Its summer, and its hot!  Think my brain melted so far, but not sure that’s a good or bad thing.

Currently, I’m writing a strange fanfiction, a Frozen story which will probably appear on the site sometime next year.  I like the characters of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff so I went and put it into a sci-fi setting but kept them as princesses and added a love interest for Elsa, there will be no Elsa x Anna fics here, yuck.

Up next will be a rewrite of ‘The Sith Empress’, to start gearing up for the next movie, ‘The Last Jedi’ to come out this Christmas.  I have a story that’s being worked on from the game, Knights of the Old Republic, and an original story, ‘Lucky Luck’.

As normal, the cat blog is updated every other day, so head on over for a laugh, look up some old posts as well and have some fun over at

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