The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 31

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 31

“You’ll never control the planet or the Empire, you’re only a group of Alliance terrorists,” one in the group finally said looking at her with anger.

“I’m not from the Alliance,” Meia said finally. “I’m an Alpha Supreme class citizen.”

“Yeah right.”

“My father was Prince Boris,” Meia said to them watching as a few stopped talking and looked at her in disbleif.

“I find that hard to believe,” one finally said, something Meia knew she would have to prove.

“She’s telling the truth,” one person said from the resistance group. “She had her father’s abilities, his courage, and his eyes.”

“And how would you know?”

“I flew with Prince Boris, I was his friend in the military as we were both fighter pilots,” Greg said moving closer to the man before turning to Meia. “Allow me to introduce myself Empress, I am Terry Vinety, an Alpha.”

“Terry, do you know a way I can communicate with the fleet, we need to tell them to stand down, end the killing,” Meia said to him.

“No, but one of them should,” he said pointing to the regularly clothed people captured.

“Commander, the palace is secure,” another marine said. “The shuttle are being diverted to the palace landing bay.”

“Good,” the commander said.

Meia watched the group then realized she needed to take over, show them all she was in charge. “Commander, organize your men and if you find anyone of importance bring them to me.  I have an Empire to get control of.”

“Um, we did find one man, looked like an aide,” the reply came back to her.

“He might be what we need, bring him to me,” Meia said.

The medic placed both her arms in slings making it almost impossible to actually do anything for herself at the moment. The only side benefit was she could no longer feel her arms due to the medication she had given her.

“That will wear off in less than an hour,” the medic said to her. “I’ll state again, you should be in the med lab not running around out here.”

“Noted,” Meai said looking at the others as the marine returned with a well dress man and one she recognized worked for the Emperor. He seemed to recognize her as well as he sneered at her.

“I knew you’d be behind this,” he spat. “The Emperor should have killed you earlier, but no, he ignored my any suggestion to have you killed before he could make a clone daughter.”

Meia listened to the man for a few seconds knowing that the other guards were listening and he didn’t realize it. It allowed her to work a new plan, getting someone else to recognize her for who she was, someone they knew.

“So, why did he want to clone me, after all, all I ever knew for the longest was I was an Epsilon class citizen, until I learned who my true father was,” Meia said.

“You’re father, he was half the man his brother was, the one who became Emperor, who always should have been emperor, not that weak Boris,” the aide said back in anger.

“So my father was Prince Boris,” Meia said.

“Of course,” he snorted. “I was there when Empress Teressa gave the order to kill him herself, we wanted to make sure you were actually born.”

Meia looked at the aide then over at the others who were looking on, listening to the conversation. Their faces said everything as the aide looked over as well and realized what he had done.

”Doesn’t matter,” he finally said standing defiantly before her.

“Actually it does,” Meia said turning to the guards. “We have fighting to stop, and a new era in Cimalian history to begin.  Are you with me, the rightful Empress of the empire?”

She waited a few heartbeats before one guard stood up and she recognized him as someone with a higher rank as shown on his collar. He faced Meia and bowed towards her.

“We are honored to serve the rightful ruler of the empire, how may we serve Empress,” he said. His words had an impact with the other guards who also rose and bowed, except those with the blue patch, they seemed hesitant and she realized she would have to watch them.

“I need to send an order to inform all fleets to stand down and return home,” Meia said to them.

Several hesitated before one of the guards finally stood. “I’ll go sire,”

“James, Berry, go with him,” the commander of the Alliance troops said.

The men left as she turned back to the group and the commander. “Let them go, they are no longer prisoners.”

“Are you sure ma’am?” the commander asked.

“Yes, they are my people,” Meia said. “Though, take the aide down to the cells though.”

A group of guards and a marine took off with the aide, who spewed hatred at her as they forced the man out of the area. He obviously was one of those who thought little of the lower classes even if she was the rightful ruler of the empire.

“Empress, you really should go to the med lab,” one of the palace guards said.

“All right, I’ll go but we’ll need to be quick, there’s still a lot to do,” Meia said.

“Empress, I think we can take our orders from the med lab,” Terry said.

“I’ll go with you,” Ewa said finally.

“Commander, when General Porkins arrives have him report to me,” Meia said.

“Yes ma’am.”

With that Meia allowed herself to be led to the med lab and have a doctor look at the wounds.


Randy braced as the Akagi rocked again from another hit. The Bismarck had been damaged as well, and it appeared the only battle-cruiser doing all right was the Hood.

“Admiral, the Cimalian fleet has stopped firing and is retreating,” Toni said, her voice sounding a bit confused.

Randy released a breath hoping it meant what he hoped it did, and that he wasn’t wrong giving this next order. “Tell all ships to cease fire, begin repairs and search for any escape pods from both sides.  Also send a message to the Cimalian fleet that we’re willing to help with any damaged ships.”

He noticed the hesitation in their movements.

“If this means what I think it does, Meia has control of the government and we need to help her out,” he said to them.

He watched as Hans went ahead with the orders as Kim was busy with the repair crews of the ship.

“Hans, also put though a message though to HQ, telling them it appears the primary mission has been a success, awaiting confirmation,” Randy said to him.

“Yes sir.”


Jack felt useless watching from the monitors at HQ as the Cimalian fleets invaded two worlds he was trying to protect. It seemed that for a moment the planets’ would be taken before the reinforcements could arrive.  As it was the First fleet arrived at their destination first followed quickly by the Second fleet.

The only problem with the situation was the Cimalian fleets had a good half hour to attack the planets, and both enemy fleets had landed ground troops already.

“Admiral, incoming message from Admiral Hayes,” Chad said interrupting his thoughts.

“Put it though,” Jack said, watching as Mark’s face appeared on the screen. “What’s the situation?”

“Not good, but not bad either,” Mark replied back to him. “Having some trouble landing troops on the surface, but it’s a minor detail.”

“How many ships?” Jack asked wondering if they were outnumbered.

“About the same as last time,” Mark replied. “It doesn’t worry me as much now that we know how to battle them.  Wish we knew that last time, might have saved some lives.”

Jack nodded, not adding in that the political pressure didn’t help in Mark having his fleet blasted out from under him.

“Hold on, this is strange,” Mark said some confusion in his voice. He left jack wondering what might have happened.  Did something good or bad happen?”

“What’s going on?” Jack asked hoping to get some answers. It took a few seconds before Mark looked back down at him.

“They’re retreating, pulling their troops of the planet’s surface,” Mark said causing Jack to have a glimmer of hope.

“Cease fire, let them retreat,” Jack said.


“It might mean good news, and I want to limit losses if there is good news,” Jack said.

“Admiral, incoming message from the Strike fleet,” Chad said.

“Mark, only fire if fired upon, we have an incoming message from the strike fleet, could be the good news we’ve been expecting. I’ll get back to you,” Jack said switching screen before Mark would even protect.  He looked at the message, a simple text message to HQ from the Strike fleet.  It simply read, “First stage appears successful.”  He flipped the screen back to Mark.

“It worked?” Mark asked.

“It appears so,” Jack said, looking up as reports filtered in from the other fight, and the same thing was going on, the Cimalians were retreating. “The fighting appears to have stopped at Serria as well.”

“Good news, or they are recalling their fleet to help back there,” Mark said.

“True, but I didn’t get that message from the Strike Fleet,” Jack said. “I’ll be optimistic at the moment.”

“I’ll let them go for now,” Mark said.

Jack ended the call then turned to Chad. “Let’s inform Sally about the developments going on and we’ll probably have to make an announcement as well.”

“Yes sir,” Chad said.

Jack looked at his reflection, straightened his jacket and headed to the press area to make a report on the situation of the battle. He wondered how much he should reveal, or if he should only say what the situation was of the current battles and that the Cimalian Empire was retreating.  He might go with that for now.


Meia sat in the med lab as the doctor fussed over her wounds being poked and prodded as he tsked. He was old, and had probably been part of the palace medical staff for ages.

“Should have come to me right away, I swear you pilots are all the same, probably thought it was just a scratch,” the doctor said while looking at her.

Meia frowned at that statement, she had not said anything about being a pilot to him, or anyone else since arriving at the palace. “How did you know I’m a pilot?”

“Several things, first off all Cimal first-borns are pilots. You probably have those great reflexes, and your hair is blue, only pilots have that color,” the doctor said pointing to her hair.

“Oh, right,” Meia replied, having gotten used to anyone having that color if they so wished.

“You know, we can change it back to its normal color if you wish,” the doctor said.

Meia gave that some thought before replying. Nah, I’ve gotten used to this color,” she said, wanting to run a hand though her hair but the doctor would have fussed if she had done that, so she stayed still.  The thought of not having blue hair seemed almost strange to her now.

“First blue-haired Empress, different.”

“Well, thing are going to change,” Meia replied.

“State the obvious why don’t you,” the doctor said.

“Are you always this way?” Meia asked wondering where this doctor got his attitude.

“I’ve served Empress Teressa, Emperors Aaron and Henry and now you, and yes, I’m always this way,” he replied taking out another instrument to work on her shoulder. “I think we got to any damage in time, the fact you didn’t actually try to use your arms much helps, but the left should, you might have discomfort the rest of your life.  What did you do to it?”

“Fell on it,” Meia replied recalling her narrow escape from the throne room.


“Didn’t have much of a choice at that moment,” Meia replied back to him, as he continued to work on her shoulder.

She watched as Ewa walked in to check on something. “Ah, you’re decent, good.”

Meia wondered what she meant by that then saw another man enter the room wearing an alliance uniform and realized who it was.

End part 31

Continued in part 32

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