The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 23

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 23

Greg looked at Terry for several seconds after his statement. They both knew it to be the truth.  The alphas hadn’t done anything to improve things despite what they might say.

“Many don’t want to do anything because they are comfortable with their lives, or holding grudges or something like that,” Greg said

He watched Terry’s black reaction but hoped for something which might show what the man was thinking.

“We need a plan and we need it now,” Greg said. “Fighting among ourselves won’t help anything.  The problem is that the upper resistance groups are afraid to do anything and the lower groups are run by the emperor.  It doesn’t leave us with much.”

“No it doesn’t, we a few people,” Terry said.

“Any way we can get people in the lower class to help out?” Greg asked. He watched her think about that for several seconds before finally replying.

“I don’t’ know, there might be a few, but I can’t guarantee they will be loyal,” Ewa said.

“Then I guess we should consolidate our forces a bit and I’ll contact Meia and let her know what’s going on,” Greg said standing. “We need to get moving and organized quickly.  Ewa, you are welcome here.”

He watched Terry rise as well nodding towards Greg before walking out and not looking at Ewa. Greg knew things were going to get complex and hoped Meia might take this as good news, not the bad news he thought it was.


Jexic turned when he heard his name called on the bridge pulling him away from the latest reports. He looked over at the communications officer who called him over along with the captain of the ship.  They both walked over.

“Sir, this just popped up,” the officer said pointing to a communications from the surface of the planet. Jezic looked at the screen seeing that there appeared to be a communications coming from the surface of the planet, relayed a few times to prevent pinpointing it on the surface.

“Can we listen in on the conversation?” Jezic said.

“Yes sir, but it appears to be encrypted and makes no sense,” the officer replied.

“Send it to intel, have them work on it, top priority,” Jezic ordered watching as the officer relayed the data to High command. He looked at it once more before asking another question.  Can we figure out where its going?”

“It’s a bit harder admiral, but I can give a general direction, nothing about how far away it is. It could go to the moon or all the way to the Alliance,” the officer replied honestly.

Jezic thought about that for several seconds recalling everything the Alliance had done lately. So far they had yet to do anything militarily but a scout ship could be nearby to gather such information for Meia, or from Meia.

“Have the scout ships Batri and Dipo to patrol along the line of communication,” he ordered. The communications officer relayed the message to the two ships along with the direction.  Jezic listened in as the two captains acknowledged the order and the ships prepared to leave.

He debated with himself on telling the Emperor. His obsession with Meia could overrule his decision but he made up his mind.  Informing the captain he would be off the bridge headed to his office to contact the Emperor.  It didn’t take long for the Emperor to appear once he activated the communicator.

“Admiral,” Emperor Henry said, his face appearing on the screen.

“Emperor, I have news for you,” Jezic said. “Our communications picked up a signal coming from Cimulius headed in the general direction of the Alliance.  It didn’t use the normal encryption methods, and I assumed by how they relayed the signal around they didn’t want to be discovered.  I could be Meia trying to reach the Alliance military.”

He watched as the Emperor’s face showed a flicker of anger and he thought a brief flash of fear and uncertainty there as well, so unusual in his normal stoic appearance.

“Yes, I see, the fact that Meia has been sighted in epsilon zones I think its obvious what she is trying to do,” Henry said. “Prepare all ships for the invasion of the Alliance, the time approaches.”

“Are you sure Emperor?” Jezic asked thinking that such a plan would be unwise.

“Yes, its what Meia is trying to do, stir up trouble and use the Alliance to distract us. The military must remained concentrated on its mission.   The only defense needed is of the palace, we cannot lose it or we could lose the war against the Alliance and that I won’t allow,” Henry replied back.

“By your will Emperor,” Jezic said as the communications ended leaving him conflicted. How could he do both protect the palace and invade the Alliance.  He realized he failed to tell the Emperor about the scout ships and started to call back but changed his mind.  He hoped the Emperor didn’t find out until after they found something and before anything else could happen.


Meia listened to what Greg said with a sinking heart. It appeared things were even worse than before on the surface of the planet.  She had a feeling that many people wanted change yet everyone was afraid of starting the process which would bring it about.  Glancing down the table at Randy he seemed to have no ideas either especially considering the fleet couldn’t stay out here forever.  She needed to figure out something and fast.

“Have Ewa and Terry round as many people as possible, and as fast as possible,’ Meia stated hearing his reply that he would before ending the conversation before they stayed on too long. Hans mentioned the Cimalians might be able to get a fix on their position if they stayed on too long.

“I don’t get it,” Kim said after the communications ended. “The Cimalian people want change, but no one wants to do anything to promote it.  Doesn’t make sense.”

“It does when its all you’ve known,” Meia said.

“Fear of the unknown a big motivator to doing nothing,” Randy said.

“So, we have to figure out how to stop their fear, but what are they afraid of?” Kim asked.

“The Alliance and the Emperor,” Meia replied back to her knowing how the people acted having lived as the lowest class. “They think the Alliance is worse than the Emperor, killing people because they can.  Remember, there are years of fear produced by the Emperor on simulated terror attacks and blaming the Alliance.”

“Attacks we haven’t done,” Kim said folding her arms over her chest.

“Yeah, but they tend to believe the Emperor when there is nothing else to disprove it,” Meia stated.

“Bridge to Admiral White,” the intercom interrupted the conversation.

“Go ahead bridge,” Randy replied as they listened in on what the situation was.

“Patrols indicate a Cimalian scout ship exiting hyperspace not far from our position.”

“Have they spotted us,” Randy asked.

“Don’t think so, the planets are providing a natural shield at the moment. IF they continue to close in our position we might be spotted.”

“All right, keep an eye on them for now, let me know if anything else changes,” Randy said.

“Must have gotten a fix on the direction of the communications,” Kim stated.

“Then we don’t have much time left,” Meia said thinking about the situation.

“If they find the fleet, it will cause a lot of trouble, not just here but back home as well,” Randy said. “The fleet’s purpose is to remain hidden so to confuse the Cimalians and prevent an invasion.  IF they spot us here it could leave the Alliance open to another attack.”

Meia understood the situation all too well, and both the Alliance and Cimalian Empire were at stake. She was running out of time to face her demons.

“Should we warn HQ?” Kim asked.

They looked over at Randy who appeared to think about the question before making any reply.

“Yeah, do it, but use the narrow beam, the last thing we need is for the Cimalians to find us before we’re ready,” Randy said. “Though, I think time is starting to run out on us.”

Meia didn’t say anything, but had a feeling Randy was right, they were running out of time before they were either ready or forced to act.

“I think it’s time to look at plans for what to do on the surface of the planet, and where we can attack, like the palace,” Randy said.

Meia waited a few seconds before the schematics of the palace came up on the screen. She could tell this had been taken from space and wondered what type of surprises might occur when they tried their attack.  She focused her attention back to Randy when he pointed out a few spots nearby.

“I think these places might be best for a ground landing with troops, they are close and the shuttle pilots can probably land them there with minimal defensive fire from the ground,“ Randy said to them all. “Once the ground has been secure and the government captured, including the Emperor Meia can head down and take control.”

“No,” Meia replied causing everyone to look over at her. “I should go with them and lead the forces.  Anything else and they might think the Alliance is trying to take over.  We’ve done all this to give an illusion it’s not the Alliance, we can’t mess up here.”

She could tell Randy wasn’t pleased with the decision but she had made up her mind, she needed to do this for her sake and everyone else’s.

“Randy, I have to do this, there is no other way and be successful, the whole point of the mission,” Meia replied to him, watching as he wanted to argue with her. “I have to be the one to confront my uncle, any other way and this whole plan goes astray.  They need to see me down there leading the assault.”

She looked into his eyes for several seconds as everyone else remained quiet watching the war of wills. He blinked and sighed.

“All right, but I don’t like it, and you’ll take your fighter down,” Randy said surprising her. “As much as I trust our pilots flying your fighter will give you greater flexibility to reach the planet’s surface, and as you say, if you’re not there this whole thing goes astray.  They get a lucky hit on the shuttle and you’re doomed.”

Meia decided not to argue that point and Randy had a good point. She could dodge fire easier in the fighter than a shuttle could.  She had no idea what the skill of the pilots were flying the shuttle, but he wanted to have more control so she didn’t argue.

They continued to go over details of the assault, even as a few more joined them, including the leaders of the ground troops. They decided they could send down three or four shuttle of fifty men each in the shuttles in the first wave.  They would be responsible for setting up the landing area and making contact with the ground forces from the rebellion.

Once the groups had joined up reinforcements would be sent down and the assault on the palace could begin. They hoped to gain some information on the palace from the rebellion, or even some of the guards who were supposed to be defecting.

They decided Meia would remain at the base directing the combat, or making the illusion that she was with the commanders on the scene and rebellion. Meia had no problem with that, she only wanted to be close and visible to those fighting.  If they saw her there they would know she wasn’t hiding behind someone else.  She had to show she was equal to others if her plan to slowly eliminate the class system was to be successful.

So much depended on things going well she wondered if they could even succeed.

End part 23

Continued in part 24

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