The Sith Empress – Part 22

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 22

Even as they watched Jessica turned slightly to see what the leaders of the planet would say this time.  She had sent the ultimatum back down and they should know she was serious with her threats towards them.  Of course if they didn’t ‘surrender this time, she would lay waste to the entire planet as a warning to future planets.

She felt the shoulder she was holding tense up as Gaia spun around faster than expected and looked right into her eyes.  There was something there which caught Jessica off guard, tears in her eyes.

“I despise you,” Gaia finally said and with those words slapped Jessica across the face leaving a small red hand-print on her face.

Part of Jessica was still reeling from both the words which had a stronger impact than she expected and the slap when Gaia spun and headed towards the door.  Where she was going to go Jessica had no idea but she quickly regained her senses.

Quickly going after the small Jedi Jessica knew she had to do some sort of damage control after what happened in front of everyone.  Grabbing her hand before she managed to leave the bridge she warred with herself on hurting the small blonde.  The internal struggle was stronger than she expected as the small part of her won out.

“I don’t think you’re leaving so soon little one,” Jessica finally said wrapping her arm around Gaia and pulled her close despite the struggle from the Jedi.  In a split second, this close to the small blonde, having her in her arms all Jessica could think of was kissing the lips in front of her.  And for the tiniest of split seconds she thought she saw something else reflected in the green eyes other than anger at her.

This confusion allowed her to regain control and motioned for the guards to come forward before shoving Gaia towards them roughly.

“Take her back to her room,” Jessica said to them.  “Do not think you’ve gotten off lightly, but there are other things I must do first.”

The guards gave a salute and escorted Gaia off the bridge as Jessica moved back to the window and looked out at the planet.  The bridge was very quiet as everyone appeared busy at their work stations and dared not to even look up at her.  She was angry, and she should be feeling powerful at the way things had gone.  Instead, she felt hurt, a strange feeling to be having and one she wasn’t used to.  She shook her head realizing it didn’t matter as long as the planet surrendered.

“My lord,” Tyi said speaking up to break the silence and address her.

“Yes,” Jessica said turning towards him, watching him flinch slightly at her actions.

“We’ve received word from the planet, they accept your surrender terms,” he told her.

“Excellent,” Jessica said starting to walk towards the door.  “See to it immediately, I’ll be planning our next move.”

She didn’t wait for an answer and headed off the bridge.  She knew what she said, but she really was headed to see about her prisoner/student.  The blonde barely knew it, but she would stand next to her sooner or later, it was only a matter of time.


Gaia left the bridge with the guards with a mixture of emotions.  Part of her wanted to go ahead and kill Rizon for what she had made her do, but that conflicted with her basic emotions as well.  But there was still another part of her which was warring against her, especially when she had been held close.  For a brief second she had a flash of something else, something she almost craved from the tall woman.

They led her down the corridors heading to her ‘room’ which she had on the ship.  More like a prison cell, but she was a prisoner.  They led her into the room and she went in and looked around seeing the normal room which she had been in only a bit earlier.

With not much to do, and really no way to escape, unless she managed to slip past the guards and made it to a hangar, but even then she’d have to know where she was to get out of here.

With a sigh she decided to try some meditation to help calm her down, reconnect to the force and gain something which might help her.  She relaxed herself mentally and physically and concentrated on the flow of the Force as it ebbed around her.


Jessica made her way off the ridge still angry at the small blonde for what she had done.  Now she was headed to the prisoner’s room when she stopped upon hearing talking around the corner in an empty hallway.  She paused focusing on the voices.

“I tell ya Gohn, its perfect,” a male voice said.  “We let that damn psycho bitch take care of this Lord Rizon, and the, well, then we take care of her and viola, we have ourselves an empire.”

“I don’t know, Rizon is pretty powerful,” the second voice who Jessica assumed was Gohn replied.

“It’s perfect, even if this bitch loses Rizon won’t know we’re a part of it,” the first voice said.

Jessica’s first instinct was to barrel in, lightsaber flashing and eliminating two threats to her empire before she realized she needed more information.  She settled herself a bit before disappearing into a side room with the door slightly open and watched as two men walked down the hallway.  It appeared Gohn was still trying to persuade his friend but they moved down the hallways and out of her sight.

She knew her hold on leadership was still weak and would have to face challenges.  This would only be the first.  She would have to think of a suitable punishment for those who tried to betray her.  She now had a new mental focus to consider as well and one which she couldn’t afford distractions from.


Luke received word from Leia that intelligence had received word from one of the planets on the rim which was under attack.  Reports had come in that an orbital bombardment had destroyed an entire city on the planet.

He shook his head at the senseless destruction wrought upon the planet and wondered who could have done it.  He then recalled a vision he had, one where Gaia was standing on the bridge with another woman watching as destruction reigned down.

Gaia was involved, in this he was now almost positive.  A part of him was saddened by what he saw and it was something he felt too often, losing one of his Jedi again.  He had to amend his training techniques if so many were leaving and joining the Dark Side.

He had felt sure that Gia was one of those who would never join the Dark Side.  She seemed to have strong morals.

He then realized that perhaps he needed more information about what happened.  After all, seeing her watching didn’t mean she had done it, or was even part of it.  There could be other explanations to take into account, or so he hoped.  The other possibility could be very dangerous for them all.

He decided to be patient and wait until he had more information about what was going on.  For now he needed information as he knew things had a way of balancing out even if it took time.


Jessica finally reached the room outside where she was holding the Jedi and looked at the two guards who were outside.  They were attentive which was good for them otherwise, in her mood, she probably would have killed them.

“I take it my guest is in her room?” Jessica questioned the guard slipping into Darth Rizon mode.

“Yes my lord, she gave us no trouble,” the lead guard said to her.

“Good,” Jessica said moving to the door and allowing it to slide open as she moved into the room and looked around.  Gaia was obviously meditating but seemed to know that Jessica had entered the room.  She didn’t appear fearful at the moment of her, and remained motionless.

She took a moment to circle Gaia, looking her over as the Jedi meditated.  The green actually looked very good on her and the blonde hair was loose and framed her face.  She took her time but they both knew she was there with her boots echoing in the room.  She had to give the Jedi credit for not moving much despite what was going on.

“And just what am I to do with you?” Jessica said as she reached out to caress the hair.  She had to smile slightly when she felt Gaia start to lean into the touch.

There was something highly erotic about the entire situation even as she moved from the hair to a cheek.  However she also had to be careful as there was a very small, but strong, part of her which wanted nothing more than to continue.  She could be swallowed up by it if she didn’t keep a guard up.  Gaia remained silent as Jessica switched topics.

“Did I tell you,” Jessica said not stopping her caresses, “the government surrendered.  You picked a good target like I expected you to.”

She felt Gaia suck in a breath at the comment and a wall go up between them.  It was all right, she expected it despite a small part of her heart which felt the pain.  She shrugged it off continuing her plan on the Jedi, but she might switch tactics to keep her off balance.

“You know, you could be a queen right,” Jessica said t her as she walked around and behind the woman again before leaning over to where she could whisper into the small ear.  She thought she felt a small shudder go through the small frame.  “All you have to do is be mine.”

“I will never be yours,” Gaia said after a few seconds, but still with conviction.  “You bring pain to people, I can’t do that.”

“I can teach you that,” Jessica said wrapping an arm around Gaia’s stomach.

“Then you would destroy who I am, I can’t allow that,” Gaia replied seemingly gaining some strength.

“Then you’ll e destroyed one way or the other,” Jessica said standing back up abruptly and severing the contact.  With a last, lingering look at the blonde she left the room and headed out.


Gaia took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  There was a lot to think about and she really needed to clear her mind to deal with it all.  There was something about Rizon which seemed to draw her in, something she really had to fight.  Of course what she had made her do was unforgivable.

She continued her meditation when she became aware that there was another presence in the room with her.  Opening her eyes she noticed not one, but two women were in the room.  The same ones she had seen before, even as she looked on she saw that the smaller woman was surrounded by a soft blue light, while the other had a reddish light around her.

This time she had a better look at them and was surprised when the smaller one seemed to look like her and the taller one, Rizon.  She wondered if one of them was Jedi Master Bri Lightner.

“Are you Bri Lightner?” Gaia finally asked after several seconds of silence.  “What are you trying to tell me?”

“You already have all the power you need to win this battle,” the taller one said speaking up surprising Gaia.

“What power?  I’m not strong in the Force like Master Luke, or this Sigh Lord,” Gaia replied.

“You are using the wrong power,” the smaller one said, taking her arms and wrapping it around the taller woman.  “You already hold more power against her than you think, use it.”

Gaia was puzzled when they vanished once more leaving her alone in the room.

“Great, I’ve already got the power,” Gaia muttered.  “What power?  I’m not a strong Jedi, couldn’t even think of a way out of killing those people.”

With that she closed her eyes and meditated wondering if she would ever understand this power they had spoken of.

End part 22

Continued in part 23

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