Just realized I hadn’t done a new month since February.  Whoops!

Still working on new stories, which will be uploaded.  Doing a rewrite of ‘The Sith Empress’, which I hope to upload this year.

Also hoping to post this year is a follow up story to ‘Ring of Salvation’, a BSG/SG-1 crossover.  Add in a completely reworked ‘Masters of Violence’ which is wrapping up and there are several stories to be on the lookout for.

It is hard to believe that its been two years since my major back problem.  I’ve almost fully recovered.

Of course April is Tax month here in the US, so hopefully everyone gets that done and doesn’t have a problem.

Personally looking for a new job, the last one was mostly for the election and had ended, so back on the hunt.

Hope others are doing well, and may 2017 be a blessed year.

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