The Sith Empress – Part 26

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 26

Jessica stumbled slightly at the look Gaia gave her.  It was something she had never seen before.  There was no hatred in her eyes, or fear, or even disdain, but instead it was full of something else, which had a power she never encountered before.

“Who are you?” Jessica said, quickly recovering, grabbing her lightsaber, activating it and pointing at the young Jedi.

“No threat to you,” Gaia replied back, not breaking the eye contact.  She was looking for something in those blue eyes while ignoring the lightsaber.  Her instinct said look at her, don’t back down and do not be afraid.

Some small voice in her she would not be harmed.  The stand-off lasted only seconds but felt like an eternity to her as a battle occurred, one which she had never fought before.  Part of her felt she was fighting for her very soul.

With a flourish the lightsaber dropped and deactivated.  With a flash of red robes the woman turned and walked out of the room but not before Gaia saw the confusion in the eyes.

Gaia’s shoulders slumped slightly knowing this battle had only just started.  It was scary for her to put forth only caring, perhaps even love towards the woman, a woman she barely knew.  Yet for some reason Gaia could not accept her life without the woman.

It led to another question, what was her real name?  Rizon had to be some other name, a name she picked up somewhere.  She pondered what the future might hold and, perhaps, if she could change Rizon without fighting her.  She hadn’t lied when she said she felt the woman coming.  For now she would focus on that feeling.


Jessica walked back into the meeting room with the President of the New Republic the next day.  Again she felt the presence of a Jedi in the room.  Part of her wondered if he had felt it when she put down the rebellion against her yesterday.

The meeting were boring so far, but had been a necessary option as her forces continued in gathering strength.  She had to buy time before attacking the Republic outright.  So far recruitment had been up and with the capture of several planets she has beginning to form a new government and economy under her control.

The President of the New Republic was running last according to an aide, something had come up of strategic importance.  She understood what that was, another attack by her forces.  Even the Jedi would be eliminated when she struck.

That thought led her to the small Jedi she had captured and the events which had occurred yesterday.  Gaia had surprised her and shaken her more than anything else, even the rebellion.  She had anticipated that, but not the look in the blonde’s eyes when she stepped into the room.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the man she determined was a Jedi.

“Are you aware of the Force?” he asked.

“Yes, we’ve had encountered with the Jedi in the past,” Jessica replied back to him.  “But there are still many mysteries in the universe.”

“True, its just we don’t have any records of your empire, I was looking through our archives after our meeting for any details,” the man said.

“The last encounter was long ago, I think you called them Stih when we encountered the last Force users,” Jessica said wondering how that would affect the man.

“You haven’t had any contact since?” the man asked.

“We have been cautious in dealing with outsiders,” Jessica said.

“Then its good,” the man replied.  “The Sith used the Force to advance their own power, they hurt others because they can.”

“I will keep that in mind,” Jessica replied keeping a smile hidden with the knowledge she was a Sith Lord.  She wondered what he might think if he actually knew who she was.

“We’re also aware of a new Sith Lord, he appears to be very powerful.  Not sure the universe is ready for another powerful Sith Lord taking over the universe,” he said.

“I shall keep an eye out for any such attackers, but could the attacker of both our and your territories be that same Sith Lord?” Jessica said.

“That’s the theory,” the man replied.

They would have said more, but Leia finally entered the room in a bustle of energy.  Jessica could tell the smaller woman had been busy as she sat down.

“Sorry for being last, politics, I hope you understand,” Leia said.

“Of course, I have had many such problems as well,” Jessica replied as they sat down to being the second round of talks.  After the meeting she would be heading back to the fleet, and from there another phase of her plan would start.


Luke looked down as Leia called, probably with another update with the meetings.

“Leia, how are things going?” Luke asked her.

“After two meetings with the chancellor of the Rizonians I can safely say they are a strange group,” Leia replied back to him.  “Master Fie-Tel agrees and that we should continue talks with them.  I’ve invited them to Coruscant to meet some others as well, but there is something I’m not quite able to grasp from them.”

“What do you mean?” Luke asked wondering what she might have picked up that Fie-Tel had not.

“I just think they know more than they are saying about this new Sith Lord,” Leia replied.

“Interesting, anything they’ve said that makes you think that?” Luke asked.

“They have ships which go back to Darth Raven and Malak when they had turned to the Dark side during the Mandalorian Wars,” Leia replied back to him.

“The Mandalorian Wars, gets more and more interesting,” Luke stated.  “I know that the ship which destroyed the Republic cruiser was a ship dating back to that date.”

“I know, which is why I’m cautious.  I thought about that and, well, after the first meeting I felt a blast of the Force,” Leia told him.

Luke took a second to think about that bit of news, he had not heard that, but it also could have occurred after he spoke to Fie-Tel.  “Be careful, the Sith Lord could be near, very much like how Palpatine was when he became Emperor.”

“I’ve already had that talk with some of the senators, and that didn’t go over well at all,” Leia replied.  “They are ready to go on a witch hunt despite the fact we have no idea who, or where, this Sith Lord is.  He could be part of the Rizonian group for all we know, keeping the government blind to his presence.”

“Could be,” Luke said, but he felt sure that the new Sith Lord was a woman if he considered the vision with Gaia.  “We’ll keep an eye out.”

“I will,” Leia said, as they ended the communications.

Luke wasn’t sure he liked the idea of someone in the shadows manipulating things like Palpatine had done with the Republic.  They would have to be cautious when moving forward, the last thing they needed was another Emperor ruling the galaxy.


“Is everything ready?” the voice said.

“Yes, came the reply.

“Good, the she-demon is unaware of our plans,” the first voice said.  “We’ll execute the plan when I return.”

“Are you sure?”

“If we don’t move, she will gain too much power, the failed rebellion has taught us that much, we must move now.”

“Then we’ll be ready to go.”


Jessica woke finding herself in a strange place, and it wasn’t the ship which was where she last recalled being.  She was lying on the ground and could hear a campfire going nearby but there was something else which startled her even more.  The feeling of someone lying on top of her.  Taking a glance she peeled away the blanket revealing reddish-blonde hair which was the last thing she expected to see.

The movement of the blanket seemed to stir the person lying on top of her, and Jessica felt surprised to see the face of the small Jedi staring back at her.  Of course the next part surprised her even more.

“Morning Xena,” she said giving Jessica a quick kiss.

Before Jessica could even figure out what was going on she found herself replying to the woman.

“Morning to you too Gabrielle,” she heard herself say unsure where that came from, or that name.

“Its too early to get up,” the woman called Gabrielle said snuggling closer to her.

“You just need to start getting up earlier, that’s all,” Xena laughed.

“Oh, you’re going to get it for that warrior princess,” Gabrielle stated as her hands began to move and tickle Xena.

“I don’t think so bard,” Xena replied countering the hands as a tickle fight started.

Jessica finally had enough and decided to put a stop to this nonsense and figure out what was going on.

“All right, what’s going on here,” she said, as the other woman stopped as well.

“I don’t know,” the blonde said as she looked at Jessica strangely.  “Though you look like someone I know, well, actually I should say kidnapped me.”

“Gaia?” Jessica stated a bit shocked.

“Rizon?” Gaia replied looking around.  “Where are we?”

“How should I know, what magic are you using here?” Jessica demanded.

“Me, I don’t know either,’ Gaia said as she was looking around.  “But you know, its kinda nice here”

“Nice, you kidnapped me,” Jessica said.

“No,” Gaia said looking back at Jessica.  “This is because we’re connected, don’t you feel it.”

“I doubt that,” Jessica replied.

“Okay, then you explain it,” Gaia said standing up and walking around and looking at everything and back at Jessica.  “Besides, I like how you’re dressed.”

“Hey, you keep your hands to yourself,” Jessica replied, having to grab the smaller woman’s hands, but was surprised at the strength she processed.

“I like this outfit,” Gaia replied back looking very much like a predator at het moment, and Jessica was her prey.

“And you should talk,” Jessica said trying to turn the tables looking at the skirt and green bra type thing Gaia was wearing.  “That outfit leaves almost nothing to the imagination.”

“You like,” Gaia said twirling a bit to give Jessica a better view.

“Look, how about we think of a way to get out of here,” Jessica said trying to get a handle on what was going on around them, and back to the real issues at hand.

“Why, I like what we’re talking about,” Gaia replied back to her.

Jessica just growled at Gaia.  She felt off balance here, as if something else was going on which she had little control of.  All she had to do was figure out what the situation as and she could fight it.

“Personally I think we should take advantage of this situation,” Gaia replied back to her.  “You know, a girl could get a complex with the way you’re treating me, and here I thought you were trying to seduce me.”

Jessica eyes narrowed at the pout Gaia gave her.  True, she had tried to seduce her but it was her who was in control, not the Jedi.  The way the Jedi was acting was too strange.

“We will defiantly discuss this later,” Jessica said.

“I look forward to it, but I have one request, will you wear something like that as well when you came visit me,” Gaia said letting her eyes go down to the outfit Jessica was wearing.

“We are not going to be talking about my outfit,” Jessica said, trying to be stern.

“Why not, I like it, makes you look sexy,” Gaia said once more advancing on Jessica who actually stumbled back a bit to keep the smaller woman at a distance.

Things were not going as she planned here, then again she had no idea where she was or why.  Turning once more towards Gaia she leveled her with a piercing gaze.

“Where are we?” Jessica asked.

“I have no idea, but we should take advantage of it,” Gaia stated, this time jumping up onto Jessica.

The force knocked them both to the ground with Gaia on top and looking very much like the predator.

End part 26

Continued in part 27

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