The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion – Part 8

The Cimalian Princess: Rebellion

by AJ Marks

Part 8

Meia walked into the rec room behind John and noticed a lot of pilots standing around, many looked like they were having fun.

“Hey, look who I got to come down off her throne and visit with us lower class citizens,” John said motioning towards Meia.

She gave John a glare which he ignored before he continued.

“She’s going to take a shot!”

Before Meia could even protest she felt herself shoved towards the bar area and a small glass was placed in her hand which was filled with a clear liquid which looked like water to her. Looking over at John she noticed everyone seemed to be telling her to drink it in one gulp.  She had no idea what this stuff even was and they wanted her to drink it.

Feeling the pressure Meia took a breath and quickly downed the drink and barely had time to register what it tasted like before feeling her throat burn unlike anything she ever experienced before. Her eyes watered and coughed trying to catch her breath which had been knocked ot of her.  Blinking slightly she felt the rush sweep over her as she finally became aware of clapping and hollering from the rest of the group.

“Wasn’t so bad, was it?” John said smiling.

“What *cough* what was that?” Meia asked hoarsely.

“Just a little something to make you a bit more relaxed,” John replied, taking a glass himself, drinking it in one gulp and slamming the glass down with a yell.

A few more pilots yelled in support, or something else, Meia no longer felt sure. She watched as a game was played, who could drink it quicker.  Two people lined up, drank the shot and slammed the glass down, whoever slammed their glass down firs was the winner.  She realized she was faster than any of them as John took on another pilot, a burly, brown-haired man.  They took the drink and slammed the glasses down with John barely beating him.

“Dang it,” the man said.

“I win again,” John said with a grin. “I said I could beat anyone from the two twelve and I’m right.”

Meia walked up to him forcing him to look down at her waiting.

“I-I’ll take you on,” Meia said feeling quite confident in her abilities at the moment.

“All right,” John replied, motioning for two more drinks.

Meia took her glass, ready to go and preparing herself for the drink as another counted down.

“Ready, go!”

Meia slammed the drink back and slammed the glass down beating John easily. This time though, she was prepared for the burning and watering eyes and surprised when it wasn’t as bad this time.  Cheers from around her as she realized the pilots of the two twelve were cheering her on.

“Shee, ay told ya,” Meia said to John, feeling herself wobble slightly before straightening herself out.

A large hand on her shoulder almost toppled her, and she saw the man who John had barely beaten standing there with a smile directed at her. He said something to John which she didn’t’ catch and found herself pulled away towards the others in her squadron to celebrate.


Randy made his way to Meia’s quarters looking for her after stopping by her office and not finding her there. He figured she had probably headed back to her quarters for some rest.  He wanted to inform her that they would reach their destination in another five hours.  Reaching the corner he stopped hearing some loud sounds and what he thought was singing.  Rounding the corner he noticed a couple of people staggering towards him.

Raising an eyebrow as he recognized them both, one leaning more on the other but both were staggering. If he had not recognized what had probably happened he might feel a bit jealous about the situation as the two had yet to realize he was there.

He finally decided to force the issue as nether appeared to realize the situation and cleared his throat, watching as they both jumped. They looked up at him and froze.

“U-Uh-oh,” John said a bit loudly.

Randy watched as Meia, who was hanging onto John, and wobbly tried to stand up.

“Ish beat hims,” she said proudly, pointing to John.

Randy still had no idea what to say, especially considering his two squadron commander were drunk. John seemed a bit sheepish, but there was an unknown look in Meia’s eyes.  He realized they both needed to sober up considering what was coming up but John spoke up.

“She sure did, beat me fair and square, yep,” John replied, though didn’t slur his words as Meia had. Randy still recognized the signs of his friend having a bit much.  Meia looked as if she had too much.

“Ya know, I ne-never told you thish, but I thinks you’re cute,” Meia said suddenly catching Randy off guard.

Before he could process it she had stepped forward to kiss him. Normally Randy might have felt ecstatic if not for the fact Meia had passed out leaving him holding her up.  He looked down at Meia then back at John waiting.

“This isn’t what I expected,” Randy said. “How much did she have?”

“Not much, one or three, or more, I don’t remember,” John replied. “You-you’d have been proud.  She bonded with her squadron.”

“I have an entire squadron drunk?” Randy asked.

“Um, not exactly,” John answered sounding guilty.

“Good, because we have only five hours till we arrive at our destination and I need all of my pilots in top form,” Randy said, watching as John looked a bit guilty. “Do I want to know what happened?” Randy asked making a decision and lifted Meia in his arms before turning and starting towards her quarters.

“Um, no,” John finally replied.

Reaching her quarters he walked in and placed Meia on the bed before looking back over at John.

“So, she bonded with her squadron, eh?” Randy said, unsure if he was posing a question or not.

“Yep,” John replied, grinning this time. “All it took was one shot, well actually it was her second one.”

“Looks like she can’t handle her liquor, or hasn’t drunk before,” Randy said wondering if the Cimalian Empire even had alcohol. Looking down at Meia’s face he noticed an innocence about her which wasn’t there normally and he found attractive.  “Though, I think you’ll both be feeling it in the morning.  Better leave her the hangover remedy for when she wakes up.”

“Aye-aye skip,” John said, giving a mock salute and left before Randy could say anything else.

Looking back at Meia he brushed a strand of hair off her face, seeing her smile at the touch. His thoughts drifted to the kiss and what it might mean.  Sure they had shared a few kisses, but this one had been different, it had a bit more passion making him wonder if it was Meia or the alcohol.  He silently hoped Meia felt a bit more for him and the alcohol had removed some of her inhibition she normally had.

Tucking her in he made his way out of her quarters, closing the door and then had a decision to make. Turning he headed to see how many of the pilots had been participating in the drinking game.  Years ago he’d have joined in, or even started one.  Now, as the commander he had to show more sense and hoped John had as well.

Stopping outside the door he listened as the pilots spoke loudly, but were trying to be quiet. ‘Great,’ he thought to himself imagining a room full of drunk pilots as the conversation reached him.

“Our leader just drank yours under the table,” one pilot said.

“Yeah, but ours could still hit the target,” another replied back.

Randy frowned for a second before realizing what they had been doing, and he’d probably need to call repair for some damage to the walls in the pilot’s club room. He stepped forward seeing most of the pilots were actually standing, two were passed out and most appeared in good shape as the conversation stopped at the sight of him walking in.

“Sir!” one pilot said, recovering the quickest and offering a salute. Randy felt impressed the man had that much ability to still salute.

Making his way over to the bar he tapped the surface indicating he wanted a drink. A nervous pilot hesitantly poured the short and handed it to him.  Randy looked around seeing that everyone was looking at him before he quickly swallowed the drink slamming the glass son the counter feeling the familiar burn.  He also realized it was very good.

“Listen up, you have five hours to sober up before we arrive at our destination, let’s make sure we can do our duties,” Randy said making his way towards the door. “And whoever bought the liquor, report to my office in six hours.  I want to know where you got it, its very good.”

He managed to walk out hiding the grin on his face knowing they would be ready. He knew, and had been in such a situation as well.  If civilians knew how often he and John, and the rest of his squad had ever shown up to a drill drunk they would be surprised.  It still amazed him he never got written up.

He ran into Kim in the corridor who appeared headed into the pilot’s room.

“Admiral, what are you doing here?” she stammered. “You don’t have to concern yourself with this.”

“Relax captain, I understand what’s going on, and I was close by,” Randy said not mentioning what else happened, nor did he really approve but understood it.

“Either way, it appears I have a room full of drunk pilots who need to be on duty in a couple of hours,” Kim said shouldering responsibility for the actions of the pilots.

She started to say more when a couple of pilots stumbled out of the room stopping at the sight of the admiral and captain.

“Get to your quarters, that’s an order,” Randy said, watching as they didn’t hesitate and left.

“So, what happened?” Kim asked as they moved on to the elevators.

Randy informed her about John and Meia and what he heard from the pilots and he was down there.

“And you had to have a drink as well, great,” Kim moaned. “You couldn’t just say something, no you had to have a drink.  Must be a macho pilot thing.”

Randy smirked at Kim’s little outburst as it meant she wasn’t’ as mad as she seemed to be at his overstepping his authority on her ship.

“Next time, just tell me, okay,” she said to him.

“Yeah, didn’t mean for it to happen, just happened,” Randy said to her.

“Hopefully something good came out of it and not just a bunch of drunk pilots,’ Kim replied looking at the door.

“I think it did,” Randy said thinking about it. “The pilots have finally accepted her, not as a pilot, her skills and attitude did that,” he said seeing Kim’s confused face.  “Her actions tonight solidified her role as squadron leader.  I only hope the rest of the mission goes as smoothly.”

“Maybe we need more liquor,” Kim joked.

Randy laughed as he started heading to the elevator. “I wish, don’t forget to get some rest as well.”

“I’m off in thirty minutes,” Kim replied.

“Good, I’ll see you on the bridge in about five hours then,” Randy said, heading to the elevator and for his quarters. He also would get some rest knowing everything which could be done had been done.  He would see what new obstacles awaited him when they exited the jump.

End part 8

Continued in part 9

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