What’s Going On!

What’s going on?

Times change and time goes on and I haven’t forgotten about the site.  Currently the original story ‘Master of Violence’ is being uploaded which is a complete re-work of a previous original story I had loaded.  I had looked it over and being one of the first stories I wrote it felt dated and bland.  It was updated a bit, and there are plans of who the ‘Dark Race’ actually is and why they do what they do.

That bit will come out in the next story which is currently being worked on.

My actual writing has slowed down a bit which is why there is a change to updating once a week a the moment.  I hope to be able to get back into the writing swing again in the future but one never knows how things will change.

The facebook page is still there, I don’t go on FB much anymore as I dislike the push of politics they are doing, not have I liked it for a couple of years now (and I’m not even talking about US politics).

I haven’t forgotten about the final story of the ID4/BSG crossover, but working thought a plot point which is stubborn.

There is a new Battlestar Galactica story in the works, wont’ give it away but hopefully I’ll have it complete soon as well to upload.  And been thinking about Voyage to Earth, working on a conclusion for that story.

Come back, visit, and hopefully enjoy the stories,


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