The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 10

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 10

The figure waited in the shadows, watching the events going on in the main room completely oblivious to the others standing nearby.

“Are you sure about this?” one asked, his voice easily recognizable.

“Positive admiral, one Alliance scout ship dropped in and left after a shuttle was launched. It landed quickly and we were unable to do anything,” the other person replied back.

“Increase security, I do not want a repeat of what happened last time,” the admiral replied. “Now I have to inform the Emperor of this, and hope he’s in a generous mood.”

The figure waited as the two people turned and walked away leaving them alone.

“Interesting, so Meia’s returned. That could be just what I need.”

With that the figure turned and disappeared into the shadows.


Carl kept continued to look around for anyone who might be following him. Ever since the meeting with Meia he had been paranoid about what might happen next, or someone might link her with him.  He half expected the Enforcers to show up knocking on his door at any moment.  Then his conversation with Frank had not helped anything.

Turning the corner he paused for a second but continued on as he looked at the figure across the street. He was sure it was impossible to be seeing this person but as he got closer he recognized the man.

‘What is he doing here, and alive?’ Carl said to himself knowing that according to all reports he had been killed. The man moved ahead of him and stopped at the entrance of his apartment.

Carl looked around glad to see no Enforcers around as he quickly approached.

“Brad, what are you doing here?” Carl whispered startling the man who turned too quickly.

“Carl, give me a heart attack why don’t you,” Brad replied even though Carl could see the relief on the man’s face.

“Come on, let’s get off the streets before the Enforcers find you,” Carl said moving inside.

“Can’t argue there,” Brad said following Carl though the doors.

Reaching his apartment he allowed Brad in before sitting down himself and looking over at the man for several seconds. Brad appeared in good health making Carl wonder if he had been sent to weasel information out of him by the Emperor, or someone else.

“Things haven’t changed much since I left,” Brad finally said, looking around a bit.

“You’re supposed to be dead, what happened?” Carl finally asked wanting to know what happened.

“I should be, and would have been as well if we went with the original plan. Meia changed it and we attacked the Epsilon port instead of the Gamma port,” Brad explained.  “Meia also said we should go with her, seemed to think we’d all die if we remained and I have a feeling she was right.”

“Reports filtered in that a terrorist group attacked an Epsilon port, but everyone was killed,” Carl replied recalling what he had been told by news reports. “We knew they were not terrorists, but also something had happened.”

He watched Brad absorb the information before saying anything else.

“If we stayed we’d be dead,” Brad finally stated. “It was only the quick thinking of Meia who saved us.  She was distrustful of the plan from the beginning.  If she hadn’t convinced us to change the attack.”

Carl watched Brad shiver for a second.

“So, you believe she is who she says she is?” Carl asked.

“The daughter of Prince Boris?” Brad asked back.

“Yeah, there are all types of rumors out there,” Carl replied. “One says she’s nothing more than an Epsilon who wants power.”

“Her mother was an Epsilon class citizen, and I’ve spend time with her and the people of the Alliance. They didn’t even know about the Camilian Empire until we invaded them several months ago,” Brad said.

Carl took in that information while rubbing his chin. It seemed almost impossible the Alliance didn’t know about the Cimalian Empire after everything he had been told.  Then again the Emperor and his power seemed to control everything.  “So, why are you here then and not there?”

“I guess I’m still a citizen of my empire, but there is a chance to make things better instead of just wishing for a better way,” Brad said. “We hope we can find someone who can lead the resistance in helping the military overthrow the Emperor.”

Carl seemed a bit stunned at the lofty goal Brad mentioned. Overthrowing the Emperor sounded like an insane idea, and one that if failed resulted in certain death.  He could not imagine such an event happening.

“How do I come into this picture?” Carl asked.

“Meia suggested you, seemed to have an idea that we could also talk with Leroy about leading the resistance on the surface,” Brad stated.

“Sounds good, but there’s a problem, Leroy isn’t around anymore,” Carl replied recalling that bit of information which had made everyone nervous. “He disappeared a few days after you left.”

“Any others we could trust?” Brad asked.

Carl gave it some thought for several minutes. He had been distrustful of anyone in the resistance lately.  He briefly considered making his own resistance, talk to a few others still around the area.

“No one comes to mind, we don’t have much of a leadership right now, no one trusts anyone,” Carl said.

He watched Brad for several seconds unsure what he might be able to do to help. Meia might be able to start a resistance if she was who she said she was, and even get loyalty.  But without her, it appeared hopeless.

“How long do we have to set something up?” Carl asked.

“Probably not long, everything is moving into place as we speak. We’re looking for a time to move,” Brad replied back to him.

“Perhaps we can contact a few people in the resistance, I’ll try and find out,” Carl finally said.

“It’s better than nothing, when do we start,” Brad replied back to him.

“Give me a bit to try and set it up,” Carl replied.

“All right, but we might not have long,” Brad answered making Carl wonder what sort of timeline they had set up.


Dave made his way back to the spot where had last met his informant hoping for some more information. He felt somewhat foolish for coming here for a second night in a row, hoping no one spotted him.  Greg wanted him to speak with his informant again, something Dave felt apprehensive about.  What was worse was the information he was to relay.  You just didn’t say the current Emperor shouldn’t be ruler that was dangerous.

“Nervousness shows in you too well,” the voice said causing him to Jump. “It alsso attracts attention to yourself, and I’m guess you don’t want attention.”

Dave calmed himself wondering how this person could read him so well. The voice sounded familiar but still saw no one around, only the eerie presence of someone watching him.

“I need to talk to you,” Dave said finally looking around for any enforcers.

“Don’t worry, all enforcers are several minutes away,” the voice replied back him, making Dave wonder if this person could read his mind before it continued on. “Now, what did you need to say, ‘case I have information for you.”

Dave’s eyebrows rose at that bit of information before shaking himself and why he was there. “It seems we uncovered some information regarding the deaths of Empress Terresa and Emperor Aaron.  It seems the deaths were not natural like the reports indicated.”

He waited silently, having laid his cards out on the table and waiting to see what happened next. Would he be arrested for such talk, or could he actually trust this person.

“That I already knew,” the voice replied surprising Dave.

“How?” he asked, fear running though his blood almost sure this was a trap and he fell for it.

“Because, I pointed him in the direction to find that information. Its what I wanted him to find.  Power is close to changing hands once more, that’s why I’m here.  You’re new information, find Meia, a blue haired pilot.”

Dave waited several seconds for something else but heard nothing before realizing whoever he had been talking to had disappeared. He understood standing there would attract attention and made his way out of the area.  At the corner he turned to see two enforcers heading towards the spot he had been standing at only a few minutes ago.

Not staying around he quickly made his way back to Greg’s house with this new information. What did they mean?  Who was this Meia?  Perhaps Greg would understand this newest information.


Jack walked down the corridor inside the ‘Galactic Chambers’ building of the government, seeing the various ambassadors and senators from the planets of the Alliance. He never really stopped to realize how many people made up the council until his first visit here several years ago.

“In here admiral,” the young aide leading him said, indicating a door.

“Thank you,” Jack said, walking into the room seeing several people inside, a few were seated waiting for the meeting to start. He recognized Amy and her father and felt no hostility coming from there.  They probably didn’t know the full mission of what was going on.  Setting his bag down on the table he walked over and filled a glass of water.

“How’s everything going? Hopefully quiet,” a voice said causing Jack to turn to see Steward Barnes standing beside him.

“So far its quiet, but I don’t’ expect that to last,” Jack replied honestly.

“Oh? New intel or a gut feeling?” Steward asked, probing for information.

“Gut feeling, the war isn’t over. We never signed any peace treaty, and in fact haven’t heard anything from them at all,” Jack replied.

“Yes, you’re right,” Steward said looking around before lowering his voice. “The government is split.  Half want to go in and destroy them the other half wants to talk to them.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better,” Jack replied, suddenly having an idea as Steward continued on.

“Seven months ago, I’d have said talk as well, six months ago destroy them, now, I don’t know what the correct path is,” he said to Jack.

“If it makes you feel any better, the military is also split. We had a meeting not long ago and the only thing we agreed upon was the war wasn’t over,” Jack said, letting it slide that the military was split.

“I heard about that, Amy was there as a government official,” Steward said.

“She had some questions and seems to take after her father in such areas,” Jack replied back, and thought he saw Steward seem slightly proud of that fact.

“I guess she learned something the others didn’t with that meeting,” Steward said indicating she had not said much to the others.

“Not sure, no idea what she told you,” Jack replied back.

“She didn’t mention much, said a lot of it was top secret,” Steward stated giving Jack some relief that she could be trusted.

“Well, some of the information will be revealed in this meeting,’ Jack told him, knowing there were some things which they couldn’t keep quiet for very long, and he didn’t want to keep quiet either.

“I guess we’ll finally be hearing about what’s going on,” Steward said.

Jack nodded before heading over to his seat while saying hello to Amy as he passed her by. There were still a few people missing, including the President.

Jack sat down, activated his computer and brought up any information he might need during the meeting, looking up when the door to the room opened.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the Alliance,” an aide announced as Able made way to his seat.

Jack watched the President enter the room, head over to his chair, sit down and start the meeting.

End part 10

Continued in part 11

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