The Chu’unthor Incident – Part 6

The Chu’unthor Incident

by AJ Marks

Part 6

The shuttle descended down through a thick atmosphere with very little bumps along the way for the passengers as it headed towards a large landing platform. There were several people around the platform waiting for the shuttle to land to begin their jobs.

On the platform waited another vehicle to transport their guests to meet with King Hevon who was expecting them. The pilot did a perfect job of landing the craft and within moments of landing the doors had opened.

Yoda led the group of seven Jedi and one non-Jedi down the platform to the waiting group. The Sissisian waiting for them was not expecting so many people and wondered what was going on.

“Master Jedi Yoda,” the Sissisian said as Yoda approached him.

“Yes, not expecting so many are you,” Yoda replied seeing the Sissisian nod his head. “New development has made itself known,” was the only explanation he would give.

“I am Greki, King Hevon is anxious to meet with you, but I’m afraid that I can only take four of you,” the Sissisian said as he escorted the group to the waiting vehicle to take them to the palace.

“Master Osti, take your padawan, Cal and Markus to help you with our bags,” Yoda said. “We will meet with the King and find out what news there is.”

“Of course Master Yoda,” Osti replied with a bow before taking Bri and Xara’s bags.

Cal looked like he wanted to object but wisely kept his mouth shut. He would voice his displeasure at Master Yoda allowing a non-Jedi to the first meeting later. He took Master Kint’s bag as Markus had Yoda’s bag with him and they made their way to another vehicle that would take them to their quarters.

The rest of the group followed Greki into the vehicle. Xara allowed Bri to go first and watched her closely for any sign of discomfort that her ribs might be giving her. Seeing Bri slip into her seat without any discomfort eased Xara’s mind a bit over her soulmate. She then sat down next to her and they watched as Yoda and Kint followed in the seats across from them.

“What else has happened?” Kint asked Greki as they began to move.

“I think that the king would prefer to tell you himself,” Greki said not sure what to really say. He had a feeling that the Jedi could see right through him and it terrified him to be this close to them. He had never seen any before, but their robes and tunics usually gave them away, along with their most well known weapon, a lightsaber.

He took the moment to study the group in front of him. There was the small green Jedi called Yoda. He was supposed to be a powerful Jedi, yet his gaze was gentle and kind. The one next to him was tall, and had proud features.

Then there were the two human women. They appeared to complete opposites of each other. The one closest to him was tall for a human female, with long loose black hair and deep blue eyes that had tracked to him a couple of times. She did not seem to be a Jedi, as she was not dressed in normal Jedi attire like the rest but still had a lightsaber on her belt. She wore a dark outfit giving her the appearance of someone Greki did not want to meet in a dark ally.

The other one was short, and had strawberry-blonde hair that was braided in a nice pattern. She wore a light tan traditional robe with a dark tunic on underneath. Her green eyes seemed to take everything in and seemed so trusting that one wanted to tell her your life story.

He was not sure about the others yet, and the fact that there were now seven Jedi, perhaps eight made him nervous as he eyed the lightsaber on the dark haired woman. He wondered what made this mission so important over others. Sissis was only a place for food growing, there was no jewels, or other rare materials that other planets had. He figured that he would find our soon enough.

The ride was longer than Greki had remembered, or perhaps it was just because he was in the company of so many Jedi that it seemed longer. He was glad when they pulled up to the royal mansion and he could get out and lead his guest to see the king.

King Hevon was waiting for the group and watched the four Jedi walk into the room. Three bowed their heads and he noticed that the one who was not dressed like a typical Jedi did not bow her head. He briefly wondered about the tall dark haired woman but decided against it and got right to the business at hand.

“Welcome honorable Jedi,” the king said welcoming the group. “It’s rare for us to get such visitors, especially so many. I am told that there are eight of you, if I may be so bold as to ask why so many. I was told to expect two Jedi Masters, one padawan and a bounty hunter,” he said as his mind clicked that the tall woman was the bounty hunter.

“Encountered trouble we have on the way,” Yoda said replying to the question. “Believe the mission to be more dangerous than previously expected.”

“What type of trouble, and can we be of any assistance,” the king asked concern in his voice.

“A sabotage attempt to stop us,” Yoda said. “And ask for help in repairs we do.” Yoda asked.

“Of course,” the king replied.

“Your assistant said something about a new development?” Bri asked speaking up for the first time. Yoda and Bri watched as the king looked at his advisor then back to the group of Jedi.

“Yes its true, and I’m glad that my advisor did not tell you as it was something that I what to tell you myself,” the king replied. He seemed a bit nervous about talking about whatever had happened. “My daughter has been kidnapped.”

Bri and Xara both looked at each other as they both thought the same thing. Xara only hoped that this was not like the same mission they had just gotten back from. Another cliché mission like the one before and she might go into bounty hunting. At least then she would not have to worry about princesses running away to be with some boy who’s fathers were warring with each other.

“How do you know that your daughter was kidnapped King Hevon,” Bri asked wanting to make sure that it was not another case of the girl running off to be with a boy.

“My daughter an I have been close, she has always known that she can tell me anything, even if she was in love with one of the rebels, but I have nothing to say that she was,” the king replied. “And I don’t think that she would be part of a plot to make me give up the throne.”

“That what they want, for you to leave the throne,” Xara said speaking up for the first time.

“That was their demand, I either give up the throne, or I lose my daughter,” the king said and everyone could hear the sadness in his voice.

“Who is the next in line,” Kint asked hoping that they might be able to find a connection with this answer.

“I have no other living relatives, and the next one in line is my daughter,” the king replied knowing that with what he was saying it sounded like his daughter was behind the rebellion.

“Threatened your life have they,” Yoda asked wondering if the king’s life was in danger.

“No, so far all they’ve asked for is my leaving the throne,” the king said as he looked to his advisor.

“I have heard nothing either sire,” Greki replied honestly.

Yoda looked at the rest of his group while he thought about what to do. There was a missing princess, who might be in danger and a group asking for the king to leave the throne. What was the main reason behind everything? Every report he had read said that the people liked the king and there was no report of most people wanting the king to leave.

“Master Yoda, I have an idea,” Bri said taking Yoda out of his thought process. He turned his head to look at Bri and waited for her to speak. “We have someone with the skills to track down the missing princess, and is not a Jedi, they might trust Xara if we allow her to go off on her own.”

Xara was not sure she liked that idea too much. It meant that she would be leaving Bri alone with Cal. She glanced at Bri for a second before she heard Yoda reply.

“Up to Xara that is,” Yoda replied knowing what Xara was thinking. It would mean that the rest of the group would have to provide a buffer between Cal and Bri. That was the entire reason for so many Jedi to be on the mission in the first place.

Xara thought about the situation. She liked Master Kint, and she felt that she could trust Master Yoda, and his padawan Markus, however the rest of the group she was not sure about. Would the other two look out after Bri like Yoda or even she would. On the other hand she knew that she had a very good chance to find the missing princess quickly.

King Hevon waited for the tall dark haired human woman to speak. He had the feeling that something else was going on by the way she was hesitating in giving her answer. There was more to this mission than what was going on here on the planet’s surface. He wondered if it had anything to do with the sabotage that Yoda had mentioned.

“I’ll think about it,” Xara finally replied to Bri and they both knew that they would be talking it over later.

“I welcome any help you can offer,” the king said. “Now you must be ready to see your rooms,” he said waving over another aide who took them back to where they would be staying in the palace.


Eppis watched from the side of the approaching Jedi. There were more than what he was expecting. Tompic had contacted him shortly after he had arrived back at the palace that one of the Jedi would be on their side. The only thing he had to do was find out which one.

That would be the hardest part. One does not just go up to a Jedi and ask if they are going to help them against the king. It would be a big tip off on who the rebels where and if they were on the king’s side then the entire rebellion would fail.

He studied the group that he could see. There were four, two males and two females. One he recognized as Master Yoda. That Jedi would not be the one to approach. The other male also looked to be a Jedi who stayed on the mission path. That left him with the two females.

The shorter one was dressed like most Jedi, except that her clothing was the opposite color of normal Jedi. Instead of a dark robe she had a light tan robe on instead. Her eyes held intelligence and a light he had not seen in a long time. She would not be the one to approach either.

The other woman was quite tall, with black hair and piercing blue eyes. She was not dressed as a Jedi normally would. She had on dark pants and a red and black shirt giving her an appearance that a normal Jedi would not have. At first Eppis thought she was not a Jedi until he noticed her lightsaber on her belt.

This woman was the one he needed to approach. She had to be. She looked like a Jedi who lived by her own code, and that was exactly what he was looking for.

He watched as they left the presence of the king and headed towards their rooms. He would have to wait for a chance to talk with her alone and made sure to find out where her room would. He thought that the best way to talk with her would be in her room.

After the group left Eppis slipped away and returned back to his duties. If anyone questioned him he could use the excuse that he wanted to see a Jedi, as he saw many of the aides and servants trying to catch a glimpse at the Jedi. Very few Sissisians had seen a Jedi before.


Bri and Xara made their way to the room that had been given to them by the king. They were both lost in their own thoughts as they were guided to the rooms. The aide showed them into the room and they were glad that their bags were already there. That also meant that Cal was also already in the palace.

Xara still was not sure she liked the idea of her leaving Bri to run around trying to find out where a missing princess. It would leave Bri alone in her mind as she felt that Cal really did represent a threat to Bri’s safety. Xara was not sure that the other Jedi felt the danger like she did and she was not sure she could until Cal tried something.

Bri on the other hand was thinking about how quickly Xara would be able to find out where the princess was. She had no doubts about her soulmates abilities to find others and felt that it was the best chance to end the mission quickly. She knew that she could trust Master Yoda and Kint and she was also sure that she could defend herself against Cal in case he tried anything.

Their room was quite big and Xara looked around the room. It had two beds in it, both of which were bigger than the ones that they shared back at the Jedi Temple on Corosaunt. There was a window that had a view overlooking some of the palace grounds and a bathroom off to one side.

“Xara, we both know that you would be the perfect choice to find the missing princess,” Bri said to her soulmate. Bri had a feeling that she knew why Xara was acting the way she was.

“I know,” Xara replied softly not really wanting to tell Bri the real reasons. They both knew that Bri was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. The one thing that Xara was concerned with was ever since she had known Bri the younger woman had gotten herself in trouble. Xara wanted to be there in case anything happened with Bri.

“Slick, Cal is not going to try anything. He is a trained Jedi Knight,” Bri said trying to reassure Xara.

“That’s the part that worries me. All of you think that a Jedi walks the path of light, what about the Jedi I fought to free you,” Xara said to Bri taking about the first time Xara had rescued the younger woman.

Bri opened her mouth to respond to what Xara had said and realized that she could not dispute that fact. Bri tried furiously to think of something to tell Xara that would change her mind.

“I just want to make sure you’re safe, it’s important to me,” Xara said walking over to where Bri was standing.

“We both know that I can take care of myself,” Bri said as Xara’s arms wrapped around her.

“I know, but I’ve ever had anything that I cared so much about, and I guess that I’m just scared to lose you,” Xara said as she placed her cheek on the top of Bri’s head. Xara could smell the shampoo that Bri used along with the unique scent that was Bri herself.

Bri suddenly realized that this really had nothing to do with her skills, but everything to do with Xara herself. Xara was scared, something that she wondered ever happened to the tall woman. Bri thought that she must have been blind to not see it, but she really had not thought about it since her induction to the status of Jedi Master.

“I know that the other Jedi will help me out and that I will not be left alone for long especially if Cal is around. I really feel that you need to help out here,” Bri said, as Xara remained silent for a few minutes. Bri knew that Xara was thinking about it.

“Why don’t we wait until this afternoon when we meet with everyone else and see what they have to say as well, in the meantime we can feed you,” Xara said knowing that it was about lunchtime and her soulmate would be hungry.

“You win, but I have the feeling that you will be involved weather you like it or not,” Bri said.

“How about I go down and get us something to eat, that way you can rest your ribs some more,” Xara said looking into Bri’s green eyes.

Bri was about to say no when she noticed the glint in the blue eyes and found herself captivated by the color. A large room, only the two of them and they would be able to lock the door and the other Jedi would probably be eating and getting settled into their rooms. It would be the perfect time for some cuddling and she was not about to miss that.

“Sounds good to me slick,” Bri said and watched as Xara gave one last smirk and a gentle kiss on her cheek before heading out the door. Bri used the time to put up their small bags, all except the one with Xara’s professional items. Bri knew that Xara would want to take care of that herself.

Xara walked out of the room and headed back toward where she thought the kitchen would be. She made a couple of wrong turns before she encountered a servant in the hallway.

“Where’s the kitchen, my friend and I are a bit hungry,” Xara asked the Sissisian.

“I can show you,” he replied turning a lead her back down the way she had just come. “You’re with the group of Jedi are you not?”

“Yes I am,” Xara, replied wondering if it was the right thing to do. Something was going on and she had a strange feeling that things were about to get complex.

“But you’re not like the rest of them, you don’t dress like a Jedi, yet you carry their sword,” the man replied trying to get enough information out of her as he could.

“Don’t be fooled, I can use it with deadly force,” Xara said waiting for the man’s reactions and was a bit surprised when his face lit up.

“You’re the one my boss said to look for. My name’s Eppis,” Eppis said extending his hand out to what he thought was a Jedi in front of him.

“Yes, I am,” Xara, replied covering up her surprise at the man’s words. She was wondering what she was about to get herself into. It also meant that they were looking for a Jedi that was going to help them.

“Good, I’ll set up a meeting with my boss soon, I’ll be in touch,” he said as they walked into the kitchen.

Xara wondered if she should say anything to Bri, then knew that she had to. But first food would be just the thing for her recovering soulmate. Xara knew that she might be babying Bri a bit, but she just could not help her self.

Xara walked over to the main kitchen area and went over to where the cook was.

“Something I can help you with,” a voice said from behind her. Xara turned around to see a Sissisian woman in an apron standing there looking at her waiting for Xara to reply.

“I’m looking for some food for my friend and I,” Xara said. The woman was probably one of the cooks in the kitchen and waited for the woman to answer.

“Then you’ve come to the right place. Most of the idiot guests go to the dining hall for food. The idiots don’t realize that the only time food is there is when it’s dinner time,” the woman said getting a grin out of Xara.

“Does that mean there is something here,” Xara asked hopefully.

“”Of course there is, at least you Jedi have more sense than others,” the woman said shuffling around grabbing some plates and a tray. “What will you have,” she said opening the door of the refrigerator.

Xara glanced inside and was a bit shocked at what all was there. There was meat from all over including all the favorites that were home grown on Sissis. She picked out a few of the meats and a few exotic vegetables and some fruit.

“Do you have any Hoth balls,” Xara asked the other woman. Xara saw her smile and knew that she did.

“Of course I do, best dessert in the universe,” the woman said with a grin as she went over and grabbed a few of them and put them on a plate.

“Thanks,” Xara said as they filled the plates.

“Its such a shame that those blooming idiots kidnapped the princess,” the woman said.

“Really, why is that,” Xara asked a bit curious to the reasons.

“All they want is for the king to step down, but have no real reasons or plans. They have all been fools, listening to others allowing themselves to be lead while making others think that they are in control, idiots,” she said.

For Xara a key piece of the puzzle was handed to her, she would definitely talk to Bri now. Almost all the pieces were in place, and she had a way inside, now all she had to do was make sure that Bri was protected against Cal. He was looking to be more of a threat then she had first thought.

Xara walked back to where their room was and walked back inside with the tray she had. Bri was waiting inside for her to return. Instead of resting the young woman had arranged their stuff and put it away. Xara noticed that her equipment was still in the bag in the corner of the room.

“Here you go,” Xara said placing the tray down on the small table in the room. She glanced closely at her soulmate to see if she had been in any type of pain from her recent injury. Bri still had a couple of bruised ribs and she should be taking it easy, not running around. Of course if Xara were in the same situation she would be doing exactly what Bri was doing.

“Had an interesting conversation on my way to the kitchen,” Xara said seeing Bri’s head snap up at the sound of Xara’s voice. Something had defiantly happened and Bri wanted to know what it was. She waited patiently for Xara to say what had happened. “I was approached by someone, they claim to be part of the rebel group.”

“What did they want?” Bri asked curious as to what the person could have wanted from Xara.

“Apparently they are looking for a Jedi who will help them. He said that his leader had been told that one of us would be willing to help them in their cause,” Xara said then hesitated a bit before continuing. “I have a bad feeling that my former boss is involved somehow.”

That caught Bri’s attention. Xara’s former boss was a Sith Lord and if the Sith were involved then it could mean something else was at stake.

“I guess that I need to find out how much they are involved. Sometimes I would be called to just help out in return for future favors. Only occasionally would I be involved in something directly involved with my former boss,” Xara said recalling most of her missions.

Bri listened to what Xara was saying. This did increase the danger to the entire mission and she was not sure if she should tell Master Yoda yet or not. Looking at her soulmate she noticed that Xara was not telling her everything yet. She thought about what Xara would be holding back and realized it must involve her.

“What are you not telling me,” Bri finally said with a sigh hoping that the tall dark haired woman would say what was bothering her.

Xara glance at Bri who was looking right at her. The piercing green eyes seemed to melt Xara resolve. She also knew that holding it from Bri would only result in Bri wondering about Xara’s trust in her. That was something she did not need.

“I have a feeling that Cal is the one that they really want to talk to,” Xara said watching, as Bri did not even flinch at the news.

Bri thought about that for a minute. If Cal was the one who the rebel kidnappers had wanted to get in touch with then the question she had was why. Bri did not think that Cal was in league with the Sith, so that meant another group was involved, but who.

“I don’t think that Cal is in with the Sith, but he could be working for someone else,” Bri said to Xara presenting the alterative idea she had.

“It’s possible, but then that leads to the question who, and why,” Xara replied.

“Is there anything else that they said,” Bri said finally sitting down to grab one of the plates.

“I talked to the head chief in the kitchen and she says that these ‘rebels’ are idiots,” Xara said as she grabbed the other plate and began to eat before Bri finished and stole from her.

“I wonder why she thinks that.” Bri said a bit puzzled at the comment.

“She really likes the current king, and so do a lot of people, there is something else going on here that we need to understand.” Xara said wondering what the missing piece of a puzzle that would put everything together.

“I think that you need to talk with you new ‘friend’ again,” Bri said, as she was quickly finishing off her plate of food.

“I think you’re right about that,” Xara said as she tried to keep up with her soulmate. “Where do you put all of it,” she asked a bit amazed at the amount of food she had eaten.

“Well I was hungry, and whoever the cook was they were excellent,” Bri said with a bit of a smile as she glanced at what was left. “Ooo, hoth balls,” she said as her face lit up.

Xara could only laugh at her soulmate’s antics as she watched Bri bit into one with an expression of pure bliss on her face.

“Hey there good,” Bri mumbled back to Xara.

“I didn’t say a thing,” Xara replied trying to defend herself.

“I know what you were thinking,” She said narrowing her eyes at Xara.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish my small Jedi,” Xara teased as she put her plate back.

“Small,” Bri said as her eyebrows rose. “I’ll show you small stretch,” she said launching herself at Xara.

Xara was prepared for the ‘attack’ and fell backwards on the bed with Bri. Bri tried to tickle her longer partner and forgot that Xara was not ticklish, but she was. Bri began to squirm when Xara’s long fingers found her ticklish spots. After a few minutes Bri was out of breath and under Xara.

“Give up,” Xara said looking down into the green eyes. At that moment she felt that the intensity of Bri’s eyes would swallow her whole.

“Never,” Bri replied trying to stay definite.

Xara responded to the challenge by gently lowering herself down and gave Bri a gentle kiss. She nibbled on Bri’s lower lip and planted kissed along her jaw and worked her way up to the small ear that Xara was becoming quite fond of.

Things were rapidly heating up for Bri as Xara’s touches became more sensual and she knew where they were headed. That was until a knock at the door interrupted them. Xara got up and Bri groaned from where she was lying. Her whole body was thrumming.

Xara yelled out that they would be there in a minute. It was more to allow Bri the opportunity to calm down a bit before she headed to the door. Bri decided to jump up on unstable legs and ran to the bathroom. Xara only laughed a bit as she walked over to the door. Opening it she noticed Master Yoda and Kint standing there.

“Hello Master Yoda, Master Kint,” she said so that Bri would know who was at the door when she came out of the bathroom.

Yoda wondered a bit at Xara’s attitude as she rarely announced who was at the door. Bri came out of the bathroom a few seconds later and she still looked a bit flush to Xara, but pull it off.

“Hello Master Yoda, Master Kint,” Bri said with a slight bow, she had not been expecting the Jedi Master so she wondered what was up.

“How are you feeling,” Yoda asked Bri as she exited the bathroom.

“I’m feeling pretty good, but I must ask what brings you here,” Bri asked back with a question on her face.

“I had hoped that you had discussed the possibility of Xara going in search of the kidnapped princess,” Yoda said as he looked at her.

“We had discussed it and I believe that she will do it, there is also something else that has happened,” Bri said glancing at Xara.

“I was approached by a member of the staff to help them. It appears that they have been told that they will receive help form one of us,” Xara said.

“Disturbing news this is,” Yoda said as he thought about what Xara had just said.

“It has to be Cal,” Kint said not really second guessing himself.

“Know that we do not,” Yoda said bringing reason to the conversation. “Regardless careful we must be.”

“There is also reason to believe that someone off planet is responsible for the unrest on the planet,” Xara said.

“Then that is what we will concentrate on,” Yoda said. “If you will go after the princess, then we will find out who is behind it all.”

“Then I guess I will be meeting with my informant again,” Xara said with a sigh. “He thought that I was a Jedi, perhaps I should dress more appropriately.”

“That will not be a problem,” Bri said. “We can get you a dark robe if you like,” she said knowing that Xara preferred dark clothing.

“I don’t think Cal should be informed about any of this,” Xara said. “I don’t trust him, and you be careful,” she said pointing to Bri.

“I will,” Bri replied looking right into Xara’s eyes.

“Then we have a plan,” Kint said. “I’ll pair myself with Cal for most of the mission to keep an eye on him.”

“Inform the king I will of some of our plans,” Yoda said. “Stay with him I will, let Master Osti and his padawan Gina take care of the rest.”

“I guess I’ll be with you Master Yoda,” Bri said not really liking the fact that she would have to stay behind.

“Pair with my padawan you will, help Osti with his search,” Yoda said.

“I’ll have Cal help me with security in case whoever else is involved decides to attack,” Kint said. It would keep Cal in the palace, and hopefully Bri would be outside the palace most of the time.

“All set then, inform me when you make contact,” Yoda asked of Xara who nodded her head.

They watched as the two Jedi walked out of the room. Xara turned to Bri and with a raised eyebrow she tackled the young woman onto the bed.

“Now where were we,” Xara said with a smile.

End Part 6

Continued in part 7


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