75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

The anniversary of the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor.

Who knew that day as people woke up that day that going to church, and then having lunch, listening to the baseball game of what was going on in the Pacific.

The baseball game was interrupted with a special announcement informing people across the country that Japan had attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor.

By the time the attack was over al eight battleships had been damaged or sunk and two would never return to service.  One, the USS Arizona would remain as a memorial to those who were lost in the attack.

It was an event which brought the US into the war and since then has also been the focus of many different conspiracies.  Many of them are at best unrealistic, others have more thought into them, but there is no real way to know one way or the other, as the conspiracy could be true, but so too could they conspiracies be false.

In the end, remember what happened and remember the lessons to be learned.


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