Master Lighter

Master Lighter

by AJ Marks

Disclaimers: This story involves two women who look like Xena and Gabrielle who I don’t own. This story takes place in the Star Wars universe and I have borrowed Yoda from George Lucas.

Subtext: Yes these two women love each other and are soul mates, no graphic sex scenes.

This takes place shortly after Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara, you might want to read that first.

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Bri and Xara walked wearily into their quarters after their first mission together. Xara smiled at her smaller companion as she walked straight to the bedroom and sprawled out on their bed. The Jedi Council had given them permission to bunk together and had moved them to larger quarters, one that allowed them more space and two twin beds.

At first they had placed the twin beds together to make a double bed. That idea bad been quickly scrapped as an early wake up call from Master Yoda one morning had them racing to change the arrangement. After that morning they found out they could share a bed quite easily. Bri usually ended up lying on top of Xara with their arms around each other so they did not take up much room.

They had to remember to refrain from using the casual touches around each other at the temple as they could be when on a mission. Xara recalled the quite easy assignment that the council had given them. It was really like someone had taken it out of the pages of a storybook. The princess had disappeared and her father believed that his rivals had kidnapped her. It turned out the princess was in love with the rival leader’s son and they had eloped. Xara had used her skill to track down the couple and Bri used her diplomatic skills to bring the two sides together. Xara was brought out of her musing by the sound of the communicator.

“Tell them I’m dead.” Bri mumbled from where she laid as she heard the communicator beep from the corner of the room. Xara watched as the young woman made no attempt to get up to answer it.

Xara sighed as she walked over to the devise and switched it on. An image of Yoda appeared as she greeted the Master Jedi. “Hello Master Yoda.” Xara said sparing a quick glance over to where Bri was lying. Bri made no attempt to move even after hearing who it was.

“Xara good to see you made it back.” Yoda replied to the tall dark haired woman.

“Bri says to tell you that she’s dead.” Xara said with a bit of a smile edging around the corners of her lips.

Yoda smiled at the joke and knew that Bri war probably tired. He remembered that when Bri got tired she usually lost any sense of humor she normally had.

“Tell her that the council asks her presence as soon as possible.” Yoda told Xara.

“I’ll let her know, but she’s kind of drained right now, angry kings and worse pilots on the way back.” Xara said and Yoda nodded his understanding.

“Did you hear?” Xara said walking over to where Bri was lying on the bed. A shake of her head told Xara that the small woman had heard. Xara knew that Bri was tired. The young Jedi had not slept well the past couple of nights, a nightmare about what had happened to her sister had popped up. Xara knew that what Arble had done before he killed her had made an effect on Bri, and the woman finally break down and talked about it last night after waking up with another nightmare.

Xara slipped the robe and tunic off Bri leaving her in her bra and pants. Xara rubbed her hand together to warm them up then began a deep massage of Bri’s shoulders and back earning a moan from Bri.

“Feel good?” Xara asked as she continued unsnapping the bra leaving her back bare.

“Yes, don’t stop.” Bri mumbled as she allowed Xara’s strong hands to work wonders relaxing her until she felt limp.

Xara felt the body underneath her go limp as she continued her massage. She loved the way Bri’s back looked and how the smaller woman responded to her touch. She wondered if she could get that cute mewling noise out of right now. Xara listened for a moment and heard a noise, but it was not the one she had been expecting. A soft snore came from her soul mate. Xara was not sure what she should do, but she continued the massage for another couple of minutes before stopping.

Bri’s face scowled a bit in her sleep as Xara stopped her massage but Xara quickly undressed and finished taking off the rest of Bri’s clothing and joined her in the bed. The small scowl was replaced with a grin as the still sleeping form wrapped itself around Xara’s taller form and Xara slipped into a deep sleep herself.


Bri awoke feeling much better than she had when they had arrived back at the temple. She felt rested and ready to tackle whatever the council wanted now. She had been so tired that Xara’s massage had sent her right to sleep as she had relaxed to the point that she was sure she had melted in Xara’s hands.

Bri glanced up as she felt hands wonder over her back and looked up into the blue eyes of her partner.

“Morning.” Xara said giving Bri a peck on the nose.

“Morning yourself.” Bri replied with a grin. “I guess we need to get up, the council wants to see us.” She said getting up off her partner and headed towards the bathroom to shower and get dressed. She noticed that her clothing was folded up neatly on the other bed and smiled at Xara’s quirky habit of making sure everything was neat. It was probably a habit from making sure she left nothing behind, either when she was on a mission or staying somewhere.

Xara watched the cute backside of Bri leave the room before she got up and made the bed and dressed. She did not have to wait long until Bri was done. She came out wrapped only in a towel and leaving very little to the imagination. Xara swallow at the sight and almost growled out loud.

Bri watched as Xara’s eyes never left her and an unconscious smile graced her lips as she got dressed, letting nothing be revealed but doing it as sexily as she could.

“Like what you see.” Bri said over her shoulder to look at Xara after she pulled on a pair of panties.

“Yes.” Xara growled taking a step forward only to be intercepted by Bri who now faced her and shoved her into the bathroom. “You need a shower.” She said as she closed the bathroom door.

“Yeah, a cold one now.” Xara said wondering where someone with no experience in teasing had picked it up so quickly.

Bri smiled to herself, she knew that she was teasing the hell out of Xara, but she just could not help herself. There was something about Xara that made her want to put on a show. Otherwise she was shy about doing anything like that.

Xara came out a couple of minutes later freshly showered and already dressed. Bri had finished dressing and was waiting for her.

“Shall we?” Xara said giving the Jedi a squeeze.

“Let’s go stretch.” Bri said looking up at Xara.

“Lead on my Jedi.” Xara said noticing the small smile on Bri’s face. Bri was happy about being called ‘my Jedi’, something about it just felt right.

They walked into the council room and noticed that there were a few more Jedi there than usual. Yoda was there, and seated in a council seat, that shocked them both. Bri managed to bow in respect and Xara gave a nod of her head.

“Surprised you are to see me?” Yoda said speaking up and saw both women nod their heads. “Just elected I was.” He stated to them.

“We finally got his wisdom on the council.” Janson said and Bri knew that the council had wanted Yoda on the council for sometime. He had always declined, saying it was not his time. She guessed that he finally figured that he could serve once in a while. Bri thought that she could see him serving as one of the two permanent members of the council.

“It will be good for the council.” Bri replied.

“How did the mission go?” Aqat asked curious as to the details of their first mission together.

“It went quite well. Xara’s skills at finding people were very good. She found the missing daughter, but that’s when things got messy.” Bri said glancing at Xara who just stood there. “It seemed that the daughter had fallen in love with the son of her father’s rival and that they had eloped.”

“Sounds like a storybook tale.” Ri-Jun said from where he was sitting.

“It was.” Bri replied. “It took me most of the time there to allow the couple to stay together. In the end it appears that peace may prevail on the planet and the marriage will bring the people together.”

“Very good.” Aqat replied before getting down to the real business.

“Jedi Knight Bri,” Janson began and Bri wondered what was going on for Janson to address her this way. “Your record has come to the attention of the council recently. Your success rate on your missions and the toughness of your missions rivals the most decorated Jedi Master. In accordance along with you abilities in the Force had allowed us to bring up this discussion.”

“You will report to the main chamber at eight tonight, dress formal.” Aqat said dismissing the women.

Bri and Xara walked out of the council room not sure what had just happened. Bri was wondering what would happen, was she being recognized in the archives for her achievements, if so that was something.

“Sounds special.” Xara said wondering if she would be allowed to attend.

“Yes, it is, usually the main chamber is for recognizing special achievements. But I haven’t done anything to deserve this.” Bri said to her partner.

“It seems that the council disagrees with you on that.” Xara said putting an arm around her waist. “Can I come?” Xara asked not sure about the answer.

“Don’t be silly stretch, I want you there.” Bri said softly. “And I don’t care if anyone objects.”

“Let’s go get you something to eat and feed that monster of yours.” Xara said as Bri’s stomach started to growl. They made their way to the cafeteria with Bri wondering what was going to happen tonight.

They had just sat down in at the table when another figure sat down next to them. A brief glance up and they both groaned at who sat down.

“Hello Bri.” Cal said as he took a seat at their table looking right at Bri.

“Cal.” Bri replied wondering what god she had pissed off to have Cal sit right next to her.

Xara eyed the man closely, as there was something about him that made her skin crawl. She watched as he barely acknowledged her and kept his attention focused squarely on her soul mate. She wondered a bit what the man’s game plan was and why he was so determined to keep her away from Bri.

Bri turned from Cal to Xara effectively omitting the man from their conversation. Xara saw the man’s look at her and she had to resist the urge to stick her tongue out at the man. She thought that he was an arrogant Jedi who thought that he always got his way. But from the way Bri just said hi then began to ignore him the young Jedi had obviously handled the situation many times.

Bri just tried to ignore Cal. He always seemed to appear when she did not want not even talk to him. Not that she was very talkative at the best of times, but Cal made her skin crawl, especially when he was sitting right next to her.

“So I hear that you two have been team up?” Cal asked making it seem that he was interested still looking at Bri.

“That’s right.” Xara replied taking over for Bri so that she did not have to turn her head. The two women briefly made eye contact and Xara could see clearly in the green eyes that she wanted to leave. “We just got back from a mission, it was nothing for Bri’s skills.” Xara said praising her soul mate.

Bri could see from the look that Xara was giving her that she truly believed her comment. “It would have taken longer but Xara has some excellent skills herself, and without her I probably would still be there.” Bri said giving her own complement.

“They finished their meal quicker than either had wanted to, but both were anxious to get away from Cal. Bri wished that the man had been away on assignment and not here to hassle her. Bri literally jumped up when she had finished her meal and told Xara that she was going to take her dishes to the cleaning area.

Xara sat there finishing her meal in silence with Cal. It was obvious to her that the man did not like her.

“Leave Bri alone, she doesn’t enjoy you company to much.” Xara said bluntly to the ma figuring the only way that he might leave Bri alone was if someone said something to him.

“And I suppose that you now speak for her as well.” Cal replied not looking at the woman. “I know what you are, and I’ll expose you for it, then Bri will have no choice but to leave you.”

“If I were you, I’d think long and hard before doing anything like that. Bri is a very smart woman, and she would figure it out.” Xara said getting up and joining Bri at the exit after finishing her own meal.

They walked up to the one of the observation rooms to look out. The room had a wonderful garden that was made to relax a person. There were flowers all over blooming releasing a wonderful scent that to Xara just enhanced Bri’s smell as they walked closely.

“You know, I don’t really know why Cal seems to act like he owns me. It gets aggravating sometimes.” Bri said as they stopped at a bench near a fountain. It provided the only sound for a few seconds as Xara contemplated Bri’s statement.

“I think that he likes you.” Xara said at last seeing the nose scrunch up at the thought.

“You don’t think so, do you?” Bri asked not really wanting to believe it. “You do.” She said as she looked into Xara’s eyes seeing the truth there. “Great!” She said slumping down a bit allowing Xara to wrap her arms around her.

“I told him that you were not interested.” Xara said wondering if she had made a mistake, but she had gotten a bit angry with the man for making Bri uncomfortable.

“You did?” Bri replied in a soft voice. “Good, maybe he’ll back off.” She really did not have the heart to say anything like that, even to someone like Cal.

“I don’t think that it will settle anything though, if anything I think he takes it as a challenge to get rid of me.” Xara replied seeing the spark shine in Bri’s green eyes and knowing that the small Jedi would fight for her.

They remained on the bench just basking in each other’s presence before Bri spoke again.

“I just thought of something.” She said looking right at Xara. “I don’t know your last name?” She asked with a bit of a chuckle.

“Its Darhart.” Xara replied not believing that she had not given it before.

“Xara Darhart.” Bri said. “A middle name?”

“Nope, you?” Xara replied.

“No, I don’t think that my parents believed in middle names, they were probably to busy trying to escape his last name.” Bri said and Xara nodded her head. Having the last name Jexinx was not one a person trying to make a legitimate life wanted to have. Her parents were smart to change the last name.

“I think that you mother and father would be proud of you Bri.” Xara said watching as Bri’s eyes tear up.

“You think so.” She asked.

“Yes I do.” Xara said reaching up to wipe a single tear as it make its way down Bri’s cheek.

“I know that I’m a Jedi, and Jedi are to be strong, but there are times that I wish my family could be here to tell me that they are proud of me.” Bri said with a slight shake of her head.

“That’s just normal, you’re a Jedi, a strong wonderful competent one, but you’re still a living breathing person that has emotions.” Xara said watching as Bri relaxed a little.

“Thanks, I think I needed to hear that.” Bri said with a smile for Xara.

“Come on, you can show me the training are, and you can teach me some of those fighting skills you have.” Xara said getting up and bringing Bri up with her.

“All right, just don’t expect me to go full out on you, I don’t think my body let’s me.” Bri said.

“Your right, I don’t think it does.” Xara said as they walked out of the garden.


Bri and Xara had to rush to shower and dress before Bri had to be at the main chamber for whatever had been planned for her. They still had no idea as to what was going to happen tonight.

Bri and Xara were standing outside the chamber. Bri was wearing her best Jedi outfit, a light tan robe, and a dark tunic underneath. Her hair had been braided and to Xara she looked like a princess. Yoda had met Bri at the door and ushered Xara inside, knowing that the woman would not want to miss this.

“What’s going on master?” Bri asked a bit confused at all of this.

“Let’s go in now.” Yoda said leading Bri inside.

Inside the chamber were several Jedi, and looking around she noticed that they were all Jedi Masters. This was a bit unusual as she was led to the front of the room. She managed to glance back instinctively knowing where Xara would be standing.

“Welcome fellow Jedi.” Aqat said starting the procedure. “I have gathered you all here for a purpose that everyone here knows about, except one. Bri, do you know why you are here?” He asked putting her on the spot.

“No.” Bri whispered back.

“The council decided after looking over your records to drop one requirement. You have made it clear that you will not instruct a padawan learner, too bad for them, but you achievements are many already in a short time. It was with that in mind that we have granted you the title of Jedi Master.” Aqat said leaving a stunned Bri to look around the room as she was given a new title. “Welcome to the ranks Jedi Master Bri Lighter.”

Everyone clapped their hands in acknowledgment of her new status. Xara in the back was filled with pride at the fact that Bri had made such a position in such a short amount of time. She watched, as Bri just stood there stunned at what Master Aqat had just said. Xara knew that Bri would be one of the youngest Masters ever and that only accentuated her accomplishments to recognized in this way.

“Let the party begin.” Aqat said as one side of the room fell away to reveal several table of food and assorted drinks from many different places. There was also one table that had been set up to portray Bri’s life and accomplishments. Several of the Jedi went and surrounded Bri in congratulations as Xara watched on.

“Shocked she was.” Yoda said as he stepped up next to Xara who looked down to see the small Jedi Master.

“Yes she was.” Xara replied watching as several others went over to the food tables and began to eat and review Bri’s past. “I think that I’ll go over and grab something to eat, it looks like Bri will be stuck over there for a while.”

“Yes, she will.” Yoda replied as they went over to the food tables.

Xara picked out some items to eat then made her way over to the table with all of the pictures. She saw a picture of a young Bri, probably when she was three, wielding a lightsaber in a class with several others. Another one of both her and Yoda, ad she guess Bri was about seven years old.

“That’s when I picked Bri to be padawan.” Yoda said about the picture. “Here is Bri becoming a Knight.” Yoda said like a proud father and she realized that in a way he was proud, and he probably felt like her father after her natural father had been killed.

There were several other pictures and a long list of accomplishments. Xara never realized how hard Bri had been working before her forced vacation on Naboo and their meeting. She continued to read through then looked up at Bri. The strawberry blonde was still standing where she had been earlier. Xara went over grabbed a plate and put some things that she knew Bri liked on it and went over and gave it to her.

“Here you go, I can hear your stomach growling from over there.” Xara said with a smile as Bri took the plate and gave her a bit of a scowl as those around her laughed.

“You must be Bri’s new partner, Xara.” A green skinned reptilian Jedi said.

“Yes I am.” Xara replied wondering what would happen.

“Good to see that someone will be looking out for her, making sure she rests and takes it easy every now and then.” The Jedi said looking right at Bri.

“I will, that’s for sure.” Xara replied with the same light bantering tone that the Jedi had used.

“Thanks a lot.” Bri mumbled as nibbled on the food given to her.

The party lasted well into the night before finally breaking up. Xara had at first been surprised at the party, then realized that Jedi are just like other people, they enjoy a party just like anyone else.

“How are you doing?” Xara asked Bri as they arrived at their quarters.

“Tired and happy.” Bri replied. “I’m glad that my family was there.”

Xara looked a bit confused by the statement. “Your parents and sister are always with you Bri, you know that.”

“I know, but I was talking about Yoda and you.” Bri said and Xara sucked in a breath not expecting that. “You are my family.” Bri said wrapping her arms around Xara feeling the taller woman wrap her arms around her waist. They stood there for several minutes as each just wanted to feel each other in their arms.

“You are my family as well, you know that Bri.” Xara replied after a few minutes.

“Yes, but it is good to hear.” Bri said.

“Yes it is, now come on let’s get to bed.” Xara said lifting the smaller woman up and walked to the bedroom.

The end.

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