February 2017

Wow, its already February.  Almost Valentines Day and then President’s day and before you know it, it will be March.

Time is sure flying these days, seem to recall hearing something about that as you get older.

Super Bowl is coming up, getting ready for that as well.  Though, I will admit, I don’t watch the commercials, I actually watch the game.

Politics-wise, can’t we all just get along?

Site-wise, things continue as normal, nothing’s changed.  Been hit with a lot of spam comments recently, so if you made a comment and it doesn’t show after a day or so, I might have deleted it by mistake, some of those spam comments are good, and you let one in and you get flooded with them.

I have no plans to not complete any story, but energy some days is lacking to write, and other stories beg for attention.  So its not like I don’t want to complete it, or have no intention on completing it, but other things get in the way.

Though that is now confined to basically two stories, the Voyage to Earth series, and the ID4/BSG crossover, as I’m trying to not publish anything unless its complete.

Thanks for dropping by,


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