The Sith Empress – Part 12

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 12

Jessica boarded the shuttle seeing both the pilot and guards were a bit nervous about everything which happened.  She was sure that they felt her battle against the Sith spirit and probably wondered what was going on, or if they should leave.  They both looked at her as she entered.

“Back to the ship,” she said.

“Yes my lord,” the pilot stammered as he moved to the bridge of the ship and the two guards entered and sat down.

Jessica headed to the back of the shuttle and sat down going over everything she knew.  So many old legends and forgotten technologies were out among the stars waiting for her to discover them.  She knew this time the technology might be a bit outdated, but it would be a start for her plans.

Landing on board the ship she spoke to no one making her way to the bridge.  Standing there was the captain along with Tyi who both watched as she entered and made her way over to the navigation charts.

“Head here,” she said pointing to a spot.

“My lord, you do know that’s uncharted space, we don’t have the maps to navigate safely there,” he said to her.

She pulled out a small data crystal and placed it into the computer console.  “You do now captain, set your course,” she said to him looking him in the eyes as he looked at her then the data.

“Yes my lord,” he finally said heading over to navigation as the officers there began the calculations with the new data.

“Tyi, let me know when we arrive,” Jessica said turning to walk off the bridge.

“Yes my lord,” Tyi said hesitating.  It meant he had more information to tell her causing her to turn and look at him.  “There is one more thing I’d like to discuss with you.”

“What is it,” Jessica said annoyed that he might be hesitating on an important step in her conquest of space.

“Our spies are reporting that Tavion, Desann’s follower, has regrouped with the remains of his followers and started her own attacks.  Would it not be best if we didn’t join her?” Tyi asked, his words cautious.

“Tavion is a weak fool,” Jessica replied to him.  “Have our spies begun recruiting from her group as well.  When she falls they’ll come willingly to me and it will be just as I have seen it.”

With that she turned and continued down the corridor leaving him standing there watching her.

Tyi turned and headed back onto the bridge where the captain moved over to him.

“You think she really knows what she’s doing?” he asked him.

“Yeah, I think she does,” Tyi said back to him, slightly afraid she might somehow hear their conversation and doubt.  “I think she has all the pieces she was looking for.  It’s only a matter of time now before she moves.”

“I don’t care what she does with the New Republic, as long as she crushes the remains of the Imperial forces,” the captain said with malice in his voice.

Tyi looked on thoughtfully at the captain who like most of the crew didn’t care for either the Republic or what remained of the Empire.  That would probably be to their advantage especially considering they managed to nab a few officers from both sides which were disillusioned by their superiors.  It was that group where the captain of this ship had been found, dishonorably discharged for wanting to do more against the Empire forces.

Tyi finished his work and nodded at the captain who, along with the bridge crew, had finished imputing the data from the crystal.  The captain gave the command to jump and a few minutes later the ship’s hyperspace engines sprang to life and the ship jumped.

“What do you think will be waiting for us?” the captain asked.

“I don’t have a clue,” Tyi replied seeing the others on the bridge were look on as well.  They all seemed anxious to know the answer to the question as well.  Lord Rizon had not been to forthcoming with such information, even to him.


Percy walked back into the office where he knew the head of his group waited to hear the news.  The man behind the desk glanced up as Percy entered the room and sat down despite the fact he had only been gone for a short amount of time.

“What happened?” the man asked.

“She’s one,” Percy replied.  “And I think she’s, well, you know.”

“Convince me then,” the man replied setting aside the computer and focusing on him.

Percy related his observations on the Jedi he was to watch.  She had been easy to spot, long blonde hair and a really gentle way about her despite the fact she wore a lightsaber under her clothes.  It wasn’t obvious but he saw it.  He had been watching trying to figure out how to introduce himself when she packed up and suddenly stopped, her eyes wide.

“She was getting something very strong with her connection, and whatever happened I feared she was losing her other half,” Percy said recalling the look on the woman’s face.

“Are you sure?” the man asked wanting to know more.

“Yes, she reminded me of you last year in the hospital,” Percy said knowing that he would recall what happened last year, with his wife and how close that had been.  “She had no idea what is going on, fear she needs some information.”

He seemed to ponder the information for several seconds.  Percy knew if the connection was already this strong how many times had they met and didn’t know.  Or, as in a few rare occasions the bonding could happen without the two even knowing, merely passing each other could do it.  Such bondings were rare, and were also an indication that the souls were old, very old.  And if they were talking about a certain two, he wouldn’t put it past them.

“Bring her to me, we’ll tell her a bit of what is going on,” he finally said to Percy.

“You won’t regret it,” Percy said.

Percy headed out of the room to get the Jedi.

He returned a short time later with the woman, having been able to persuade her easily to come with him.  She seemed to want to know what was going on and was thirsty for any information they could give her.  She entered the room and sat down looking at them both as Percy waited to see what he might tell her.

“Welcome,” the man behind the desk said, smiling at her.  “Only a few select people are every allowed inside our society, and for good reasons.  We’ve learned from experience that exposing ourselves to the outside world can have dire consequences.”

“Then why am I here?” Gaia asked, still looking confused at everything.

“There is much to say, but you are not quite ready for such information, and it could be dangerous for us right now,” the man replied back to her.

“Who are you?” Gaia asked.

“Before I go any further, I must ask you that whatever you are told be held in the strictest confidence.  Leaking this information could endanger many people,” the man said to her.

Gaia appeared to think about it for a few seconds before replying.  “I will.”

“My first question, why are you looking for information about Jedi Master Bri Lightner,” the man asked.

Percy thought he saw Gaia look a bit more interested suddenly.

“I had a vision of two women I thought were Jedi which led me to my research here,” Gaia replied.  “In it I discovered the name and it felt right and that it could be important to finding out who they were.  I thought one of them had to be her.  I was also looking for information about the other woman.”

“You are right, It is another woman,” he told her.

“Were they married?” Gaia asked.

“They shared a connection which went beyond marriage,” he said to her and Percy could tell she didn’t quite understand but they were used to that.

“So, they were a couple and in love?” she asked.

“More than love,” he replied to her.

“Then do you have any information about her which might help me?” Gaia asked as Percy watched as he sat back and thought about it for several seconds.

“Even we do not have much information on them, we do know where they were buried,” he finally said to her.

“Perhaps there is something there which can help me out,” Gaia stated looking interested.

“There might be,” he said handing her a data crystal.

“I need to get back and pack, I’m headed back to the academy,” Gaia said standing up.  “Thanks for this bit of information.”

“I understand,” the man said, pausing.  “When its all over, you’ll understand more and realize why we couldn’t say much, its dangerous, as is your partner.”

“Partner?” Gaia asked confused.

“When you understand you’ll know more,” he said.

She paused looking at him before finally with a slight bow left the room leaving them alone.  Percy looked on wondering what happened.

“You didn’t tell her?” Percy asked taking a seat.

“No, it’s a dangerous time for them, she will have to find out on her own,” the man replied.  “It is as they are.”

“But she’s already connected,” Percy said recalling what he saw.

“If she was she would have understood Bri and Xara’s connection,” he said putting a file away.

“Do you think she’ll find what she’s looking for?” Percy asked after a moment of silence.

“Yes, and if the files are right, the sooner the better for all of us,” he said to him.  “They are a dangerous pair, perhaps the most dangerous two of our kind.  We must wait to see which side wins, which side is strongest.”

Percy wasn’t sure about that but remained quiet hoping he would find out.

“You are unconvinced,” he said.

“”No, just, well, concerned is all, if we want one to win, why not tell her?” Percy said.

“Because, she will not be strong enough if we do,” he told him.  “The bard must be strong in heart, she is strong from what I’ve read of her, we cannot upset the balance.  The times we have, she lost.”

“So you’re working on history,” Percy stated.

“Yes, and they make a formidable foe when combined, whether for good or bad,” he said to Percy.  “I hope the universe is ready.”


Tyi watched the streaks of light go by as the ship sped through hyperspace towards an unknown sector of space.  He and the captain already wondered about what they might discover upon arriving at the spot.  Darth Rizon gave them an order to head there and they assumed questions would be answered after they got there.

“Tyi,” the captain said breaking him out of his musings.  “We’re about to arrive at our destination.”

“I[‘ll let Darth Rizon know,” he said with a nod, heading over to the intercom system and relayed the message to her.  She told him that she would be on the bridge shortly.

Tyi look on as the captain joined him looking out there and watching as shortly the ship dropped out of hyperspace.  He looked out at first not seeing anything around him at all.  It took a few seconds before the scanner operator spoke up.

“Getting contacts of ships,” he said to the captain and Tyi, who looked on in a bit of shock at what he had heard.

He looked back out again and this time was able to see the form of a ship close by.  Even as he looked on it reminded him of a claw, two halves that were shaped the same with a spce in the middle.  They seemed a bit familiar to hi but couldn’t place the type.

“Sith battleships,” the report came in.

“There must be a lot out there,” Tyi said as he noticed another one.

At that moment Darth Rizon walked onto the bridge and looked around and then looked out the window.

“Welcome gentlemen to my warfleet.”

End part 12

Continued in part 13

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