December Updates

Winter is upon us as is the holiday season, time for decorations, presents and eggnog (along with relatives both good and bad).

2015 is in its last month, boy did this year fly by for me.  I guess having a severe backache, back and lung surgery, ICU for 2 weeks, 45 days of inpatient physical therapy and 6 months of therapy will do that.

The site continues to grow, Battlestar Argo is almost complete, and will be posting a few other old stories heading into the new year.  As for writing, Nanowrimo went all right, I did complete the Buck Rogers fanfiction story.  It’ll probably go through some editing next year before posting here.

Hoping you and your family are having a safe and happy (and warm) Christmas.  Yes I know, its not PC to say Christmas, but I am doing so anyways.

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