in front of the TV and flipped though the stations before settling in on a movie.  It was one she had seen before, a bit of a fantasy revolving around two fairies which was quite popular.  She liked it because of the actresses who played the lead roles.

Of course the outfits they wore were sexy as well.  Each wore knee high boots, gloves to the elbow, and some skimpy clothing, or more like leather bathing suits which changed though out the movie.  Despite all of that, there was no sex, though the two were romantically involved.

She finished up and put her dishes away and looked at the time.  Still a bit longer until the group got here.  They were meeting at her apartment because it was the best spot to gather as she didn’t have a roommate.

Flipping through the stations while the movie was on a commercial she stopped at seeing the big ball.

“Things have been going smoothly all night, and the royal family has been interacting with everyone all evening,” the reporter said.  “In fact, Princess Elsa was seen dancing with several others throughout the evening, currently she is dancing with Prince Ranald.”

The shot turned to Elsa wearing a blue dress with a slit up the side to her hip was dancing with some tall black–haired guy.  From the camera she thought she saw a smile on Elsa’s face and his hand on her ass.

Switching the channel she felt a flare of anger over the sight.  Doubt filled in her mind about even having a relationship with the princess.  She had been a fool for even thinking she could.  Suddenly the evening looked less promising.

Looking back at the fridge she now wished she had some beer, or alcohol or something.  Slamming the fridge shut she went back and waited for the evening to begin wishing it was already over.


Lynn sat in the field with the others, Jessica, Hans, Brea and a few others who had come along to enjoy the show.

“So, what’s wrong?” Brea whispered.

“Nothing,” Lynn replied back not really wanting to talk about it, not that they even knew anything about it.  Before they could continue a new person showed up, one Lynn could have done without tonight.

“There you are,” her ex, Kris, said walking up to the group.  As normal, Kris had her own group with her, one she never quite got used to.  It seemed like people followed her due to her family power and they wanted in on it.

“I have nothing to say to you,” Lynn hiss back.  “Does your current flame know you cheat on her?”

“We all do, its part and parcel of society,” Kris said moving closer to Lynn.  “But you’ll never have anyone like me, with such powerful friends.  I can offer you so much more.”

“You mean be your good little homewife,” Lynn ground out.  She restrained herself, but only barely, from slapping Kris.

“Like you can do better,” Kris said.  “Well, you’ll come back, they all do.”

“Not likely,” Lynn muttered, anger coursing through her.  Kris was a two-timing, double-crossing slut, or at least that’s what she told herself.  However, a small part of her wondered if what she said about society was actually true.  Did Elsa think the same way?

“You say that, but if you don’t, I can make your life a living hell,” Kris stated.  “Think about it.”

“My answer remains the same,” Lynn said, watching as Kris shrugged and walked away.

“God, can she get anymore arrogant?” Jessica said.

The group was a bit quiet for a bit as the little argument and threat had been processed.

“Don’t worry about her,” Hans finally said.

“I don’t know, she does use her family as a way to gain more power,” Brea stated.

“She only likes me because of who my uncle is, when she found that out, she couldn’t get enough of me,” Lynn stated, wondering how her uncle would feel about that.  He wasn’t a guy who liked being controlled from what she had learned.  That, and he didn’t want anything to do with her if she believed her mother.

“Come on, let’s have some fun,” Hans finally said trying to lighten the atmosphere.  The others agreed but Lynn couldn’t shake the feeling that, perhaps on some level, Kris was right about everyone cheating.


Lynn woke up the next morning, not really sure she wanted to greet the new day after last night.  She had spent the remainder of the night thinking about Elsa, and if they even had anything.  True, they really only had those couple of days, but she thought they might have gotten close.

Then all the talk about her and the princes last night, and the reporters going on about which would be the best match for her, which looked the best and provided the best power opportunity for the empire.

She couldn’t give anyone anything like that.  She was sure when people learned of her uncle it would disqualify her completely from even approaching Elsa ever again.  Moving over she looked at her phone, only slightly surprised to see some texts from Elsa. Part of her didn’t want to read them, but she opened it anyways.

The first pic which greeted her was a selfie taken by Elsa, almost completely nude.  She had her arm over her breasts, hiding them and what was she wearing?  Lynn hadn’t quite seen anything like that before, it looked like a pair of panties without the sides.

Shaking her head she looked at the other texts Elsa had sent.

Glad that’s over.  What are you doing in the morning?

Lynn frowned at the question.  What was she doing?  The same thing she had been doing for the past couple of weeks, more studying and research for her paper.  After all, it wasn’t like Elsa was going to just show up at her door.  She had enough things to do with a full schedule, and that prince.

It was then a knock came at the door, causing her to frown.

Heading to the door she looked at the screen to see who it might be, seeing a figure trying to hide a bit wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.  Even as she looked on the person knocked again.  As she looked she thought the figure was familiar.

Throwing caution out the window she went over to open the door.

“Hello?” Lynn asked, looking at the figure, a bit shorter than she was, and gasped in surprised when the sunglasses came off.  “Elsa!”

“Um, yeah, may I come in?” Elsa said snapping Lynn out of her stupor.

She moved aside allowing the princess into her apartment, getting a better look at her, baseball cap, loose fitting clothes, and anything but what she normally wore.  This looked more like a college student on drugs to Lynn.  Now a thousand questions came to Lynn, like whys he was there.

“What are you doing here?” Lynn finally managed to ask.

“To see you?” Elsa asked.

“Not sure why,” Lynn said as all of her insecurities came to the surface.  “You could have any guy you wanted, like Prince Ranald, you and him seemed to get along just fine last night.”


“Is all over the news, how great a couple you two make,” Lynn said now starting to pace.  “I mean, I’m only me, no power, a student, it all makes sense to go after someone like him, or why not keep me on the side while you publicly date him.  Isn’t that how the rich and powerful do it, a girl on every planet, or a guy in your case?”

Lynn stopped her pacing to look at Elsa finally.  The young woman had a very shocked look on her face, and even tears in her eyes. Lynn went over what she said even as they stared at each other.

“I-Is that what you t-think?” Elsa said, her voice cracking before starting for the door.

Lynn froze, her mind and heard warring but one thing she knew for sure, if Elsa walked out of that door she’d never hear from her again.  Moving quickly she grabbed Elsa’s arm stopping her.

“Let me go,” Elsa growled.

“No,” Lynn replied.  “Not until you hear me out.”

“Think I’ve done that, its obvious you don’t care about me,” Elsa shouted.

“That’s not true,” Lynn shouted back.  “Just, please, hear me out.”

Now Lynn had tears in her eyes as well as they stared at each other.  Elsa’s sadness had been replaced with anger as she looked at Lynn with a coldness.

“I got jealous,” Lynn stated, unable to look at Elsa.  “I saw you on the news, and they were hyping up how well you went with each princes, and I realized I have nothing to offer you.”

Lynn released Elsa’s hand and turned to look out the window.

“And they talked up Prince Ranald, how great he was, I can’t compete with what he can offer you.  And then, I ran into my ex last night.  She has family in high positions of power and stated everyone like her has multiple lovers, it’s how society works, it’s not what I want in a relationship.  All I see are my insecurities against someone so, well, perfect.”

She looked up at the snort from Elsa who was looking back at her.

“Well, first off, I was forced to dance with them, most of whom are pigs,” Elsa stated, her face scrunching up into a scowl.  “I had to keep moving Ranald’s hand from my ass all night long, and his obnoxious behavior, like I was already his, ugh.”

Lynn started to speak but remained quiet, and listened instead.

“I’m not good at this relationship thing,” Elsa said, now looking at the floor.  “But all night long all I could think of was I wished it was you in my arms, and that I couldn’t wait till this morning.”

“This morning?”

“To see you,” Elsa said.  “I had this planned for a few days, a surprise, or so I hoped.”

Lynn looked over as the silence stretched out between them before walking over and grabbing her hands.

“I’m sorry, I let my insecurities and ex get to me,” Lynn said.  “And seeing how perfect you and Ranald seemed to be according to the reporters, didn’t help that.”

For several seconds neither spoke as they looked into each other’s eyes before Lynn closed the distance kissing her.  Elsa replied back and the kiss quickly deepened before breaking apart.

“Well, for someone who has no experience, you’re a great kisser,” Lynn said, her forehead touching Elsa’s and watching the blonde blush.

“So, are we okay?’ Elsa asked, her voice small.

Lynn gave her another kiss.  “I wouldn’t have kissed you otherwise,” Lynn after they broke apart again.

“Good,” Elsa said resting her head on Lynn’s shoulder wrapping her arms around her which Lynn returned.  They stayed like that for several seconds, just basking in being in each other’s arms.

“You hungry?” Lynn asked, finally moving away and heading to the kitchen to finish fixing her breakfast, not that it was much.

“I already ate, but thanks,” Elsa said, moving behind Lynn to eth kitchen.  “You know, we just survived our first fight.”

Lynn paused in her pouring of her cereal to look at Elsa.  “Yeah, we did.”

“Let’s not do that again, I didn’t like it,” Elsa said honestly.

“Yeah,” Lynn said thinking about it.  “Kris and I did a lot of that, but it never hurt like this one.”

She got out her milk when another thought came to her.  She rushed out to grab her phone quickly returning to the kitchen, turning it on, flipping to the picture and turning to Elsa.

“What the hell is that you’re wearing?” Lynn said pointing to the strange panties Elsa had on.

“Oh, a c-bikini, uncomfortable but provides coverage and doesn’t show panty lines on the dress,” Elsa said.


End part 11

Continued in part 12

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