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Its September and time to show support for children’s cancer.  Gold in September

The latest story, ‘Buck Rogers’ is now up and on the site.  Upcoming is a new crossover of the original Battlestar Galactica and SG-1 called ‘Ring of Salvation’.

Personally got a new job, finally after the past years or so.  See how long that lasts and I’m looking into politics for the upcoming election finally after trying hard to ignore it all.  Need to be informed to make a good choice.

Hard to believe that 2016 is almost 2/3s over now, as its almost September and it won’t be long before Halloween is upon us, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year (or Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas for those in Canada).

Still working on new stories, including original, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.  Might do a Frozen fanfic, unsure about that one yet, but its floating in my mind.

For now the stories are updated twice a week so stay tuned for new stories on the horizon.


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