The Chu’unthor Incident – Part 8

The Chu’unthor Incident

by AJ Marks

Part 8

Xara walked down the hallway looking for the Sissisian that had talked with her earlier in the day. Rounding one corner she saw him standing with a couple of others. She watched him wondering if the people he was talking to were part of the kidnappers or not.

The Sissisian concluded his talk and walked away laughing. Xara watched as he approached where she was standing in the shadows. When he was close enough she grabbed his shoulder.

Eppis was startled when a hand spun him around and he was concerned for a second until he saw who it was. It was the tall dark clothed Jedi he had talked with earlier.

“You have good timing, I’ve arranged a meeting with my boss for tonight,” Eppis said to Xara.

“Then I’ll be able to meet with this person,” Xara said in a bored tone. “And I’ll finally understand why my master wanted me to come here.”

“You mean that you don’t know,” Eppis said with a bit of wonder.

“My boss only said to come here, that’s all,” Xara said letting a little of the part of her that was the dark side out. The Sissisian took a step back and realized that the group he was with did not know who they were dealing with. For the first time he wondered if they were doing the right thing.

Xara watched as the Sissisian squirmed a bit before saying anything else. She could tell that if her former boss was behind this soon. She really did not think that he was, as he was probably asked for some support which he would gladly give for future returns.

“Well, when,” Xara said finally getting bored with just standing there looking at him. She watched as he jumped and began to bumble.

“Ah, yes well we should probably get going,” he said and led her down the corridor and headed outside using a secret passage. Xara thought that the secret passage was a bit old, but if something worked then use it. She figured that it was so old no one knew about them anymore.

They walked for quite a while and Xara was beginning to wonder if they would ever get to their destination. After a few more minutes they came to a short curve in the tunnel and Xara could sense someone else was with them. She wondered if her companion knew that someone else was there.

Xara did not have to wait long until the hidden person made himself known. He stepped out of the shadows and walked toward them. He never took his eyes off Xara as he approached them. Xara realized that she was under scrutiny and she decided to be bored by the entire thing. She rested her weight on one foot and placed her other hand on her hip.

“Who’s she,” the Sissisian said to Eppis with a nod of his head in Xara’s direction. Xara was trying to figure out why such a beautiful planet created such ugly life forms on it. The cool grey eyes of the guard continued to look at her.

“She’s our help. I’m here to have her meet with Tompic, he knows we are coming,” Eppis replied.

“Stay here, I go get him,” he replied then turned and walked away.

“Well, he was friendly,” Xara said dryly.

“We take no chances,” Eppis said. “We have to be careful for spies who want to report us to the king. We are in this to win, and win we will.”

“And then what,” Xara asked wondering if she could get some information out of him before this Tompic came.

“Then we will be truly free from tyranny,” Eppis said.

Xara rolled her eyes at the thought. They already had more freedom than some races in the Republic. She wondered if they could even see that they were being controlled by someone else already.

Xara would have said more but she sensed that someone was coming. She observed that two Sissisians were coming toward her. One was the guard the other she assumed to be Tompic. She sized up their leader quickly. He seemed to be just like the others in that she had met down here.

“So you’re our ace against the Jedi,” the Sissisian said as he walked up to her.

“One against seven,” Xara said with a raised eyebrow. She was wondering what they expected her to do about their situation.

“We only need you to keep the Jedi out of our business for a few days,” Tompic said.

“What’s to happen in a few days,” Xara asked curious about the statement.

“Then it will be too late for anyone to stop the events from happening,” Tompic replied as a smile broke out on his face.

“All right, how many days,” Xara said.

“Two, then it will be too late,” Tompic said.

“Then the best way is to maybe to organize a trade,” Xara said.

“You mean the princess, hmm we might be able to do that,” Tompic said. “She is just a distraction after all.”

That piece of information was vital to Xara. She was sure now that an outside force was behind everything, now all she had to do was find out whom. She knew that she did not have much time for that, at most a day and a half.

“You might trade for something that you consider insignificant to keep them looking the wrong way,” Xara said and the Sissisian seemed to think that one over a bit before he agreed with the idea.

Tompic considered what Xara had said and felt like she had a good idea. So far they had been able to keep the intelligence office looking the wrong way while they planned their rebellion against the king. The kidnapping had been their idea in exchange for the king stepping down. It would allow them to plan while they looked for the princess.

“We will ask for better wages for the workers, that will make us look like we are for the working Sissisian,” Tompic said. “We will give the princess back after the wages have been increased.”

“Sounds like it could work,” Xara replied knowing that they would have to work fast to prevent the real plan. She had an idea as to what it was now.

“Do you need a place to rest,” Tompic asked Xara. She was shaping up to be everything that his contact had said she would be.

“No, I should get back, otherwise the other might get suspicious. Also I wouldn’t give my name to my boss. We like to remain secret and your connection is unsecure,” Xara said thinking that if her name was used then everything could be for nothing and her life could be in even greater danger.

“Of course,” Tompic replied accepting the request without thought. “Eppis will lead you back to the castle.”

With that Tompic walked away and Xara almost felt sad for them. They were being led by someone else and did not even know it. They had not questioned her, asked for anything to confirm who she was, and seemed completely oblivious to planning, or even a greater scheme. They were too trusting of what others said and did not look at the consequences that could happen.

On the way back Xara was quiet and Eppis talked a bit. He finally wondered why Xara was so quiet.

“Just thinking,” Xara answered. She had a feeling that the real threat would come not from the kidnappers, but whoever was behind everything. They only had a day to really figure it all out, maybe less.

The trip back was shorter than Xara remembered and she quickly found herself at the door to her quarters. Quietly opening the door she walked into the room which was dark. She shed her clothing and after quietly putting her stuff up crawled into bed.

Wrapping her arms around Bri she allowed the smaller woman to relax her.

“How’d it go,” Bri asked when she felt Xara wrap her arms around her. She had not been able to really fall asleep so she had just rested. She heard Xara enter the room and waited until she was in bed to say anything.

“There’s more going on than we thought Bri,” Xara replied. “We’ll talk with Yoda in the morning.”

“All right,” Bri said and allowed the presence of her soulmate to lull her to sleep. Xara followed soon after.


Tompic had gone back to his quarters and was about to retire when he was summoned to the communications room. He got up and silently cussed whoever it was that was calling him at this time of night.

He turned to the screen and was surprised to see the dark figure there.

“Has my operative made contact with you yet,” the man said with a growl of a voice.

“Yes, and we’ve got everything under control,” Tompic said with a smile on his face.

“Good,” the man said. He had been worried about his agent. He had become mentally unstable to the point that even he was about to severe ties with the man. This mission was his last chance, and then he would have put out a bounty on his head.

“I’ll let you go as you probably have work to do,” the man said.

“Yes, I’ll tell her that you were pleased,” Tompic said.

“Yes, do that,” the man said after a brief hesitation. His agent was male, not female. He realized who he was talking about and they had talked with the wrong person. He would have to rectify the situation, or cut his loses. If his agent failed again he doubted that the man would survive, and if he succeeded then he would keep the agent. He would win either way, the situation on Sissis did not concern him at all.


A cloaked figure made its way to the communication room in the palace. After making sure that no one was inside the figure walked in. The figure put a small device on one of the machines and waited. It was not long before his call was answered.

“You are failing me,” the voice said.

“What do you mean, my contact failed to show up,” the figure replied.

“That’s because Xara got to the contact first,” the voice said.

“Xara,” the figure hissed out with venom.

“Yes, either eliminate her and complete your mission or don’t call back,” the voice said as cold as steel and the line went dead.

The cloaked figure seethed at the news his boss just gave him. The woman had meddled in his affairs for the last time. This time she would die, and Bri would be his. A cruel smile came to his lips as he walked out of the room.


Bri woke up with a nice feeling. She was lying in Xara’s arms who was still sound asleep. She took the opportunity to study her soulmate in closer detail. The fine lines of her face, even a slight smile on the older woman’s lips which brought one to her own. She pushed a lock of hair away from Xara face and still could not believe how lucky she was.

Bri was still looking at her when blue eyes opened and locked onto her own green ones. They spent a few minutes greeting each other good morning before Bri’s bladder began to protest. Much to her disappointment she had to break off and head to the bathroom.

Xara watched as her young partner went off to the bathroom. She knew that they would have to talk with Yoda today, and that there was not much time. She got up and dressed in her now familiar red and black outfit.

Bri came out of the bathroom feeling relieved but a bit disappointed that Xara was getting dressed. She walked over and put on her Jedi tunic. She clipped her lightsaber to her waistband and together they walked off to visit with Master Yoda.

They knocked on the door of Yoda’s room and waited as it was answered my Markus. The young man let them into the room. Yoda was meditating and looked up when Bri and Xara entered the room. He was curious as to what had happened last night. He knew that Xara was going to hopefully meet with the leader of the kidnappers and that might shed light on who was behind everything.

“Master Bri, Xara how are you,” Yoda asked with his characteristic concern that he had for everyone.

“Good Master Yoda,” Bri replied.

“I met with the leader of the kidnappers, and I think things are worse than what we imagine,” Xara said. Yoda said nothing but waited until Xara had finished talking before making any plans. “We have only a day or so to find out who’s behind this. I also think that we should have the Chu’unthor ready for battle.”

Yoda looked at Xara with a bit of concern. If readying the training ship for battle was a concern then Sissis was about to be invaded.

“An invasion, sure are you,” Yoda asked.

“Not fully, but my meeting with the leader of the kidnappers gives me that impression. He mentioned that the kidnapping and everything else was just a distraction to keep the real intentions from being known,” Xara said. “These Sissisians do not even know what they are doing.”

“We should warn the Sissisian military,” Bri said.

Yoda thought about that for a few minutes. “Do that I will. What else.”

“They are going to release the princess if the king will increase the minimum workers wage, they hope to keep the intelligence, and you, from guessing the true intentions. He also said that we only have to delay another day until the plan is complete.”

“Not good this news is,” Yoda said.

“I think that the king should do it, it would keep the kidnappers off balance. And it could provide us with the distraction we need,” Xara said.

“Talk with the king I will,” Yoda replied as he picked up his stuff. “Markus, tell Osti to look for a race that might invade Sissis, and would profit from it.”

“Yes master,” Markus replied and went on his way. Once Markus was out the door Yoda turned to Xara and Bri.

“We should probably get going,” Bri replied.

They made their way to where the king was. He was enjoying a hot breakfast and watched as the Jedi walked into the room. He had heard from the kidnappers early this morning. For some reason they had changed their demands and now wanted him to raise the minimum wages in exchange for his daughter. He thought that it was a good trade, and something that he was already going to do.

“Master Yoda, I was about to send for you when I was through,” the king said as they approached. “I received some news last night.”

“Received some of our own we did,” Yoda said. “Know more about what is going on now we do.”

The king leaned forward at this news. It sounded like the small Jedi already knew about the new demand for his daughter. He was not sure if he would like what the Jedi had to say.

“I have a feeling that you already know what I’m going to say,” the king said.

“The new demand for your daughter’s release, yes know that we do,” Yoda said. “Learned something else we have.” Yoda was not sure if he should continue with this in such a non-private area.

Bri saw the hesitation and swept the room with her senses to see if she could find any bugs in the room. She closed her eyes and expanded her senses and turned in a slow circle. Xara watched as her soulmate went to work even without Yoda asking her to.

Yoda saw Bri out of the corner of his eye and knew what she was doing. Now all he had to do was ask the king to get rid of any servants.

“We must talk in private,” Yoda said to the king. He hesitated for a second before he asked the servants to leave the room. Yoda waited for Bri to finish before saying anything.

“All clear,” Bri said as she kept her senses trained for anyone close enough to be listening in on the conversation.

“There’s a large problem headed your way. Your staff is full of spies, and the kidnappers are really just stalling for time,” Xara said to the king.

“Spies, in my staff. That’s impossible, most have been with me for a long time,” the king replied. He did not like the fact that someone on his staff might be behind all of this. “Hold it what do you mean stalling,” he said as the last part of Xara’s statement hit him.

“A prelude to invasion it might be,” Yoda said.

“I must warn my military for they must be prepared for this threat,” the king said not liking the idea that his people could be invaded any day now.

“Yes, they must be notified, but only those you trust, no more no less,” Yoda said.

“I trust Admiral Blitt, he has been with me for many years, we even served together,” the king said thinking about who he could trust.

“Then talk with him we must,” Yoda said as the plans started to come together.

The king ordered that Admiral Blitt be brought to his chambers right away. The king looked at the time and realized that it was almost time for them to pick up his daughter. When he had received the demand he had enacted the worker’s raise immediately.

“It’s almost time for my daughter to be released,” the king said looking at Yoda.

“Go and pick up you daughter, talk more we will later,” Yoda said. He wanted to find out more about what was going on, and he had a feeling that Xara would be able to find out more.

The king rose and said that he would be back with Admiral Blitt after his daughter was back. Bri watched and knew that Master Yoda was thinking of something.

“Xara,” Yoda said looking right at the tall dark haired woman. She remained silent waiting to see what Yoda wanted. “Make it back to the kidnapper’s base can you?”

Xara thought about it for a few seconds before replying. She thought that she could make it back, and the security that they had was not very good. “Yes I can,” Xara replied thinking that she already knew what Master Yoda was going to ask.

“Need more information we do on who and where,” Yoda said.

“I understand,” Xara said already forming a plan in her mind. She noticed that Bri did not like the plan too much, but there was nothing she could really do about it as she was the only one who knew the way.

“I don’t want you to go,” Bri said finally and both Xara and Yoda looked at her. “I have a bad feeling about this part of the mission.”

“Bri,” Xara said coming up beside her now upset partner and putting her arms around her. Xara could tell that something was really bothering her and she had to calm her down first. “I’m the only one who knows the location and sending someone with me would only increase the danger for both of us. If I get caught I can form a plan quickly but if another Jedi is with me then they will not believe me.”

“I just have a really bad feeling about this,” Bri said. The Force was telling her that something was wrong with the mission.

“Feel nothing I do,” Yoda said searching the Force himself. Whatever Bri was feeling she was reacting strongly about it.

“I’ll be extra careful all right,” Xara said trying to pacify her partner.

Bri wanted to pout and be angry but she realized that Xara would go through with the mission regardless of what she said. She could only hold Xara to her promise.

“Be extra careful, for me,” Bri said as she looked up into Xara’s eyes.

“And miss coming back to you, I’d be crazy if I didn’t come back,” Xara told Bri honestly. “I should get going, the best time to sneak in will be during the exchange.”

Bri reluctantly agreed with her partner. The feeling did not go away however and she just hoped that she was wrong in her feeling. Xara gave her one more quick hug and left the room.

“Don’t agree with me you do,” Yoda said watching Bri as she began to pace back and forth a bit.

“No, I just can’t explain it, it’s something that’s there yet it is not. I’ve never felt anything like it before,” Bri replied to her former mentor.

“Wait and see we will,” Yoda said turning to head out of the room. “Work we have.”

“Yes Master Yoda,” Bri said with a bit of a sigh and walked out of the room with him.


Xara carefully traced the path that she had taken just the night before to the kidnapper’s hideout. She was not even sure if she would be able to find any evidence of who they were getting help from.

Xara kept her senses trained to any disturbances in front of her. She did not need to be discovered this time, and she hoped that the guards were as sloppy as they were last night. She knew that she could probably get in and out regardless of trouble, she just wanted to avoid trouble.

Xara made her way around a corner and felt someone standing in front of her. She felt around using the Force and discovered only one person. One person would not be much of a problem to her.

With a little concentration she waved her hand and walked right by the guard. He did not even seem to notice that she was there.

‘Let’s hear it for the weak minded,’ Xara thought as she quickly hid again to look around the compound. The mind trick worked well, but not really well for a large group. She could distract them, but only for a little while.

The compound had a few people walking around but no one had any weapons. She was glad about that; it would mean she could get out of the area quickly.

Xara spotted a larger tent that would probably house the leader. She was glad that it was not guarded as she glanced around. A burst of speed using the Force would work. First she had to make sure that there was no one in the tent. She stretched out with the Force and found one person in the tent.

Xara reasoned that if she acted quickly then she would be able to get into the tent and knock the person out before an alarm was sounded. She had to wait a few minutes till everyone was looking in a different direction.

The split second was all Xara needed as she ran with the help of the Force to the tent. She ducked inside and faced the person inside. The alien was not who she was expecting to see. It was a Chulak. They were a homeless species who kept to themselves. Xara had dealt with them a few times and they were interested in conquest and nothing else.

The Chulak’s eyes open in surprise as she entered the tent. He opened his mouth to say something when he felt what he thought were hands at his throat. The human woman was a Jedi he realized as she continued to choke him.

Xara watched the man carefully until he passed out from lack of oxygen before releasing him. She assured herself that he was alive still then went over the tent. She did not have to look very far, as the Chulak had been going over the plans.

Xara realized it all made sense now. The Chulak, from what she had heard, were a race of conquerors. They had conquered with fear their local neighbors and had begun to gather a large empire. A band of rebel races finally defeated them and destroyed their homeworld. The Chulak’s were now hired killers and mercenaries.

Xara read the plan and realized that the Yanninians had hired a group of Chulak’s to cause this unrest. Once the invasion began they would hit important targets such as the shield generator and defense systems of the planet. The invasion was scheduled for tomorrow morning. This was vital information. The ships from Yannin could not get here any quicker so she was not concerned with what the Chulaks would do now that they knew the plan.

She put the plans back and knew that it was time to get out of there. She used her senses to see if there was anyone around. She felt a few people but figured that she could run for it. They could call on additional Jedi from the Chu’unthor for help in protection of the planet’s defenses.

Xara ran out of the tent and headed past the guard she had earlier walked right by. By the time they realized what had happened she was already gone. She had gone around a corner and did not feel anyone of them following her, but there was a presence in front of her.

A cloaked figure stood in her way. The form was familiar to her. She then realized who it was, Cal. Somehow he had eluded everyone and now they stood alone.

“Cal,” Xara said as she could feel her anger for the man coming out.

“Xara, fancy meeting you here,” Cal said. “You’ve caused my master much trouble.”

“So, you’ve gone to the ‘Dark’ side,” Xara said as she realized she was right in her feeling about Cal.

“It’s much more powerful, wouldn’t you say,” he said with a grin. “And after I defeat you I will take Bri as my own and together we will rule the universe.”

“Bri would never join the ‘Dark’ side, or you,” Xara said with confidence.

“She will when I kill you,” Cal said as his lightsaber ignited and he charged towards her.

Xara brought out her own lightsaber and brought it up in a defensive stance. Cal laughed at her attempts to defend against him. She would not last long. He had seen her dueling with Bri, and her skills were below his.

Cal decided on a quick strike and rushed in to attack with his blue blade blurring around him. Xara blocked his attempts with her own red blade. She had watched him practice and knew that he was good, somewhat. But the infusion of ‘Dark’ side power made him seem stronger at the moment.

Cal used all the power he had in his attacks and found himself frustrated over the fact that he had been blocked each time. He shrugged it off and knew that it was only a matter of time before he wore her down and she would be his.

They parried a few more times and Cal decided to bring out a few tricks that he had learned. His hand stretched out and Force lightning shot out from his hand.

Xara felt was about to happen and jumped out of its way. She had to make sure he did not hit her with that; unlike Bri she could not stop it. Deciding not to give him time to try it again she rushed Cal.

Cal realized that he had missed and had to act quickly to block the next attack from Xara. He realized that she was good, but he figured that he was better than she was. He pulled from deep down in the dark side and began another attack.

Xara found herself on the defensive once again and wondered how she was going to defeat him. Xara twirled her red blade around her to keep Cal from getting inside her defenses. She knew that he was getting angry with his lack of ability to finish her off quickly and that if she held on long enough he would lose any patience he had left and she would be able to gain the upper hand.

“Is that the best you’ve got,” Xara said taunting him. She had one plan that she could use that could tell her everything.

“You’ll find out soon enough bitch,” Cal replied. He was close to finishing off the one thing that had interfered with his plans. He had wanted Bri to himself and with Xara in the way he knew that he would never get her. Xara had to die.

“You know that Bri will never forgive you,” Xara said.

“She’ll never know about it,” Cal said as they circled each other looking for an opportunity to attack.

“You sound pretty confident about that,” Xara replied hoping that she could get a confession out of him.

“I’ll tell her that poor Master Kint did it, after he found out that you had turned to the ‘Dark’ side of the Force. Then I took vengeance for her and killed Kint,” he said with a smile.

Xara realized what he had just said. “You’ve killed Master Kint,” she said hoping that what she had heard was wrong.

“The old fool,” came the reply from Cal. “He never saw it coming.”

“You were also behind the attack on the Chu’unthor,” Xara stated. “And you stole the Exir Stone and placed it in my quarters.”

“That was easy, why you couldn’t have had the courtesy to just roll over none of this would have happened. Bri is mine, to do with what I want,” Cal said.

Xara knew that she was dealing with a person that had now got beyond sane; this was a duel to the death now. She reached into herself and pulled on the Force like she had never done before.

The two combatants flung themselves into battle as their blades crossed and hissed as the impacts they were giving. Both were now giving it their all. They locked blades a couple of times but neither were really able to take advantage of it.

Cal then began a new attack and at the last moment used the Force to push Xara down. He then yanked her lightsaber out of her hands and into his.

“Well well,” he said gloating as he now held both lightsabers. “It looks like I win,” he said walking over to where Xara was with a smile on his face. “This time there will be no escape for you, and Bri will be mine. You were weak to walk away from the ‘Dark’ side Xara and that will be your downfall.”

Cal twirled the two lightsabers as he calmly regarded Xara. “I’ll be sure to comfort Bri when your gone, and she’ll finally realize who she was meant to be with,” said as he gave a thought about the beautiful Jedi. Although the woman in front of him was beautiful as well, his fascination was with Bri.

Xara knew that she was in trouble and that if she did not act fast she would die, and that would leave Bri all alone. That thought brought her own anger to the surface as she tapped into her ‘Dark’ side. She used Cal’s brief slip in attention to her to strike.

Cal did not see Xara move but suddenly Xara was in front of him and before he could move either lightsaber Xara placed her hand on his forehead and he could feel the Force flowing out of him.

Xara had recalled a ‘Dark’ side technique that could drain the life force out of a person and she was using it now on Cal. It did not last long and Cal slumped to the floor dead. She wondered how Bri would react to this news, and if she could still love her after what she had done.

Xara looked at the body of Cal then realized she still had to tell Yoda about what she found out. He would need the time to organize the Jedi to help protect the planet. If the defenses were still operational then the invasion fleet would probably retreat. She used the Force to grab her lightsaber and placed it back on her belt then went in search of Master Yoda.

.End Part 8

Concluded in part 9

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