The Chu’unthor Incident – Part 4

The Chu’unthor Incident

by AJ Marks

Part 4

Xara slowly became aware of her surroundings as consciousness slowly crept back in. Her entire body felt drained like she had ever felt before. She could feel Bri’s weight still on her chest and opened her eyes to see the strawberry-blonde head that was tucked against her. She could feel the rise and fall of Bri’s chest and she honestly thought that she could hear Bri’s heart beating. It was a strange sensation.

Glancing around the hastily constructed room she noticed that nothing had changed from when she had first gotten in bed. She idly rubbed Bri’s back for a while wondering when the younger woman would come back to consciousness. It was then she started to feel a bit hungry, and eyed the drink on the stand near her. The only problem was in order to get to it she would have to disturb Bri.

Xara felt Bri stir a little and looked down as green eyes opened that refused to focus for several seconds.

“Ugh.” Bri mumbled as she tried to focus on Xara’s face. She felt completely wiped out and her ribs hurt like a herd of nerfs ran over her. She dropped her head back down and let herself feel the warmth of Xara’s body underneath her and centering her for a few minutes.

“Its good to see you too.” Xara said with a smile as she continued to rub Bri’s back.

Bri gathered the energy to look up at Xara again. “Where are we?” She rasped, as her mouth was dry.

“Here.” Xara said pulling them up a bit and grabbing the drinks that the doctor had left for them and handing one to Bri.

They spent the next few minutes slowly drinking the liquid, which surprisingly tasted quite good. It was either that of they were thirsty, either way Xara was not going to complain. She finished hers off and helped Bri with hers. Xara figured that Bri was more out of it than she was.

“Now, where are we?” Bri asked again her normal voice coming back.

“We are in the med lab.” Xara replied. “There were some explosions that damaged the engines, and destroyed the communication room. That is where you were passing when it exploded.” Xara told her wondering if she would remember the dream they had.

“I think I remember now.” She said then her brows crinkled in though. “We had another one of those dreams again, didn’t we?” She asked remembering bits and pieces of Xara and her in a field, and Xara holding her as she fell asleep.

“Yes we did, I don’t understand why we can do that, but whatever it is it works.” Xara replied back to Bri.

Bri just nodded her head in understanding, as they both knew some questions would be involved soon. They would need information like that when they were on their own, instead of finding out later like they had been.

“I think that we should have a talk with Janson’s sister, Sara real soon.” Xara said to as Bri hitched herself up to look into her eyes. Xara gave Bri a quick kiss then decided to extract herself from Bri and see if she could find the doctor.

Bri watched with a bit of a pout on her face as her soulmate got out of the bed, but she knew that the doctor would be waiting to check out her vitals. As soon as the doctor cleared her she could leave the med lab and be back in her own bed. That thought brought a grin to her face.

Xara walked out to find the doctor so Bri could get out. She walked out from behind the privacy wall and found the doctor and Master Yoda sitting down talking. They both looked up as Xara approached them.

“Hello there Xara, I thought that I heard voices.” The doctor said as she approached them. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m just a bit hungry like you said I would be, however Bri is itching to get out of here.” Xara replied back to him.

“I see, and I take it she is ready to get out of here?” He said with a knowing smirk to Yoda.

“Changed she has not.” Yoda said with a shake of his head. “Bri never did like hospitals. Once she even tried to escape through a window.” Yoda said explaining it to Xara.

“I remember that one, she fell two stories and broke both of her legs, and we had to strap her down until the legs healed enough for her to be moved.” The doctor said remembering that incident.

“That’s interesting, I wonder why she acts like that she hasn’t had a bad doctor has she?” Xara asked a bit puzzled over that.

“Didn’t have to, a hospital was where she lost her parents. Afraid she is of losing someone else.” Yoda replied.

“I should probably get in there before she tries to walk out of here and I haven’t had a chance to make sure she is all right.” The doctor replied getting up and walking over to where Bri’s bed was.

Xara walked over with him. She did not even think that Bri might be afraid that she would lose someone else in a hospital. Xara figured that if she was with the doctor then he might have a better time of it.

“Well, how’s my favorite patient doing today?” He asked as he went to check out the chart and chuckled at Bri’s huff. “Well, it seems to me that we should keep you here for observation for the next couple of days.” He said with a wink to Xara.

“A couple of days!” Bri whined having missed the interaction between Xara and the doctor. “I’m fine doctor.” She complained. “I’ll even do some exercises if you want.” Bri shot a glance at Xara asking for help and got a shrug in response. “Fine, then just wait until I’m out of here.” She said then crossed her arms and pouted.

Xara was having a hard time keeping a straight face as she watched her soulmate’s antics. Bri looked back up as she realized that the doctor and Xara were being to quiet.

Bri narrowed her eyes at Xara. “Just wait.” Bri said not having to say anything else.

“All right Bri.” Xara said walking over to where the strawberry blonde was pouting still. “I just couldn’t help myself, you look so cute.” Xara said giving the long hair a ruffle.

“I’ll let you go on the condition that you do not try and do anything stressful to your body for the next couple of days.” The doctor said looking sternly at Bri who looked like a chastised child at that moment.

“I give you my word that she won’t.” Xara said speaking up before her partner could. The doctor agreed and released Bri from the med lab.

“What of the mission master?” Bri asked Yoda.

“Go on to Sissis we will, make repairs there.” He said already able to use the sabotage as an excuse for more Jedi to be on hand in case of trouble.

“Are you expecting trouble?” Xara asked wondering to herself if Bri should even try to go on the mission is she was still recovering.

“Oh no you don’t!” Xara heard Bri say behind her. Xara turned back to her partner who was looking at her. “I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll be fine.”

Xara just raised her hands up in surrender hoping that it would calm her soulmate down a bit. The doctor just waited until Bri had settled down before beginning his exam.

A few minutes later the doctor had finished his exam and walked over to his chart and made a few notes.

“Well Bri, I declare you fit enough to leave the med lab, but you are to take it easy on your ribs,” He said then looking at her with a stern look. “That means you are not to participate in any exercises until they are healed.”

Bri looked like she wanted to protest what the doctor ordered until Xara gave her a hard look. Bri gave a pout right back and Xara briefly smiled back at the younger woman.

“All right, I pronounce you fit enough to leave the med lab,” the doctor said with a glance at Bri who jumped up and ran to the dressing area to change from the med lab garb.

“Has she always been like that?” Xara asked trying to learn more about her soul mate.

“As far back as I can remember her, yes,” the doctor replied as they waited for Bri to reappear. “She should be out in a few seconds.”

True to his word Bri appeared fully dressed. She walked over to Xara and grabbing her hand lead the taller woman out of the room leaving a smirking doctor in their wake.


“Master Yoda, is everything alright? We had lost contact with the Chu’unthor and were beginning to mount a rescue operation when you did not arrive in port,” Aqat said on the screen in front of Yoda. He had finally gotten in touch with the council when they had arrived at Garrin V and using the planet’s communication system he called Coruscant.

“Some problems we encountered. Sabotage to the engines and communications we encountered,” Yoda told the other Master Jedi.

“Was anyone hurt?” Aqat asked with concern in his voice.

“Several people were in the communications room, and several were injured in the engine room blast. Master Bri was hurt, but has recovered,” Yoda replied giving the preliminary report about what had happened in the past three days.

“How is she doing?” Aqat asked much like a father would. “And how is Xara?”

“Xara was blamed for the attack at first. She was also attacked by Cal,” Yoda replied wondering how that news would be received by the council.

Aqat looked at Yoda with a quizzical face as he pondered what he had just been told. He knew that the tall dark haired woman did have a seedy past. He gave it some thought before he said anymore to the small Jedi Master in front of him.

“I think that we should keep an eye on Cal for anymore acquisitions against Xara,” Aqat replied after some consideration in the matter. “Is there anything else that you require to help in your mission?”

“Require the Chu’unthor is all I need,” Yoda replied having already formulated a plan in his mind. “The ship can make repairs there to the damaged systems.”

“I’ll inform the council about everything that has happened so far,” Aqat said signing off leaving the screen dark

A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door and the captain came walking into the quarters.

“You wished to speak with me Master Yoda?” The captain asked as he walked in.

“Yes,” Yoda replied looking up from where he was sitting. “Are you capable of making Sissis?”

“Of course, but if anything goes wrong then we can’t signal for help with our communications down,” the captain replied not sure what the Jedi Master had in mind.

“Proceed to Sissis, make repairs there captain,” Yoda ordered the captain. He stood there for a few seconds making sure that he had heard the small Jedi correctly. With a nod of his head the captain walked out of the room to begin the ship for her voyage to Sissis.

Yoda waited a few more minutes before he walked out of his quarters and headed to Bri and Xara’s quarters to talk with them. The walk to their quarters was quiet and he figured he had allowed enough time for Bri to talk her way out of the med lab.

Yoda knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before he heard Bri telling him that it was all right to enter. He walked into the room and was greeted by Xara. Bri was lying on the bed with pillows to prop her self up so that she could do some work.

“Hello Master, what can we do for you?” Bri asked her curiosity getting the best of her.

“Talked with Master Aqat I have about our mission,” Yoda replied to Bri as he walked over to a chair to sit in.

“They’re not pulling Bri off the mission are they?” Xara asked from where she had taken a seat on the bed.

“No, but the damage to our ship allows new possibilities,” Yoda said to Xara. He had not even mentioned taking Bri off the mission as he felt that he would need her help in the negotiations on Sissis. “Undergo repairs at Sissis we will instead.”

“Why there?” Bri asked not really understanding why they did not do any repairs at their first stop and they would take a transport to Sissis like she had thought that they would do.

“Actually that’s pretty clever,” Xara said with a glance at Yoda. “Nothing like having a ship full of Jedi on your doorstep to make the people more cooperative.”

“And our mystery still has not been solved,” Yoda said.

“Any ideas as to who it was Master?” Bri asked, as she was not sure who would deliberately try to sabotage the Chu’unthor.

“Nothing new has come up yet,” Yoda replied. “But disturbing this puzzle is.”

“There’s always the possibility that a Jedi did this,” Xara stated making the obvious known.

“Impossible, it must be one of the crew,” Bri replied a bit hotly to Xara.

“I’m just saying that it’s a possibility Bri, not a fact,” Xara replied looking at her soulmate.

“A Jedi does not go around sabotaging ships,” Bri replied with a glare at Xara.

“And I suppose that a Jedi did not attack me when I rescued you,” Xara said reminding Bri of the Jedi that Xara fought when Bri had been captured by her uncle.

“A true Jedi does not ignore any possibility,” Yoda reminded his one time student gently.

Bri looked at Xara then Yoda then back to Xara before saying anything. “You’re right master,” Bri said not wanting to believe that about ay Jedi but she knew that Master Yoda was correct in his statement. The Chu’unthor was a ship full of Jedi and only a few non-Jedi and most of those were crewmembers.

“How long till we reach Sissis?” Xara asked Yoda as she was thinking about how long she would have to keep Bri in bed to heal her wounds.

“About a day,” Yoda replied. “We just began the preparations to leave.”

“Is there anything that would require Bri’s attention before we arrive?” Xara asked now Bri was glancing at Xara correctly guessing what the dark haired woman’s motives were.

“No, and if anything does she can receive the information here,” Yoda said with a smile at Xara.

“Good then she can rest in bed until we arrive,” Xara said pinning the younger woman with a glance. “After all the doctor did say to get your rest.”

“Not fair!” Bri said with a pout as she realized that she had just been outfoxed before she even knew it. “What am I going to do for a day in bed,” she said, as her pout got bigger.

“I didn’t say you’d be alone,” Xara said looking at Bri who blushed a bit. “No not that, the doctor said no rigorous activity, but I’ll be right here in bed with you.”

“Yes, rest is good. Need me I’ll be in the meditation room,” Yoda said then walked out of their quarters laughing to himself. He was glad that Xara did not give into Bri so easily like other did. The young Jedi’s charms so often won over admirers that she could usually get things done without any effort.

Yoda made a mental note not to disturb them unless it was absolutely necessary until they arrived at Sissis.

Bri sat on the bed watching Xara after Yoda left their quarters. She was trying to figure out what Xara had on her mind. Xara walked around putting things up and making sure that their quarters were clean. She then picked up her lightsaber.

“You’re not practicing that in here,” Bri told her. Xara just turned to look at the small woman on the bed and smiled.

“No I’m not, I’m just cleaning it and making sure that its in working order,” Xara replied as she gathered her tools with which she would use to inspect the lightsaber. Clearing out a space on the bed she sat down next to Bri. “You should rest some more,” She said to Bri who was watching her.

“I know, I know,” Bri said. She then snuggled up to Xara and placed her head in the older woman’s lap and sighed contently before closing her eyes. An eyebrow went up as Xara’s blue eyes watched in amusement at the younger woman’s antics.

“Comfortable?” Xara asked as she watched the smile grow on her soulmate’s face. Xara did not get an answer but Bri nodded her head that she was and made no motion that she was moving. Xara just shook her head and placed her lightsaber down and stroked Bri’s strawberry-blonde hair with one hand.

Bri relaxed into her soulmate’s touch and quickly fell asleep. Xara continued to watch Bri’s sleeping form for some reason content to just sit and do nothing.


“My Lord,” the small advisor said bowing down before his king.

“Speak Greki,” the king said from his throne chair in the great hall of kings. His father and grandfather had ruled the planet from this same hall but yet today he was dreading the news that the advisor seemed to want to tell him.

“The Jedi ambassadors that you sent for has been delayed and won’t be here for another day sire,” the advisor said bringing the bad news to king.

The king brought one of his hands up to rub the top of his head as he thought about what had just been said. The news was not as bad as other reports, but it would mean that a resolution to the problem was a day later than he would have liked. Each day that production was down cost his planet millions in income.

“And what of the rebels, have they been heard of lately,” the king asked.

“Nothing since the demand yesterday,” the advisor said.

The king sighed at that. He had received a ransom note from the rebels that he was to step down from the throne or else his daughter would be killed. The only problem was there had been no timeline for him to step down. He was disturbed by the latest moves by the rebels. They had been peaceful and he thought that he was making progress when suddenly things had turned ugly.

He had not wanted to involve any outsiders but he finally asked their senator to the Republic to ask for a delegation of Jedi to help out in bringing peace to the planet.

He had learned from the Chancellor himself that he was sending the best Jedi for the Job, Jedi Master Yoda and Jedi Master Bri. He had heard of both Jedi, but he did not know that Bri was now a Jedi master. He could only hope that with the Jedi’s help that his daughter would be found safe and a civil war could be avoided.

“How are the people doing Greki?” The king asked.

“They are divided sire,” Greki replied truthfully. He did not understand why the rebels were trying to cause such unrest. King Hevon was a gracious and kind ruler and Greki could only figure that those who were unhappy were from the militant groups who view kindness as a weakness.

He sat back and wondered how much longer he could keep things together before the population exploded in civil war. It was something that had not happened for several generations. He was not sure that he wanted to be the ruler when the next war broke out.


A large Sissisian made his way around the tunnels on Sissis. For his species he was tall with wide shoulders and muscles. Most that tried anything with him usually wound up hurt, or killed, it really did not matter to him very much. Today he had a message for his leader, and he was sure that he would not be happy about it.

“Eppis, what are you doing here?” Someone said as the man made his way down the tunnel.

Eppis turned to see who had said something to him. He recognized the guard and that the man had not challenged him. He would have to talk to the leader about the guards.

“I’m on my way to see Tompic,” Eppis replied. The guard looked a bit uncertain at his answer but Eppis continued. “I have some information that I think he would find interesting.”

The guard wavered a bit before answering the large man in front of him. “All right, I’ll let you pass this time.”

“Gee thanks,” Eppis said sarcastically before continuing to the main chamber.

Inside the chamber there were several people walking around keeping busy. In one corner there was a cage where they were holding their trump card, the princess. Walking towards a bunch of tents he found the person who he was looking for.

“Tompic,” Eppis yelled out as he walked toward the small Sissisian.

Tompic’s head turned to see who had called him and was a bit surprised when he saw Eppis walking towards him. He wondered what would bring the big man down here, as Tompic knew the man would have a good reason to come and visit him.

Tompic waited until Eppis was closer before saying hello to the man. He guided Eppis to his tent and motioned him inside and he followed. Tompic took a seat and waited for a second as he looked at Eppis. The other man seemed to be looking fine. He did not have any cuts or bruises on the gray body that Tompic could see.

“What’s happened?” Tompic asked leaning back in his chair waiting for Eppis’ answer.

“There’s a new development Tompic,” Eppis replied. “Our good king Heron has involved the Jedi into our affairs.”

Tompic’s face showed no emotion to the news. “Yes I already know my friend.”

“But how, he just announced it to his advisors today?” Eppis said a bit confused as to how Tompic could already know such things.

“I have my spies,” Tompic answered the big man. The Jedi would complicate things that much was for sure, but they would not be able to stop his plan.

“Some of our people will not go against the Jedi,” Eppis said trying to remind Tompic of the seriousness of the situation.

“Fool,” Tompic said slapping Eppis across his face knocking the bigger man down. “I know that, but the Jedi will not get involved,” he said with a smug look.

Eppis looked at the man from where he had fallen and wondered what Tompic had planned, but he was sure that the plan would work anymore.

“You are to do exactly as told, and nothing more,” Tompic told Eppis. “I have worked to hard to let this be blown apart by fools.”

“Sorry Tompic,” Eppis said as he sat back down on his chair.

“Now go back on up and wait for my next instructions and do not come back down here again,” Tompic said watching as the man got up and said his good-bye and left the tent.

Tompic waited a few minutes before walking out of his tent and headed towards the communications tent. It was obvious that his informant’s plan had not worked, not that it mattered to him. Of course his informant said that it might not work, but it might give him more time. Whatever they had tried only gave them a couple of days, and everything was not yet in place for him to begin his plan.

Entering the communications tent Tompic waited patiently for a response to his communication to his informer. He did not have to wait to long before the shadowy figure appeared on his screen.

“What do you want?” The shadow demanded.

“Your scheme failed,” Tompic replied calmly to the shadow not the least bit afraid.

“So the Jedi are still on their way, oh well not my problem,” the shadow said.

“No, but I thought that you might want to know of your agent’s failure,” Tompic said matter of fact.

“Perhaps, but I did not expect him to succeed, but I’ll make him available to you in case you need some help,” the shadow said. “He will come to you.”

Before Tompic could reply the communication was cut off leaving a blank screen for him to stare at. Tompic was not pleased at what the man had said. How dare the man think that he needed any help? He would have to think about the new development.


Xara waited patiently as she provided a pillow for her soulmate. She was beginning to get a bit hungry and wondered when Bri would wake up. The younger woman had to be getting hungry and sooner or later she would wake up to eat something.

The thought had just gone through her mind when she felt her partner begin to stir. Glancing down she saw one green eye pop open still soft from sleep.

“Well, good afternoon sleepy head,” Xara teased the younger woman as the other eye joined its twin to look at her.

“How long was I asleep?” Bri asked curious about the answer.

“About three hours,” Xara replied seeing the startled look on Bri’s face as the answer registered in Bri’s mind.

“Three hours, and you let me use you as a pillow all that time?” Bri said.

“It wasn’t bad, at least I had something beautiful to look at,” Xara said with a smile as a blush worked its way across Bri’s face.

Bri was about to reply when her stomach made its presence know with a loud rumble.

“I guess we should get something to eat before you collapse from hunger,” Xara teased the younger woman.

“That’s right,” Bri said giving the thigh she had been laying on a slap.

“That would mean that you would have to get up,” Xara replied.

“The doctor said that I should rest,” Bri said with a sly smile on her face.

“I don’t think that’s what the doctor had in mind,” Xara said as she glanced down at the mischievous eyes of her soulmate.

“I have no idea as to what you are talking about,” Bri replied keeping the grin on her face. She was enjoying this bantering that they had started doing recently.

“All right,” Xara said walking back to where Bri was lying. Bri wondered if she had pushed Xara a bit to far too soon as she noticed the glint in Xara’s eyes. Xara glanced down at Bri then picked her up and proceeded to carry her out of the room.

“Whoa, wait a minute, I can walk,” Bri said in protest as Xara walked out the door with her. In the corridor there were a few Jedi walking back and forth, but they barely glanced at the pair. Xara walked a bit more before glancing at Bri.

“I also thought that this way we would not get lost on our way to the cafeteria,” Xara said loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

“Ohh, just you wait,” Bri said poking Xara’s shoulder with a finger.

Xara waited a bit longer then gently placed Bri’s feet on the ground. Bri crossed her arms looking at Xara then turned to walk off to the cafeteria.

“Bri,” Xara said with a bit of a smirk as the younger woman turned around to look at her. “The cafeteria is that way,” Xara told her and the few people around them who had been paying attention grinned with Xara.

“Like I said, just you wait stretch,” Bri said taking off down the right way this time.

They arrived at the cafeteria to find it only a few people in it.

“Sit,” Xara ordered Bri when they arrived at a table. Bri looked like she was about to protest some more so Xara had to cut her off. “Bri, look you’re still recovering from your injuries. Would you please allow me to bring you something to eat?”

Bri felt torn in two with the request. She was still a bit miffed by Xara carrying her halfway to the cafeteria, and now she seemed to treating her like a child. On the other hand Xara did say please and Xara did not ask her to do much. Bri decided that she would indulge Xara for now and sat down at the table.

Xara walked over to where the food line was and grabbed a tray and looked over the food.

“You think you’re so clever,” a voice hissed behind her and she recognized the person without turning around.

“Nope, but I’m beginning to wonder about your motives Cal,” Xara said without turning around as she selected some food and moved on to the drinks.

“I know what you are, what will happen when everyone learns of your dark side Xara,” Cal said saying her name like it was a curse.

“Stop playing childish games Cal, it doesn’t suit you very well,” Xara said as she placed two drinks on the tray. “Where were you when the explosions happened?” She asked this time turning to see the man’s face.

“I am a Jedi, remember that you piece of Banta dung,” Cal hissed as his eyes narrowed. “”I’m watching you,” and with that he left the room.

“Good, then I’ll know where you are,” Xara whispered knowing that Cal was already out of hearing range then she turned back to look at the desserts and noticed one that she knew Bri enjoyed and placed in on the tray.

She turned around and noticed that Bri was watching her intently and figured that she had seen her conversation with Cal. With a mental sigh she walked over and waited for Bri to say something.

“What did he want?” Bri asked after Xara had taken the food off the tray.

“Oh, nothing much just to say hi, how’s it going? You know, the usual,” Xara said looking right in Bri’s eyes. Bri could see that whatever Cal had said it had not bothered Xara anywhere near as much as it had her. She wanted to get up and bop the arrogant man.

“Hey Bri, don’t worry, nothing he can say will effect me,” Xara said as she had seen Bri’s eye go dark. “And you know most of my secrets, but there is one thing that does disturb me,” Xara said wondering if she should tell Bri about what she had sensed in the man.

Bri understood, after all Xara was a very capable warrior in her own right, and she would have the abilities to stop Cal if she needed to. Still Bri could not help but worry about Xara, it was in her soul to and she figured that it worked the other way as well.

“Ohh, hoth balls,” Bri exclaimed as she looked down at her plate and noticed the dessert that Xara had picked out for her. She reached out and picked one of them up and was eating it before Xara could say anything.

“Hey, you’re supposed to save those for dessert, you know, after your meal,” Xara said watching as Bri ignored her and continued to eat the treat. Xara watched as Bri’s pink tongue poked out to get the powder sugar that had remained on her lips. Several thoughts went through her head as to what she could do with that and she had to mentally shake her head.

Xara dug into her own food and waited for a few minutes until it appeared that Bri was eating her meal.

“Have you ever been to Sissis?” Xara asked wondering if the Jedi Master’s travels had ever brought her to this planet.

“No, this will be my first time, what about you?” Bri replied.

“Once, it was only to gather information, but the planet is still beautiful. It had a large number of streams and lakes, but no real oceans like you see on other planets. The colors are rich and varied and the fields where they grow the vast amount of food that they sent all over the universe. The planting fields stretch for miles and the entire society revolves around the harvest,” Xara said remembering her brief time on the planet’s surface. “The Sissisians themselves are larger than a normal human, with broad shoulders and grayish skin.”

“I have seen a few Sissisians from the council, but other than that they appear to not travel a lot,” Bri said as she thought about what might lie ahead of them.

“I always thought that they were peaceful, but I guess I was wrong,” Xara stated as she finished her meal and picked up one of the hoth balls. It was a wonderful fried ball covered in powder sugar and with a chocolate center. She could see why it was hard for Bri to resist.

“Now where,” Bri asked after they had finished the meal. She could sense that Xara was thinking about something throughout the meal, but she had not pushed the taller woman on it. Bri knew that Xara would tell her when the time was right.

“I think that we should talk with Master Yoda,” Xara said then added as an afterthought. “You can head back to the room if you’re tired.”

“Nope, I’m fine,” Bri, replied not wanting to miss this. Xara looked at Bri then decided that if Bri looked to tired she could always carry the younger woman back to their room.

End Part 4

Continued in Part 5

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